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Northwold Parish Council March Meeting Minutes

July 2018

Northwold and Whittington Parish Council – Ordinary Meeting Tuesday 6th March 2018, 7.30pm Northwold Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllr R. Crisp (Chairperson), Cllr M. Peake, Cllr C Sharp, Cllr I Quinn, Cllr G Gillett, Cllr H Hogan, Cllr C Pointeer and Mrs N. Cooper, Clerk. Also Present: Cllr M Storey (NCC) There were 2 members of the public.

1. PUBLIC FORUM The Chairman of Northwold Sports and Social Club was present and advised that three quotations for the external cladding had been provided to the Parish Council for consideration. Also advised that the Sports and Social Club will be funding the bricking up of an internal door and topping up the shingle to the S&SC driveway alongside replacing interior furnishings. The finance for this has been raised as a result of a successful year for the club.

2. LOCAL AUTHORITY REPORTS i. Cllr Storey (NCC) advised that during last week’s snow there were 49 gritters and ploughs working more or less full time to clear the snow alongside around 60 farmers with tractors and ploughs. The budget took place 12th Feb; a Council Tax increase of 5.99% was agreed, 3% of which is ringfenced for Adult Social Care. No money was taken from the road gritting budget. A query with regards to monies available for road and pot hole repairs was raised. It was advised that funding is available and to let highways know as soon as possible about repairs required so these are scheduled in. ii. Cllr Peake advised that he has spoken with planners about the car park proposals for School Lane with regards to discussions about the planning application and the entry/exit. Will go direct to Highways to discuss if required.

3. ACCEPTANCE OF APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies were received from Cllr C. Anderson, Cllr Nigel Nickles, Cllr David Human and Cllr Susan Smith. These were accepted.

4. MEMBERS’ DECLARATION OF INTERESTS (for items on the Agenda) Cllr Sharp declared an interest in discussions on the Northwold Sports and Social Club grant.

5. TO APPROVE AND SIGN THE MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING The minutes were approved by all Councillors present and the minutes were signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meetings held on 6th February 2018. The final version will be available on the website.

The Chair brought forward item 13 for discussion whilst the representative for the cemetery was available. 13. CEMETERIES: i. Review of Northwold burial fees schedule: The fees were looked at by the Councillors present and a comparison to the fees charged at Methwold Cemetery and Wereham Cemetery were discussed. It was agreed to simplify the process of charging for those persons who are not a resident of Northwold but who do have a demonstrable tie to the Parish by adding an extra price tier of £400. The additional charge of £1,000 for non-residents with no demonstrable tie to the Parish was maintained. Clerk / A Howarth to update the charging policy.

6. REPORTS AND MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETINGS (for information only) The Clerk read out an email received with regards to Little London Lane as discussed at the last meeting. The Councillors were satisfied with the response and reiterated that as this is a private road the Parish Council can do no more to assist with repairs.

7. CORRESPONDENCE i. Newsletters CPRE, Norfolk Constabulary, Norfolk Association of Local Councils ii. Norfolk County Council – A Vision for Norfolk in 2021 (available on www.norfolk.gov.uk) iii. Notification of Designation Application – Northwold War Memorial- noted that £2,000 has been spent on the memorial in recent years as a result of a donation from a parishioner. It was confirmed that the memorial is entrusted to the care of the Parish Council. Clerk asked to forward details to A Howarth. iv. Draft Tree Strategy – BCKLWN. Noted. No comments raised – no impact noted on the Parish.

8. RESOLVE DECISION ON GRANT REQUEST FROM NORTHWOLD SPORTS & SOCIAL CLUB TOWARDS REFURBISHMENTS Northwold Sports and Social Club have requested that the Parish Council fund the repainting of re exterior of the Sports and Social Club at a cost of £400. A quote was provided and this was approved by all.

Three quotes were provided for the external cladding of the Sports and Social Club. These were all read out by the Chair and discussed by all. It was agreed that Carbrook Windows would be appointed for the works and that this would be funded by the Parish Council at a cost of £3,916.66 plus vat. The company is known locally and the quality of the work experienced is high. This was the lower of the three quotes. The Chairman of the Sports and Social Club will instruct this work.

