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Northwold Parish Council Annual Meeting 2018

July 2018

Northwold and Whittington Parish Council – ANNUAL Meeting Tuesday 1st May 2018, 7.20pm Northwold Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllr R Crisp, Cllr M Peake, Cllr C Sharp, Cllr I Quinn, Cllr G Gillett, Cllr D Human, Cllr N Nickles, Cllr C Pointeer, Cllr H Hogan. Mrs N Cooper (Clerk)

Also Present: Cllr M Storey (NCC) There were 0 members of the public.

1. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAIN AND VICE CHAIRMAN Cllr Rosemary Crisp was nominated for Chair by Cllr Pointeer and seconded by Cllr Sharp. All agreed and Cllr Crisp accepted the position. The Declaration of Acceptance of Office for Chairman was duly signed and witnessed. In his absence Cllr Anderson was nominated to continue in his position as vice chair. This was proposed by Cllr Pointeer and seconded by Cllr Sharp. Agreement to be confirmed in the June minutes.

2. PUBLIC FORUM There were no members of the public present.

3. ACCEPTANCE OF APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies were accepted for Cllr Anderson and Cllr Smith.

4. All Councillors to reconfirm agreement to abide by the Code of Conduct. All present acknowledged the Code of Conduct and agreed to abide by it.

5. MEMBERS’ DECLARATION OF INTERESTS and DISPENSATION REQUESTS (for items on the Agenda) Nothing was declared.

6. ANNUAL COUNCIL ADMINISTRATION i. Consider and resolve on adoption of updated Standing Orders 2018. • All resolved to adopt. ii. Consider adjustment to quorum for Working Party Terms of Ref. • Resolution agreed to adjust the quorum to 3 in line with the Standing Orders. iii. Review Financial Regulations and agree any changes. • Resolution agreed to maintain the regulations with no changes. iv. Review the Planning Protocol an agree any changes. • Resolution agreed to maintain the protocol with no changes. v. Review the Freedom of Information Documents Schedule and agree any changes. • Resolution agreed to maintain the schedule with no changes. vi. Review new Complaints Policy and resolve on adoption. • Complaints Policy agreed and Council resolved to adopt. vii. Review agreement to provision of Councillor names on website and allocated areas of responsibility. • Names on website agreed by all. No changes to areas of responsibility. viii. Appoint 2018 Internal Control Officer. • Cllr Pointeer and Cllr Quinn agreed to undertake this.

7. TO APPROVE AND SIGN THE MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING held on 3rd April 2018 The minutes were approved by all Councillors present and the minutes were signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting held on 3rd April 2018. The final version will be available on the website.


9. LOCAL AUTHORITY REPORTS Cllr Storey and Cllr Peake both discussed the outcome of the Planning Committee for the School Road Car Park as the application is still not approved, with the entrance/exit points still needing to be agreed. It is requested that for approval to be granted the Cemetery entrance should be designated for both the entrance and exit for the car park with associated requirements to 1. widen the entrance to allow two cars to pass; 2. remove of the gate to this entrance (but retention of the cemetery gate); and 3. remove the conifer which obstructs the view to exit. All Councillors present were in full agreement that these three points are agreed to in order to progress the application towards approval. Three estimates will be needed for these works. Clerk to contact Cllr Anderson and ask him to progress this along with Cllr Peake.

10. CORRESPONDENCE (Noted) i. Newsletters CPRE, Norfolk Constabulary, Norfolk Association of Local Councils ii. Whittington War Memorial Consultation iii. RAF Marham drop in information event, Sandringham Centre 2nd May, 2-6pm iv. Information from Parish Council event, Norfolk County Council.

11. GDPR The working party met on 24.4.18. The following recommendations and actions were reported to the meeting. Recommendations The Council should adopt the following documents as reviewed by the Working Party: • Northwold and Whittington Parish Council Privacy Policy • General Privacy Notice (for public and community groups etc) • N&W PC Privacy Notice for Staff, Councillors and Role holders • Website statement • Information Audit

The comprehensive nature of the privacy policy and statements was discussed. It was noted that much of it does not directly apply to the currently limited data collection of the Parish Council but by adopting and following comprehensive guidelines there should be less potential for unexpected breaches. Templates from the National Association of Local Councils have been used.

