River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Village Liaison minutes

July 2018


Wednesday 9th of May 2018 Present: Mrs S. Lintern (Parish Council), Jim McNeil (Parish Council), Mr R. Thompson, Mr S. Livsley (EA), Mr Sam Brown (EA), Mr I. Negus, (Mill manager), Mr D. Melladay (Quality manager), B. Fonseca (H&S), Ms K. Penn (Borough Council) 1.Apologies Tony Leggett working at Bawsey mill 2.Minutes from previous meeting and matters arising We have briefly discussed the minutes from the last minutes. Steve Livesley has announced that he is leaving and Samuel Brown is taking over from him. K. Penn has communicated about the new monitoring dust unit’s system update, there will be three altogether and the data will be live at the website. 3.KLWNBC We have discussed about the fact the residents of the village are not receiving the answers they are seeking from trustful parties, please see the point 10 to see what we are going to do to help the residents get the answers they are seeking. 2018 monitoring data for PM10 (particulate matter) is currently averaging 11ug/m3 at both Furlong Road and Wretton Road monitoring sites, which is below the air quality objective of 40ug/m3. The monitor that is being moved to Self’s field has been totally disconnected at its current location, and once the field has been levelled can be moved and reconnected, it is hoped this will be in the next 2-3 weeks. Once the monitor is working in Self’s field we will move the monitor from Furlong Road to Buckenham Drive so there will be three monitors in a triangle around the factory. We are upgrading the data collection facility on the two smaller monitors, this will make it easier to get live data for both us and members of the public. We have provided a joint response with the EA to a letter from Elizabeth Truss MP. Kevin Kent has been to the Parish Council and spoken to them about Community Plans.

4.Complaints received since the last meeting There were 2 complaints received since the last minutes please see point 5 and 7 for more information on this subject. 5.Noise We had one noise complaint from a resident which was a belt found outside close to the intake, which this was rectified soon as we received the complaint, which the villager was happy with the response and result. 6.Transport We have discussed some residents are complaining and believe it is illegal for our lorries to be driving through the Wretton Road. We have discussed the signs that are displayed in the area and we got to the conclusion that under our operations is not illegal. 7.Odour, dust and particulates. We have had a dust complaint from a resident which we reacted to very rapidly. We have been inside of the house of this resident and collected samples to send to the laboratory to be tested against the raw materials which are off-loaded in the area. Unfortunately, the laboratory couldn’t test for the raw materials we use for because they contain calcium and phosphorus which many other things also do. Due to the circumstances and the limit of resources we can gather to test, we could not determine where the dust is coming from at this moment in time. Although see point 10 to understand the next steps we are going to take. 8.Buildings We have had some quotes in, we are just in the process of organizing the work in terms of requirements and the legality side of the work before the work can commence, which we will start by fixing the roof and gutters. 9.Any other business There was no other business. 10.Action points 1. Terms of Reference to be agreed by the parties involved 2. David Melladay to try get some reports from the HSE and Norfolk fire service to try clarifying the status in the Mill 3. Ian Negus will speak to highways regarding hole at top gate entry. 4. Bruno to audit raw materials deliveries to understand if there is potentially dust escaping to the air 5. Bruno to gather information to determine if it’s possible to sample the dust coming from the feed and what would we be looking for.

PS: hopefully we can assign someone else to do the minutes! (Looking for volunteers) Thank you Kind Regards Bruno Fonseca

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