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Stoke fERRY Parish Council - July meeting minutes

September 2018

STOKE FERRY PARISH COUNCIL Draft Minutes Subject to the Approval at the next Meeting Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council Wednesday 4 July 2018 at 7.00 pm Stoke Ferry Village Hall

Attendance: Cllr Sue Lintern Cllr Jim McNeill Cllr Daphne Clements Cllr Mandy Leamon Cllr Trudy Mann Cllr Shirley Cordner Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey Cllr Gail Reeve Cllr Grant Tomkins Helen Richardson Parish Clerk and Financial Responsible Person

Also, in attendance: Cllr Martin Storey Norfolk County Council Cllr Colin Sampson Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Mr Chris Philpott Footpath Warden

Members of the Public: 6

140/18 Apologies and Welcome There were no apologies. 141/18 Consider Declarations of Interest on Agenda Items and Dispensation Requests Cllr Sue Lintern declared an interest regarding payment to be received regarding the Mid-Fayre for reimbursement of costs she had paid on behalf of the Parish Council, she agreed to abstain for voting on that item. 142/18 Minutes of the Meeting dated 6 June 2018 The minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 6 June 2018 were approved as a true record. Proposed. Cllr Grant Tomkins, and Seconded Cllr Shirley Cordner, all in favour. 143/18 Matters Arising from the Minutes (Clerks Report) The Clerks report was circulated with the agenda and advised that it would be placed on the website for the public and would be available with the minutes. Clerk Report – July 2018 (Includes Matters Arising) 1) Dukes Head and Other Listed Buildings – No update from Conservation Officer at Borough Council. 2) Indigo Road – Emailed for update on 27 June and awaiting response from developer. 3) Pot Hole outside Mill Entrance now resolved. The Clerk agreed to remind Highways to action one on the otherside of the road. 4) Lark Road – Cllr Colin Sampson had updated the Clerk that a response from the Parish Council had been received, but the time for “call-in” had past as the application came in towards the end of last year. The Planners were waiting responses to the concerns raised by authorities from the applicant and when responses were received the Parish Council would be informed. He added that no time scale had been given for a decision to be made. 5) The Community Recover Plan (to be used after an Emergency Event to enable authorities with a remit for recovery to take appropriate action), it was agreed to discuss further at the August meeting to allow Councilors more time to review the contents. 6) The design of a Garden Bench to match a WI bench had been deferred to August whilst the Clerk awaits details to pass to Bonnetts for design. 7) Village Gates - The Clerk would be contacting the Leader of the Norfolk County Council in respect of Village Gates and will be sent as per minute 127/18. 8) Public Rights of Way - The Clerk and Chair will continue to work on the Public Rights of Ways with the Public Right of Way Officer David Mills at Norfolk County Council Highways. The Clerk had written to the land owner in respect of a path that met Oxborough Road on the other side of the bypass and they called to say that they had resolved cutting prior to communication. 9) The Handyman was asked to do weeding near Buckenham Drive through to Wretton Road. 10) The Rangers email had finally been received to be responded to following the meeting. 11) The reviewed Cemetery Regulations and Fees were updated and placed on the notice board and website. The War Memorial Policy had been placed on the website. 12) Signs regarding dogs not being allowed in the cemetery were put in place including The Common. A notice had been placed in the pump to remind all members of the public to collect dog waste and place it dog waste bins provided or take it home. The Clerk would be responding to the Borough Council’s survey received regarding dog fouling on behalf of the Parish. 13) Notification of budgeting required for uncontested elections from the Borough Council and circulated to Councilors. 14) Melting tar and broken road surfaces were reported to Norfolk County Council on their portal near mill entrance at Buckenham Drive. 15) Norfolk County Council confirmed that they would consider Furlong Road drive for their future programme of resurfacing. 16) Norfolk County Council confirmed bus stop sign repair was on their schedule. 144/18 2Agriculture Update The Chair wished to defer the item to enable all Councillors to review if anyone had potential personal interests regarding 2Agriculture and therefore to cover all Councillors, the Clerk had sent an email regarding personal and financial interests. The Chair she was Secretary of The Pump and therefore she would be declaring it. The Chair strongly advised all Councillors who had personal interests to declare them. The Parish Councillors noted and agreed to review their declarations and advise the Clerk.

