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Northwold Parish Council July meeting minutes

September 2018

Northwold and Whittington Parish Council – Ordinary Meeting DRAFT FOR CONSIDERATION AT THE NEXT MEETING Tuesday 3rd July 2018, 7.30pm Northwold Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllr R Crisp, Cllr C Anderson, Cllr M Peake, Cllr S Smith, Cllr I Quinn, Cllr G Gillett, Cllr C Sharp, Cllr N Nickles, Cllr C Pointeer, Cllr H Hogan. Mrs N Cooper (Clerk)

There were 2 members of the public.

1. PUBLIC FORUM (15 MINUTES) There have been 3 break ins in Northwold over the weekend and also some at Whittington. There is a Neighbourhood Watch group in Northwold but there are no regular meetings and many are unaware of it. Contact details of persons looking to join the Neighbourhood Watch were passed to Cllr Sharp who was involved in the original establishment of the group. It was also agreed that the information about this would be included in the New Arrivals pack which is provided by volunteers to persons moving into the village. Speeding in Northwold was discussed. The setting up of a Community Speedwatch has been attempted by a previous Councillor but there has been a lack of volunteers able to take this forward. The SAM2 (mobile Speed Awareness Message) which is being purchased through the Parish Partnership project will be sited in two locations in each village for now. Other sites could be considered in the future but the roads must be less than 60mph and also allow clear sight for the monitoring system to work. The grass either side of the cemetery driveway should be in the grounds maintenance contract.

2. ACCEPTANCE OF APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE These were accepted for Cllr David Human and noted for Cllr Martin Storey.

3. MEMBERS’ DECLARATION OF INTERESTS and DISPENSATION REQUESTS (for items on the Agenda) Nothing was declared.

4. TO APPROVE AND SIGN THE MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING held on 5th June 2018 The minutes were approved by all Councillors present. It was noted that the fundraising stall for the Crown Inn was incorrectly reported as selling cream teas and that they were selling prosecco only. A spelling mistake was corrected on point 21b. With the corrections made the minutes were signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting held on 5th June 2018. The final version will be available on the website.

5. REPORTS AND MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETINGS (for information only) Both reported streetlights have been dealt with. The light on High Street Northwold has a power fault and has been reported by Westcotec to UK Power Networks. The streetlight on West End has had a shield fitted to it and the resident has confirmed that this has improved the situation.

6. LOCAL AUTHORITY REPORTS a. Norfolk County Council – representative not present b. Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk – nothing to report

7. CORRESPONDENCE i. Newsletters CPRE, Norfolk Constabulary, Norfolk Association of Local Councils ii. A borough-wide review of dog fouling and littering: online survey. Visit www.west-norfolk.gov.uk/haveyoursay until end July 18. iii. Wissey Catchment updates newsletter – Cllr Pointeer advised that the map of the river was incorrect as it does not show it running through Whittington / Northwold / Stoke Ferry. Cllr Pointeer to respond. iv. Email from regarding grounds maintenance around tennis courts – reported to TTSR and actioned v. Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review. *Any comments requested by 13th July to the Clerk so these can be passed on. vi. Letter from Lay Minister at Christchurch Whittington inviting involvement in the 100th Year Celebration of the end of World War I. This was noted and requested that the date of the preliminary meeting to be passed on when it is confirmed. *Clerk to place on Sep agenda.

8. Money Claim for costs relating to gate posts and hinges, Inghams Lane a. The cost of the original invoice for the gate posts and hinges amounting to £ 69.54 has been paid to the claimant and the cheque is showing as cleared in bank statement 4. The legal costs have not been paid as per agreement at the end of the June meeting. All Councillors are resolved that care should be taken to avoid any similar situations in the future. The offer made does not make the Parish Council liable for any future claims. b. Cllr Anderson has received back one of the posts and the hinges. The other post is in situ at the gateway at Inghams Lane. Cllr Anderson will find out if the items can be returned to Stoke Ferry Timber.

9. Rights of Way Northwold a. Norfolk County Council Rights of Way Officer has advised that the cutting of FP6 is not on the NCC Contract but has been reported to Rangers by the Clerk. b. The obligation for NCC is to provide signposts off metalled roads and can provide these that indicate route status. The signs at Mundford are likely part of a project by Norfolk Trails Team which is outside of the NCC obligation to maintain PROW. *Clerk asked to advise the officer that FP6 is not signposted and request that it is. Also, to follow up on previous emails about road signs missing / damaged within the Parish. c. Inghams Lane and Common Drove have private rights of vehicular access and the opinion of the Officer is that the surface is being damaged by this private use, not the general public as they have no access rights. As such the maintenance of the road remains the obligation of those private users who have damaged it not NCC.

