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West Dereham Parish Council August meeting minutes

September 2018


PRESENT (Three Councillors):- Pam Bullas (PB) - Chair, Paula Kellingray (PK) and Claire Williams (CW).

In attendance: Peter King, Parish Clerk, and 5 members of the public.

The Chairman welcomed everyone present to the Parish Council Meeting.

  1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Parish Councillors Claire Cann, Lorraine Hunt, Pam Walker and Tom Foy. No other apologies were received.

2. Declaration of Interest on agenda items

No declarations were made.

3.  Use of social media, audio recording of meeting and invitation for public contributions

PB asked “Will anyone present be filming, recording, blogging, or tweeting during this meeting?” There was no response from the members of the public present. PB advised members of the public that if they wished to comment on any item, before a decision was made, they should raise their hand and they would be invited to speak.

Planning Application - Ryston Road

PB noted that a planning item would now be discussed. A member of the public commented that his planning application had been questioned concerning the siting of his proposed home in relation to it apparently being on an area of flood zone. The member of the public noted that other application criteria had been agreed, but that a sequential test was now required. The member of the public asked for the written support of the Parish Council and cited the reasons why he particularly wanted to live on the site of his proposed home. The member of the public noted that he wanted to live in West Dereham to be next to his elderly parents adding that he was very concerned that they had had two recent break-ins where items were stolen including a vehicle and farm trailer and as a result, alarm and camera systems had been installed as recommended by the police, however adding that since then, there had been a further attempted break-in that was captured on CCTV. The member of the public expressed his concern for his parents’ personal safety, that of their home and the security of their farm buildings. The member of the public added that he would like to return to living in the village of his birth and formative years together with the opportunity of bring up his children in West Dereham.

PB questioned Councillors present whether they agreed to the Parish Council writing a statement of support of the planning application. The Councillors agreed that a statement should be prepared by the Parish Clerk taking note of the member of public’s comments.

4. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 5 July 2018

PB confirmed all Councillors had seen the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 5 July 2018. The councillors agreed that subject to a couple of typographical errors in paragraph 5.10 noted, that they were content that the minutes should be signed as a true record. PB signed the minutes.

5. Matters Arising from the Minutes

The Parish Clerk noted that he was restricted dealing with some matters due to the loss of his office broadband service that was still to be resolved.

5.1 Norfolk County Council Highways Department (NCCHD) - Footpath Noticeboard - The Parish Clerk reported that he had not received further contact from NCCHD, but he was making plans to have the noticeboard moved to the Village Hall compound.

5.2 Barclays Banking - The Parish Clerk reported that he had returned to the King’s Lynn Barclays branch to discuss the retention of the Allotments Account as the bank head office had not responded to his letter on the matter. The Parish Clerk noted that the branch had confirmed that no action had been taken in respect of his letter by their head office. The Parish Clerk added that he was advised that as he was not a signatory to the Parish Council accounts, he would have to take back to the branch a further letter, with the same request, signed by two Parish Councillors who were also mandated signatories.

The Parish Clerk reported that he had also discussed with the King’s Lynn branch the possibility of setting up a facility for making regular direct debit payments. The Parish Clerk stated that he was advised that it was possible using the main Community account and that it would be necessary to obtain the payees banking details and then set up either a standing order or a direct debit mandate.

5.3 War Memorial - The Parish Clerk reported that he had not received any response from the three stonemasons he had contacted. The Parish Clerk noted that he would chase them again and look further afield for other stonemasons.

5.4 Overgrown brambles growing adjacent to 10 Ryston Road - The Parish Clerk reported he had written back to the Cleanup department employed by the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk (BCKLWN) Parks and Open Spaces Department in response to their communication stating that the Parish Council cannot consider adding any additional work to their current grounds maintenance contract and asking if they would reconsider adding the work to their programme.

5.5 Insurance Premium Renewal - The Parish Clerk reported that he had written twice to the insurance brokers concerning the addition of the recreation ground goalpost to the list of items covered for risk and noting an imbalance in their cover for other items. The Parish Clerk noted that he had just received a telephone call from the insurers stating that they would take on board all the revisions and would confirm the revised details in writing.

5.6 Speed Monitor - The Parish Clerk reported that he had been in contact with Westcotec the speed monitor providers and would meet with them towards the end of August to agree a suitable position in Station Road for a new post to be sited. A Parishioner requested that the hedging growing around the speed monitor in its present position be cut back.

5.7 GDPR - The Parish Clerk reported that he carried out some further work in drafting the Staff and Parish Councillors Privacy Notice.