A Councillor advised that an alarm had been sounding within the past two weeks in the early hours of the morning at the 2Agriculture Mill, and he hadn’t been able to find out what the alarm had been for which sounded like a car alarm. He added that he believed that the Norfolk Fire Service had been assured that the fault had been repaired but they were unaware of alarms which had sounded in the past few months. The Clerk agreed to contact the Norfolk Fire Service for further information.

Another Councillor informed the meeting that the Environment Agency had advised that they were due to inspect the mill again in respect of dust removal on 2 July 2018, the Clerk agreed to contact Sam Brown from Environment Agency for an update.

A Councillor shared their view that the Parish Council did have varying views in reflection of the mill, however from meetings with the public this seemed to reflect fairly the community.

A Councillor shared their view that they hoped that people could discuss the issues regarding the Mill in an open way without extreme views getting in the way of ultimately stopping good debate. They added that they felt people in their opinion from across all the community with different views should come together, halting accusations and views that there are underlying schemes from either side of the debate.

It was agreed that the Councillors would review their Declaration of Interest forms and the Clerk would administrate the Dispensation’s Claim forms.

145/18 Neighbourhood Plan The Chair advised that a resident had sent a letter to advise the Parish Council that a group of residents were interested in being involved in a group who would be responsible for work to create a Neighbourhood Plan. The member of public was present and was invited to speak by the Chair, they stated that it would be an advantage if the current group of 10 was much wider to include a range of ages and expertise. The member of the public advised that the community would have a voice of what they wished for and the Planners would work to the Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey shared that he would be happy to offer the Church as a meeting place for group meetings. He added that some members of the public had shared views about the Neighbourhood Plan at the Mid-Summer Fayre stand which included concerns about the conservation areas, large housing developments, Doctors surgeries and other village amenities, also ensuring jobs for local villagers to set up their own businesses and to make sure that housing development was under control and the identity and history of the village was retained.

The Chair advised that the first step was the designation of an area to be the Neighbourhood Plan. The Chair wished to stress that it was important to be clear that the Neighbourhood Plan is about the whole village not just the centre and to be clear that it wouldn’t be only about the mill site. The Parish Council discussed the importance of communication and selling the benefits of the Neighbourhood Plan, which could also bring an increase in CIL payments. The Chair added that a referendum would be held on a final plan and for it to be passed the whole village of all views would need to be reflected and incorporated. Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey, who would be part of the group, shared that the invitation for the public to join the group would be open to all.

Cllr Colin Sampson advised that once the Neighbourhood Plan was voted on by the Parish Council anyone that wished to join the group could and that meant that any Councillor that wished to be on the group would be as a member of the group not as a Councillor, though when back in Parish Council meetings or in Councillor capacity they could update on the project.

The Parish Council noted that there would be no funding or costs to the Parish Council as the costs of the group would be working on the Neighbourhood Plan themselves voluntarily.

The Chair advised that it was proposed to development a Neighbourhood Plan, six were in favour, one against and two abstained. The Chair shared that the group would take the project forward to the next stage now the Parish Council had formally voted on support of the plan.

The Clerk agreed to add any invitations to the group on the website and Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey as the only Councillor joining the group as a member of the public agreed to provide an update at each Parish Council meeting. RESOLVED: That the Stoke Ferry Parish Council support the development of a Neighbourhood Plan.

146/18 Village Sign – Design; Refurbishment Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey advised that there were various designs by the art group and the proposed draft design would be a resin panel within a forged frame. He explained that the group of artists felt that the war memorial should be the centre piece, and include the church, the river, the old bridge and the front of the hall. The Councillors agreed that the public should be involved with its creation. To receive public comments, the Clerk agreed to add the draft design onto the website, the Chair agreed to add into the Pump, Cllr Mandy Leamon agreed to add to Facebook, Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey agreed to display at the Church. The Clerk agreed to find out about a wooden version for the village sign. The Clerk agreed to add onto the October agenda for further discussion.