10. Common Drove a. Letter from resident noted that all users of Common Drove to please not use the cut away to the left of the trees by the ford, at the end of the drove nearest to the church, unless the ford is in flood over the footpath. This is private land and is kindly provided for occasional use when the actual footpath is impassable. The trees on the field side of the ford are also privately owned. The state of the footpath is noted by the Parish Council. b. Email from resident regarding replacement footbridge proposals for Common Drove ford noted. Resident has been thanked and advised that NCC have already ordered a replacement bridge.

11. School Lane car park update a. Estimates are still being sought. A second contractor has visited the site but the estimate is awaited, Highways have been asked for a cost and a further contractor has also been emailed. Golden Tree Surgeons have not returned a quote. In order to progress the project without delay over the summer it was unanimously agreed that a resolution on the appointment of a suitable contractor for these works can be made by contacting all Councillors via email before the September meeting. It was agreed that an end date of 31st July 18 should be placed on all requests for quotes and that after this the Clerk / Cllr Anderson will circulate the estimates for a decision on appointment. Cllr Anderson will manage the process by liaison with contractors. If less than three quotes are received the Parish Council will take a decision as to whether to progress with those received giving consideration to the difficulties in obtaining quotes to undertake this work. * To be actioned between meetings and placed on September agenda. b. It was agreed by all that an additional large conifer on the eastern side of the track should also be felled as part of the project to improve access. c. Reapplication for the lottery grant to encompass additional costs will be considered at the September meeting. d. The planting of trees in the other allotment was discussed again after advice from BCKLWN that any trees must not affect the visibility splay and that consideration should be given as to whether it is statutory allotment land. Cllr Sharp advised that the allotment was originally intended as an overflow for the cemetery. All agreed to leave this alone for now. No trees to be applied for.

12. Northwold Sports and Social Club roof repairs a. One estimate has been received. Two further estimates awaited.

13. FIT Payments – Northwold Village Hall and Northwold Sports and Social Club a. The payments received through both sites were noted as being low. Roughly £13.77 per month averaged out for the Village Hall since recording began and £32.05 per month for the Sports and Social Club. No further action was requested.

14. Whittington Park Cllr Hogan advised that she had been asked about improving Whittington Park to make it more entertaining. This was discussed and it was agreed that Whittington representatives would make an informal survey of Whittington residents to determine what the potential usage of new equipment could be and also if one item were to be purchased then what would be the most desired item. Residents can respond to Councillors in person, via writing / email to the clerk or by attending the next meeting which will be held at Christchurch. * To be placed on the September agenda.

15. Constables Charity Land * To be placed on the September agenda.

16. UPDATE ON CURRENT WORKS a. Dog bin location on Pinfold Lane has been approved by NCC. Cllr Anderson to install once the weather cools. b. Parish Partnership – SAM2 on order, post to be installed by NCC. c. Play area repairs – still waiting *Clerk to chase d. Crown Inn – Steering Group still fundraising. Another pop-up pub planned for the end of July. Not all of the pledged money has been turned into cash. Target is £300,000 including a budget for refurbishment and around £120,000 more is needed to reach that. The group are appealing for local businesses support and additional private donations /purchasing of shares. e. Methwold Road Bus Stop – NCC advise that the post will be installed soon and the Flag will be dealt with separately by the Passenger Transport Group.

17. CEMETERIES: Monthly safety review of sites and any other issues requiring action. a. No issues raised for Whittington. The loose stone is still slightly loose. Cllr Gillet to follow up with Richard King Memorials. The overhanging branches have been cut back.

18. GROUNDS MAINTENANCE - Discuss any current issues requiring action. a. Northwold: The track to the cemetery has been cut back thanks to a local farmer. It needs a closer cut with a lawnmower. Site visit with TTSR being organised with Cllr Anderson and Cllr Nickles hoping to meet the contractor. It was agreed that a site visit to Whittington is not needed at present. The track to the cemetery to be added to the contract. The cutting of grass verges throughout the Parish was discussed. *Clerk asked to follow up on an enquiry made to NCC regarding costs for extra cuts during the summer, Put on Sep Agenda. b. Whittington: The hedge between the bus stop and Norman Drive is overgrown and also the grass and hedge further down in Old Methwold Road. *Cllr Hogan to send a map / photo to the Clerk for reporting. Noted that all highways requests can be made by anyone directly via the Norfolk.gov.uk website.