5.8 Village Signs - The Parish Clerk reported that the information noting the Parish Council were working towards the replacement of the village signs had been added to the July and August Parish Notices asking for Parishioners ideas, but that he had not received any feedback to date. The Parish Clerk noted that to date, he had been unable to identify any grant organisations who would support funding village signs.

5.9 Lime Kiln Road - Ditches The Parish Clerk noted that he had now obtained a contact at Norfolk County Council Flood Department and suggested that he meets with the officer at an appropriate time during August.

5.10 Electoral Services BCKLWN The Parish Clerk recounted the letter of 18 June 2018 received from the BCKLWN Electoral Services Manager regarding the re-charge of the costs of uncontested Parish Council Elections to the Parish Councils. The Parish Clerk reported that following his letter to the Electoral Services Manager, he had received the following reply, “ The uncontested charge is expected to be £150-200 and will be calculated per Parish for the exact amount that Parish’s uncontested election costs; so smaller Parishes won’t be penalised by paying the same as a larger Parish.

A contested cost could be in the region of £2-3,000 (on the lower side for a smaller Parish) and again calculated on the exact amount for that Parish - obviously for next May there will also be a Borough Council Election, so some costs e.g. Polling Station Hire will be shared 50/50. Please do let me know if you require any further information.”

PB expressed concern at the Borough Council passing on the electoral costs to the Parish Council. The Parish Clerk noted that he had approached an officer of the Norfolk Association of Local Councils on the matter and he understood that they were in the process of looking into the legal side of the BCKLWN proposal.

5.11 Riverside Nurseries The Parish Clerk reported that he had sent a message to the Riverside Nurseries thanking him for his offer of a further tour of the nursery and suggesting that a date might be agreed in September.

5.12 Norfolk County Council - Scam Alerts Information The Parish Clerk noted that he would be adding any relevant NCC provided scam information to the Parish Council website.

5.13 Nat West Bank sponsored scam awareness sessions The Parish Clerk reported that the proposed Trading Standards scam awareness session had been included in the August Parish Notice.

6. Reports

6.1 Chairman’s Report -

PB noted that there was no Chairman’s report.

6.2 Parish Clerk’s Report -

6.2.1 Church Road - Ditches The Parish Clerk reported that he had received a complaint and photograph on 18th July 2018 from a Parishioner living in Church Road regarding effluent that had been discharged into the ditch at the front of her house. The Parishioner affected by the problem, in attendance at the meeting, reported that a repeat of the incident had occurred on 30th July 2018. The Parishioner noted that a BCKLWN Environmental Health Officer (BCKLWN-EH) had visited on 1st August 2018 but the officer had stated that she was unable to carry out tests as the ditch was currently dry and advised to report the matter again if it re-occurs. The Parishioner noted that there is still some fluid in her next-door neighbour’s ditch and that it has been present since the first incident occurred due to the structure of the ditch. The Parishioner commented that a Flood Risk Officer, NCC (NCC-FRO) visited on 2nd August 2018 and identified evidence of effluent on the sides of the ditch and took photographs that he said would be sent to BCKLWN-EH. The NNC-FRO commented that a stretch of pipe-work needs to be checked and cleared. The Parishioner reported that on the first occurrence that the linking ditches adjoining Church Road were dry, however when standing over a manhole cover at the foot of the Bath Road link, a flow of fluids could be heard. The Parishioner questioned whether domestic local sewage digesters in the area were being checked and appropriately maintained? The Parishioner produced a West Dereham Parish Notice from September 2012 that referred to the NCC and quoting "that if an open ditch is used to drain surface water from the road it is the responsibility of the adjacent landowner to maintain the ditch in good condition” and noted that when shown to the NNC-FRO, he questioned its accuracy. The Parish Clerk was asked to identify the background documentation of the advice given in 2012. The Parishioner expressed concern with the advice given by the NNC-FRO regarding the deepening of their ditch as to where any contaminated excess soil should then be deposited. The Parishioner also expressed concern at the point where the end of the ditch in Church Road meets the open stream beneath the bridge alongside the car repair centre with the risk of raw sewage entering local watercourses and noted seeing local children playing in the immediate vicinity. The Parish Clerk was asked to contact BCKLWN-EH (CSNN), NNC-FRO and Councillors M Storey and C Sampson and request that a warning sign is placed in an appropriate position noting the possible risk of exposure to raw sewage.