147/18 Village Map for Gardens Area The Parish Council had previously discussed a pathway map that could be placed back in the gardens area on current empty plinth. The Clerk agreed to get in contact regarding a wooden option with a burnt image and a metal engraved version at Bonnetts, and Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey agreed to investigate a painted version. The Clerk agreed to add onto the October agenda.

Cllr Grant Tomkins left the meeting at this point due to health reasons.

148/18 To Approve Purchase of Bin and Emptying Costs in Cemetery The Clerk shared the comparable costs of emptying the bin via the Handyman. The Clerk agreed to check the costs with the Handyman and check whether the Borough Council could provide a larger bin and place on August agenda.

149/18 To Discuss a Dog Bin for the Gardens Area Following a report that dog waste had been placed in the litter bin in the gardens area, the Parish Council agreed that as they were trying to make that area nice it wouldn’t be acceptable to place a dog waste bin in that area. It was agreed that dog and litter bin provision be placed on the October agenda.

150/18 To Approve Watering Costs for Garden Area The Clerk advised that the Handyman had watered the bus stop gardens area for 3 ½ hours in the second half of the month of June with 1200 litres of water costing five pounds owing to hot weather conditions. The Chair advised to protect the Parish Council assets this measure was put in place. The Clerk advised that the hours of the handyman had been within contracted hours of 6 hours a week. Cllr Mandy Leamon proposed that the watering continue for the month of July, Cllr Sue Lintern seconded it, and all were in favour. A hose pipe was required for the other gardens area near the village sign, the purchase was proposed by Cllr Sue Lintern, seconded by Cllr Mandy Leamon, all were in favour.

151/18 Handyman/Norfolk County Council Rangers or Public Rights of Way (Footpaths/Bridleway) Issues and Potential Volunteer Maintenance in the Village The Clerk agreed to report the following: NCC rangers • Bridge Road pathway was overgrown hedge. • A drain near wooden railings near a pavement in the road needed clearing out near The Cottage, High Street. • Sign on the disused railway station, old 30 mph sign rusted and fallen over. Handyman • To weed all the areas around the phone box, war memorial, edge of garden and other garden. Footpaths • Cllr Sue Lintern had reminded David Mills about the list. The Clerk agreed to ask when they would be doing their five-year maintenance plan survey as Stoke Ferry was on the 2018 schedule. Volunteer Maintenance • Cllr Shirley Cordner agreed to create a poster for advertising for volunteers to take part in weeding within the village on 8th August at 6.30 pm meeting at the war memorial.

152/18 To Approve a Communications Protocol The Clerk agreed to continue work on the Protocol from amendments provided by Cllr Jim McNeill.

153/18 To Approve Dealing with Abusive, Persistent or Veracious Complaints Policy The Parish Council had received the policy for adoption, the Clerk had noted minor amendments from Cllr Jim McNeil and shared with the Parish Council within the meeting. The Policy and minor amendments included was proposed by Cllr Jim McNeill, seconded by Cllr Daphne Clements, all in favour.

154/18 To Review Rent on Land at Furlong Drove, Stoke Ferry The Parish Council agreed to review rent during a closed session due to confidentiality.

155/18 To note War Memorial – Grade 2 Listed Confirmation The Parish Council noted that this was now grade 2 listed.

156/18 To Approve Website Amends – Google reference and domain search result The Clerk agreed to go back to the website contractor and query.

157/18 To Approve Confidential Shredding Costs The Chair advised that with going through documents GDPR, Retention policy, there was a lot of papers that required destruction securely. Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey proposed that the thirty pounds quotation be approved, seconded by Cllr Gail Reeve, all in favour.

158/18 To consider an Appeal Response -Horsemans Rest, Littlemans Way, Stoke Ferry, - alleged unauthorised use.

Cllr Colin Sampson advised that anything said in the original appeal would have been included in the appear and felt that there was no need to pass any more information. The Parish Council noted the information.