The Sports and Social Club were congratulated on their successful year.

9. REVIEW QUOTES FOR TREE MANAGEMENT PLAN WORKS Only two quotes have been received for these works. A third is awaited. Decision deferred to April meeting.

10. GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS The Clerk had provided a summary of what GDPR Means for the Parish Council and what is required to comply. The Parish Council, as a statutory organisation, is the Data Controller. The Data Controller is responsible for ensuring that the regulations are followed correctly. It was agreed that a Data Protection working party would be established to support the Clerk in complying with the regulations. Cllr Quinn, Cllr Pointeer and Cllr Hogan volunteered and it was agreed that Cllr Nickles would also be invited to join the working party at the April meeting. The actions agreed were: appoint a DPO (awaiting further contact from Norfolk ALC about an external officer), adopt a GDPR Policy at the April / May 2018 meeting, update the Standing Orders at the April / May 2018 meeting to include an Order which recognises the Council as the Data Controller and the DPO appointment (once made), prepare an ‘Information Audit’ of all personal / sensitive data held, issue Information Notices to people whose personal information is held by the Council, and include GDPR within the Council’s Risk Management Schedule. Also, privacy statements will need to be included on the bottom of all Parish Council related emails. Clerk to manage processes.

11. SCHOOL PARKING The Clerk advised that the National Lottery Awards for All grant of £6,300 has been granted to fund the provision of the proposed car park off School Lane, Northwold. Cllr Anderson and the Clerk were congratulated on this. It was noted that there are queries from the Planning Authority with regards to the layout of the exit of the proposed site. Cllr Anderson is dealing with these queries direct. In his absence thanks were provided to Cllr Anderson for his work on this. The Clerk read out emails from a concerns resident with regards to the car park. The Clerk was asked to invite the resident to the next meeting to discuss this in full. It was noted that to dissuade private parking on the site that a notice should be installed to say No Overnight Parking. Cllr Anderson to be made aware.

12. PLAY AREA A timetable for the Play Maintain repairs has been requested and is awaited.

13. CEMETERIES: i. Covered earlier in the meeting. ii. Cllr Gillett advised that he has checked the Northwold headstones twice since the last meeting and they are all still stable. Cllr Smith was absent and a safety report for Whittington Cemetery will be provided at the April meeting. A letter from a resident neighbouring the Old Cemetery regarding overhanging branches was noted and the details will be passed to TTSR Grounds Maintenance.

14. GROUNDS MAINTENANCE The Clerk advised that the TTSR schedule of works and insurance documents are awaited. The season started March 1st. TTSR will be advised of, and asked to remove, the overhanging branches from the Old Cemetery and also about some thorny bushes as reported within the children’s play area at Northwold Recreation Ground.

15. HIGHWAYS A response has been received from Highways with regards to the actions noted by Cllr Nickles at the site meeting in January. In summary the response advises that: at this moment a safety study to reduce the speed limit is not warranted; stop signs/ lines will not be looked into at present; works on SW corner of Methwold Rd/A134 are programmed but no date is available; works are ordered to cut back the hedge at Methwold Rd Bus stop; and the request for a bus stop post for Whittington is with the passenger transport group to advise. The Clerk was asked to respond to ask how Stop signs/ lines can be progressed as a priority and was also asked to forward the original response to Cllr Storey.

Cllr Storey advised that all NCC Members have been provided a budget of £6,000 to spend on small scale highways priorities within their ward. He has been advised by Highways that the stop signs / lines for Northwold are not a priority project. Cllr Storey will revisit the subject with highways for future consideration.

Additionally, a form was provided to seek approval for a grit bin. The Clerk was authorised to complete this on behalf of the Parish Council.

The Clerk has been advised that there is approved Parish Partnership funding waiting for a project originating in 16/17 for footbridge widening over the ford on RB3. There was recollection that this was a project managed by retired Councillor Mr Eglington. Cllr Crisp advised that she will seek further information. To be placed on the April agenda.