6.2.2 Glazewing complaint The Parish Clerk reported that he had received a complaint from a Parishioner living in Church Road concerning a traffic incident involving a Glazewing vehicle. The Parish Clerk read out the details he had received, “I was making my way to Wretton at 7.55am on 19th July 2018. I followed a car to the junction of the Wissey beet factory bypass. I stopped behind the car as she was indicating left and I wanted to go right. Suddenly a Glazewing lorry turned the corner from the factory direction. As it was a double large lorry it had to stop or would have hit both of our cars. We moved to the side, then, the lorry driver hurled abuse and foul language at us as we had carried on and not let him go first. However, I consider that he was in the wrong on encroaching on to our side of the road. I telephoned Glazewing to report this and spoke to the transport manager. Firstly he said it would be hard to find which lorry it was, but I explained it occurred only 5 minutes ago and he should be coming in the yard within a few minutes. Also the front part of the lorry was red and the back blue with a name written across so wouldn’t be difficult to trace. He said he would talk to the driver and call him into the office. The transport manager never asked me for my name or contact number.”

PB stated that the matter now reported would be recorded in the Parish Council minutes.

6.2.3. Wereham Goalpost The Parish Clerk commented that Wereham’s Parish Clerk had contacted him to ask whether the Parish Council would be interested in acquiring the goalpost currently sited on the Wereham playing field. The Parish Clerk displayed several photographs of the goalpost on the overhead projector. PK proposed that the enquiry should be deferred to the next Parish Council to be held on 6th September. This proposal was agreed by the Councillors present.

6.3 Handyman’s Report –

The Parish Clerk provided Roy Poole, the Handyman’s Report of work carried out during July 2018, noting the following actions:- 6.3.1. Speeding Monitor - Helped to re-install the village speed monitor in Station Road and then three weeks later, move the monitor to Hilgay Road. 6.3.2. Grass Management - Strimmed the grass verges at the 10 bridges, around the phone boxes, the safety signs, the corner at Bath Road and picked up litter in main areas of the village, twice. 6.3.3. Meeting with Parish Clerk - to discuss additional work in the allotment and cemetery areas. 6.3.4. Cemetery and Remembrance Garden - Obtained tap fitting from Bonnetts to enable watering of trees in cemetery. Cleaned and touched up rust spots on Cemetery gates. Washed down the two stone seats in the Remembrance Garden. 6.3.5 General Cleaning - Swept out and cleaned down walls of bus shelter. Cleaned external parts of Church Road and Station Road noticeboards, oiled hinges and padlock (Unable to clean down internal glass/perspex). Washed down seats by Stocks Bridge and Station Road. Washed gates and sign at the allotments. Cleaned Church Road and Station Road Post boxes. Swept and cleaned out Station Road phone box and removed graffiti. Started to try to remove door but requires an additional tool. 6.3.5 Allotments - Started to cut back overgrown brambles along the Hilgay Road side of the allotments to ease access. The Parish Clerk noted that the Handyman had worked 18 hours during July. The Parish Clerk commented that he had met with the Handyman to discuss increasing his work schedule to add the cutting of the allotment hedges along the inside of Hilgay Road and to carry out some work in the Remembrance Garden to increase the areas for the internment of ashes. The Parish Clerk noted that whilst the Handyman can prune back some of the allotment hedging, he does not possess a petrol powered hedge trimmer to carry out the full trimming that is required.

6.4 Police Report -

PK had nothing to report.

6.5 Village Hall Report -

PK commented that the Village Hall Management committee are looking into replacement of the septic tank and noted that she and the secretary have been working on grant application forms. PK added that a new system would cost in the region of £25,000 and that the Village Hall is currently paying in the region of £1200-1400 per annum to empty the existing tank. PK noted that in respect of one grant application the Village Hall need to provide 10.7% of the funding that one committee member had very kindly offered to act as a guarantor if further funding is not forthcoming. PK reported that the Village Hall had carried out its first outside bar for the Music and Country Churches Concerts charity at a recent event and had raised approximately £750 that would go towards the hall’s funds. PK noted that in addition, the charity had agreed to offer an additional grant of £400. CW asked that the Parish Clerk note thanks to PK.

6.6 Glazewing Report -

PB reported that she obtained a copy of an email placed on a West Dereham Community Group page from an Environment Officer of the East Anglia Environment Agency Area Waste Team (EA) in response to a message posted regarding fly nuisance. PB read out sections of the response to the meeting;

‘The EA have been receiving regular reports over the last month or so regarding the issue of flies in the village at West Dereham. We have visited the Glazewing site 3 times in the last month to investigate the reports in West Dereham. At the end of June we were able to substantiate a fly problem at the site and took regulatory action. As was the case last year, the fly nuisance was observed to emanate from the large pile of mixed municipal waste that was contaminated with food. However, shortly after that visit, Glazewing Ltd. took the decision to wind down the part of their business that dealt with non-metal wastes, including the mixed municipal waste. During our subsequent visits in July, this mixed municipal waste had all been removed. Also during those visits we did not observe substantial fly activity on site. We undertake to continue regular visits to the Glazewing site.’