The Parish Council noted the following decisions received from Borough Council Planning: 18/00793/F Stoke Ferry 5 The Hollow Stoke Ferry Norfolk PE33 9UU - Construction of a garden yoga/meditation studio and a small writer's Hut. Application Permitted 6 June 2018 Delegated Decision 18/00498/LB Stoke Ferry Deanscroft High Street Stoke Ferry King's Lynn Norfolk PE33 9SF - Listed building application: Replacement of 9 sash windows to façade. Application Permitted 20 June 2018 Delegated Decision

159/18 Norfolk County Council Highways Parish Partnership Funding 2019/20 Cllr Jim McNeil shared an idea to apply for funds towards cycle paths, but it had been confirmed that the funding would not cover it. The Chair advised that on the list for funding were improvements to Publics Right of Ways, and when the review of the paths takes place there were a lot of finger posts missing that the Parish Council could apply for. The Clerk agreed to take the application forward for discussion later in the year.

160/18 To approve payments of bills for June 2018: Supplier Payment for Net VAT Total Clerk Clerks Wages and Expenses - June 18 349.85 0.00 349.85 HMRC Jun-18 79.20 0.00 79.20 Glazewing (DD) Cemetery Bins 16.04 3.21 19.25 Westcotec Streetlight Maintenance - June- August 46.32 9.27 55.59 EON (DD) Streetlights Electricity - June 2018 65.28 3.26 68.54 Wave Water supply to cemetery 11.71 0.00 11.71 Mr A Stannard Handyman- June 18 49.00 0.00 49.00 Mr Sparkle Grass cutting 204.00 0.00 204.00 SF Village Hall Village Hall Hire 30.00 0.00 30.00 Cllr Sue Lintern Reimbursement of costs relating to paying suppliers of equipment at the Mid-Summer Fayre 1491.00 0.00 1491.00 Member of Public Hose Pipe 52.00 0.00 52.00 Total 2394.40 15.74 2410.14 Cllr Daphne Clements proposed, Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey seconded, 7 in favour, 1 abstained (Cllr Sue Lintern as per declaration).

161/18 Urgent items as agreed by the Chairman The Chair agreed to email all Councillors information from the Planning Training that she, Cllr Jim McNeill and Cllr Trudy Mann attended with the Borough Council.

162/18 Forward Agenda Items This was noted.

163/18 Public Participation - To receive information or suggested items to be considered at the next meeting including Cllr Colin Sampson (BCKLWN) and Cllr Martin Storey (NCC), if in attendance Cllr Colin Sampson update: • Advised that the War Memorial being listed was good. • He advised that he was looking into the grass being cut behind the proposed at Buckenham Drive. He advised that it was hoped that all grass would be cut by someone whether it be Borough Council or Freebridge. He explained that it would be very difficult for the Borough Council to cover costs back to the Parish Council to cut grass. He advised that it may take a year for communications between all parties to be resolved. Cllr Martin Storey Update: • This Friday was the funeral of former Leader of the Norfolk County Council Cllr Cliff Jordon who would be sadly missed. • Andrew Proctor had taken the role as Leader of the Council and would soon be in post. • The NCC were always considering budgets, and if any assistance is needed he would be happy for anyone to get in contact. Anything else from Councillors and Public • Grass has been cut in the field behind Bradfield and Fairfield Place. • Well done for all those involved with the Mid-Summer Fayre and thanks to those who helped. The Chair advised that the Parish Council raised five hundred pounds which was split between the youth club, playing field and village hall. The Chair had received lots of compliments from the day, and advised a well done to everyone, and those who helped on the day, especially the playing field for all their efforts. • Brambles were coming through the top of Indigo Road fencing again and the Clerk agreed to contact the developer. • The Clerk agreed to check if stones at the edge of the road on NCC verges to protect properties were permitted, as well as plants in NCC verges which can causes parking issues. It was noted that there also was sometimes grass cuttings and other things being dumped on NCC verges. The Clerk agreed to ask NCC Highways. • The Clerk agreed to ask Highways to add a bus stop sign near the shelter. • The Clerk agreed to thank the resident who was watering the gardens.

164/18 Date and Time of Next Meeting – Ordinary Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 1 August 2018

Meeting closed at 10.20 pm

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