The Highway Rangers will be in the Parish w/c 2nd April. Details of works required were given. Clerk to forward on.

16. FLY TIPPING Whittington This has been resolved.

17. It was noted that permission was granted by the Clerk between meetings for UK Power Networks to access Parish Council land to cut back trees at Hovell’s Lane / Riverside to expose high and low voltage electricity lines. The Clerk was given the option of having the mulch from the trees spread on the footpath – in this instance it was declined and the Clerk requested guidance as to whether this would be required in similar instances in the future. It was agreed that the mulch should be removed each time.

18. THE CROWN INN NORTHWOLD Cllr Anderson was not present to update on this. To place on April agenda.

19. PLANNING APPLICATIONS AND UPDATES i. Planning applications received prior to the meeting: 18/00192/F Construction of cattle shed at The Barns Methwold Road Whittington Norfolk PE33 9TH 18/00282/F Extension to dwelling 17 Church Lane Northwold Thetford Norfolk IP26 5L 18/00358/F Extension to existing porch at The Rest 19 West End Northwold Thetford Norfolk No objections were raised for these applications. ii. New planning decisions: 17/02309/F Northwold The Barns Methwold Road Whittington Norfolk PE33 9TH - Siting of mobile home to provide residential accomodation for agricultural worker. Application Permitted 17/02167/F Northwold Tile Centre Methwold Road Northwold Norfolk IP26 5LJ - Proposed conversion of existing Northwold Tile Centre to a 2 bedroom dwelling – Application permitted

20. FINANCE & POLICIES: i. The accounts to 6th March 2018 were accepted and cheques to be signed and payments approved in accordance with the table on the following page. Additionally, it was agreed that: the membership of Norfolk Parish Training & Support would not be renewed as Norfolk ALC provides the same service; and the renewal of Windows Essentials at £41.88 plus vat was approved. EON have advised that prices will be rising and the Clerk was asked to seek new comparative quotes including from the Co-op.


Receipts for approval 06.03.18 Paying In slip Description Amount 500131 Reservation of cremation plot 50.00 500131 Erection of monument 40.00 500131 Burial of Mrs Jackson 440.00 £530.00

Payments/cheques for approval 06.0.18 Direct Debit Payee Description Amount DD EON Electricity Jan 18 86.18 Cleared statement 4 DD Wave Anglian Water Water Feb Payment 5.50 Cleared statement 4 Subtotal Direct Debits 91.68

Cheque Payee Description Amount 2174 Norfolk ALC GDPR Training (Clerk) 30.00 2175 Westcotec Streetlight maintenance Feb 18 19.10 2176 CGM Grounds Maintenance Feb 18 388.06 2177 NCooper Clerk Salary Jan 18 315.04 NCooper Clerk Mileage Jan 18 17.55 NCooper Clerk Expenses Jan 18 24.04 2178 NCooper 17/18 Payment for Use of home office 120.00 2179 BCKLWN Dog Waste Collection 27.2.17-25.2.18 576.58 2180 Westcotec Streetlight maintenance Mar 18 19.10 Subtotal Cheques 1509.47 £1,601.15

Cash sheet Balance and Bank Reconciliation 6th March 2018 31st March 2017 YE Balance Brought Forward: £29,508.34 Add Total Receipts to date £24,675.16 £54,183.50 Less Total Payments to date £26,061.34 CASHBOOK BALANCE 6th March 2018 £28,122.16

Bank Balance @20.02.18 Statement no.4 £29,763.63 Add uncleared receipts £0.00 £29,763.63 Minus uncleared approved payments £132.00 Minus new payments for approval cheques 2174-2179 plus Direct Debits £1,509.47 £1,641.47 Reconciled Balance 06.3.18 £28,122.16

21. TRAINING: No new requests

22. ITEMS FOR AGENDA OF NEXT MEETING - To be held on 3rd April 2018.

i. Budget line distribution review for Clerks expenses ii. Parish Partnership Scheme

With nothing more to discuss the meeting closed at 9pm

Chairman: __________________________________ Date: __________________

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