PB commented that this means that Glazewing will continue to process what is known as “dirty-ferrous”. PB noted that she had contacted NCC Planning Department (NCC-PD) and was advised that “dirty-ferrous” will include tins containing food traces that will still potentially attract flies. PB read out to the meeting a further comment posted on the West Dereham Community Group;

‘In the last 20 years Glazewing have been dealing with waste and there has been no issue with flies. Since Glazewing bought their Bano shredder 3 years ago and started to bring in dirty household waste to put through this machine, we have been plagued by flies. This material is well known in the industry for creating fly issues!’

PB noted that whilst the shredder mentioned remains on the site and processes the “dirty-ferrous” there will still be a fly issue, but hopefully there will not be any large piles of waste sitting around. PB summarized that there does appear to have been a local problem again, up until June again. A Parishioner questioned whether the shredder machines are cleaned on a regular basis? PB noted that she had received a report from NCC-PD that they had inspected the site and had noted a deep clean taking place to remove all traces of food waste and that a general re-organisation was taking place. It was also noted that increased security was being added. PB commented that this was probably due to the increase presence of metals on site.

A Parishioner asked about any new information relating to Veolia’s plans to process local food waste at another site. PK commented that Veolia already have long established sites where they can process food waste.

7 Finance

7.1 Accounts for July Advance payments. 7.1.1 Cash Flow and Cash Book July 2018 – The Parish Clerk displayed the Cash Flow on the overhead projector, followed by the Cash Book noting that during July no income had been received and that the outgoings for July to be agreed totalled £1,377.45. 7.1.2 Cheque Payments for Approval for July 2018 – The Parish Clerk displayed the itemised pending payments on the overhead projector.

Payee Cheque No Net VAT Gross Remarks Holly Landscapes 101035 £487.50 £97.50 £585.00 Ground Maintenance - July 2018 R. Poole 101036 £187.21 £0.00 £187.21 Handyman Pay and Expenses - July 2018 P. King (Parish Clerk) 101037 £605.24 £0.00 £605.24 Staff Salary & Expenses - July 18

Total £1279.95 £97.50 £1,377.45

PB asked the Councillors present if they were content with the payments. All Councillors noted they were content. PB concluded that the cheques and control processes would be signed off at the end of the meeting.

8. Parish Council Internal Affairs and Policies

8.1 Financial Regulations The Parish Councillors present agreed to defer the reviewing of the Financial Regulations until the next meeting.

8.2 Publication Scheme PB asked the Councillors present if they were content with the reviewed Publication Scheme. All Councillors noted they were content. PB noted that Publication Scheme had been reviewed.

9. To comment on Planning applications currently received - The Parish Clerk reported that on two separate of occasions, decisions had been posted by BCKLWN-PD relating to retrospective applications at the Frimstone quarry site at Crimplesham and all had been passed by NCC as no objections.

10. Correspondence The Parish Clerk confirmed that all items of correspondence had been covered elsewhere on the meeting agenda.

11. To receive further reports/items of business for the next Agenda

PK noted that some trees in the wooded area towards the top of Lime Kiln Road had fallen over side of the road as a result of the recent storm. PB commented that all the trees in the area would benefit from a trim back and that the owners should be notified.

12. Date of next Parish Council Meeting

To note that the next Parish Meeting will be held on Thursday 6th September 2018 at 7.30pm in the West Dereham Village Hall. The meeting will be preceded with Councillors’ Surgery at 7.00pm

13. Open Forum

A Parishioner raised the question about the setting of the village speed monitor. The Parish Clerk commented that the settings must have been changed when the monitor was recently repaired by the manufacturer and added that he would ask the company to change the settings when they visit the village to install the additional post.

A Parishioner asked and produced photographs of one of the bridges in Basil Road questioning when it was due to be re-painted. The Parish Clerk advised that all the bridges in the village required a level of either partial or total painting and that a programme was planned, however due to the recent weather conditions during June and July, carrying into August, it had been too hot to carry out the necessary work. PK commented that the painting of the village bridges had only commenced when the Parish Council decided to employ a Handyman.

A Parishioner advised the meeting that he had contacted BCKLWN regarding the ownership of the frontage and drive entrance of his property and was still waiting for a response.

Closure : The Chairman thanked everyone for attending, and final closure of the meeting was at 8.56 pm. There were no further items raised by members of the Public present.

Next meeting is the Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 6th September 2018 at 7.30pm with Councillors’ Surgery from 7.00pm.

Clerk: Peter King - Email: clerk@westderehamparishcouncil.uk Telephone: 01366 502110

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