19. HIGHWAYS and STREETLIGHTING – discuss any current issues and resolve on any action required. a. Rangers: Items reported are: Cutting FP6, Clear branches from 30mph sign Little London Road, cut grass verge fronting School Lane Cemetery Northwold and cut Church Lane verges Whittington. The Rangers will be in the Parish w/c 23rd July. b. Streetlights noted in agenda point 5. No further faults reported.

20. PLANNING APPLICATIONS AND UPDATES a. The following planning applications were discussed. i. 18/00092/TREECA T1 Beech - Reduce the crown by 25% this would be around 5m branch end reduction. T2 & T3 Beech - Fell due to decay from advanced infestation of Ustalina deusta and replace with standard 2 x Beech within a conservation area. Northwold. No objections raised. ii. 18/00102/TREECA Cherry (P1) - Fell. Sycamore (P2) - Fell. Cherry (P3) - Fell. Northwold. No objections raised.

b. The following planning decisions were noted i. 18/00091/TREECA 4 Pinfold Lane Northwold Norfolk IP26 5LH - R2 R3 R4 R5 Lawson Cypress x 4 - Fell/Remove. A26 A27 A28 A29 Cypress (Leylandii) x 4 Fell/Remove/or reduce in height to max. 10m. A45 A48 Cypress (Leylandii) x 2 - Fell/Remove. A47 A50 Cypress (Leylandii) x 2 - Fell/Remove/or reduce in height to max. 10m within Conservation Area. Tree Application - No objection 19 June 2018 Delegated Decision ii. 18/00102/TREECA 4 Pinfold Lane Northwold Norfolk IP26 5LH. Cherry (P1) Fell. Sycamore (P2) Fell. Cherry (P3) Fell. Tree application. No objection. 21. FINANCES: a. Election Costs - Email from BCKLWN to charge for uncontested elections noted. More information to be sought. *To be placed on September agenda. b. 2019/20 Parish Partnership Funding – deadline 7th December 18. Councillors asked to give some thought to potential projects. * Clerk to place on September agenda. c. Long Range Financial Planning. A 5-year financial plan should be developed. Consideration should be given to costs such as play equipment, land/maintenance costs, noticeboards, speed limits, elections, signage etc. *Clerk to place on agenda as rolling item to be developed alongside precept setting / budget prep. d. The accounts to 3rd July 2018 were accepted and cheques to be signed and payments approved in accordance with the table on the next page.

22. TRAINING: To note any new requests a. No requests made.

23. ITEMS FOR AGENDA OF NEXT MEETING: TO BE HELD ON TUESDAY 4th SEPTEMBER 7.30pm, CHRISTCHURCH WHITTINGTON a. Northwold Car Scheme – costings b. Meeting date at Christchurch for Remembrance Day preparations. c. Whittington Park d. Constables Charity Land e. School Lane Car Park f. Extra grass cuts for highways land g. Election costs h. Parish Partnership 2018-19 i. 5 Year Financial Plan


Receipts for approval 03.07.18 Paying In slip From Description Amount 500134 PR Bowers Cemetery Income 110.00 £110.00

Payments/cheques for approval 03.07.18 Direct Debit Payee Description Amount DD Wave (Anglian Water) May 18 Water Payment 4.00 Cleared statement 1 DD Wave (Anglian Water) June 18 Water Payment 4.00 Cleared statement 3 DD EON Electricity Streetlights May18 97.95 Cleared statement 4 Subtotal Direct Debits 105.95 Cheque Payee Description Amount 4 Westcotec Streetlight Maint June18 19.10 5 Clerk N Cooper Clerk Hours June 18 333.80 Clerk Mileage June 18 19.95 Clerk Expenses June 18 10.00 6 T. Waring Northwold S&SC External Redecoration 400.00 7 Carbrook Windows NWS&SC Cladding 4560.00 3 Money Claim Gate Post and hinges 69.54 Cleared Statement 4 Subtotal Cheques 5412.39 £5,518.34 Cash sheet Balance and Bank Reconciliation 3rd July 2018 31st March 2018 YE Balance Brought Forward £31,140.00 Add Total Receipts to date £18,858.20 £49,998.20 Less Total Payments to date £14,409.61 CASHBOOK BALANCE 3rd July 2018 £35,588.59

Bank Balance @20.06.18 Statement no.4 £42,685.00 Add uncleared receipts (as above) £110.00 £42,795.00 Minus uncleared approved payments from end 17/18 £4.00 Minus uncleared approved payments as approved June 18 £1,859.56 Minus direct debits not yet cleared bank statement (as above) £0.00 Minus new payments for approval (cheques as above) £5,342.85 £7,206.41 Reconciled Balance 3rd July 2018 £35,588.59

With nothing more to discuss the meeting closed at 9.20pm

Chairman: __________________________________ Date: __________________

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