An Email Policy should be adopted incorporating the following points: • Councillors are required to use a nandwpc.uk email address for all Parish Council related business to ensure maintenance of confidentiality. • Councillors are required to copy Council related emails to the Clerk to ensure proper documentation. • Forwarding on of emails containing data sensitive information must be consented to by the original sender first. • Circulation of approved emails which include personal information must remain confidential within the Council body.

Laptop encryption not recommended at present as following the privacy policy will mean minimum sensitive data storage. Council should budget for a replacement Council laptop every three years.

Action Plan May – July 2018

• Adopt all reviewed documents at the May 2018 meeting. • Establish an email policy. • Add GDPR compliant email footer to all nandwpc.uk email addresses. (attachment 6) • Clerk to send a formal letter to all previous Councillors to ask them to delete old emails and documents held in relation to the Parish Council. • Clerk to ask Norfolk ALC to recommend a consent form for holding data for sole traders and community groups. This will then be sent to all those sole traders and community groups listed in the information audit. Two hard copies to be sent to each along with a stamped addressed envelope for return of a signed copy. • Update budget for new laptop every three years.

All of the above was agreed to by full resolution of the Parish Council. Clerk to progress.

12. SCHOOL PARKING Covered under item 9.

13. Discuss letter regarding Common Drove footbridge and the public footpath around the common and resolve on actions required. There is a Restricted Byway along Inghams Lane which has previously been gated. The byway dissects two privately owned fields with two different owners. At some point the gate was removed and the tenant of one field replaced this with a length of fence. There have been objections about this represented to the Parish Council from a resident via both visits to the Chairpersons home and emails to the Chairperson and Clerk. They have also contacted the tenant who agreed to remove the fence and replace the gate. The fence was removed but no gate replaced. A free gate was offered via the Chair to the resident to resolve this issue. The original fencing was thought to have been installed to contain cattle which have now been moved out of the parish. Discussions between the resident and the Chair over recompense of the cost for posts and hinges were considered by the Parish Council. The Chair had advised that she would personally pay for the items if the Parish Council could not approve them but the Parish Council formally asked her not to do this. The Council agreed that NCC Public Rights of Way Officer should be contacted to determine where the responsibilities lie with regards to this gate. The subject will be further discussed at the June meeting. Clerk asked to contact the County Council on the matter and also to write to the resident to advise on this, to request possible attendance at the June meeting and to ask that the Chair is no longer visited at her home address to discuss this matter. Clerk also requested to ask advice on the repair of Common Drove footbridge from NCC. Clerk to action.

14. UPDATE ON CURRENT WORKS i. Parish Partnership The Cheque has been sent for the Trod. The locations for the SAM2 need to be agreed before the acceptance can be sent off. The Highways officer has agreed to meet with Cllr Pointeer and Cllr Nickles on site to discuss. Date to be confirmed.

ii. Treeworks These have been instructed and are due to start 1st May. It was confirmed that these works have been seen to have started.

iii. Play Area Repairs These have been delayed due to bad weather pushing back works but are due to start soon.

iv. Pot holes / fly tipping All those pot holes noted have been reported via the NCC public site. The fly tipping at Hovell’s Lane was also reported but it was advised that this was on private land. It has however now been removed.

v. Response from Streetnaming BCKLWN The BCKLWN advises that both house names and numbers are recorded on the Royal Mail website but that they can sell the Postal Address File data with numbers only to some companies. House numbers are used by BCKLWN as standard on all numbered streets. All properties that have a number are duty bound to display it to facilitate easy location for the emergency services.

15. CEMETERIES: In Northwold new cemetery 4 unsafe memorials have had ground anchors fitted and they are now stable. There is a further unstable headstone requiring attention. A Howarth is trying to find the persons responsible for this stone. All agreed that the headstone must be made safe in the first instance and a recharge made if the responsible persons are found. Cllr Gillett to contact Richard King memorials to request a further ground anchor be installed to secure this.

Northwold Old Cemetery is getting overgrown. Clerk to report to TTSR and to also request that they make sure to blow cut grass clear of headstones and memorials.

It was noted that the damaged bench at the crematorium plot is privately owned.

16. GROUNDS MAINTENANCE No issues raised.

17. PLAY AREA ANNUAL INSPECTIONS BCKLWN has emailed to ask if they are to undertake the play area inspections this year. The cost for the inspections has not been confirmed but last year it was £140 + vat. The Clerk has sought comparable quotes from Play Maintain for inspections and they are considerably more expensive. All agreed to continue with BC inspections. Clerk to action.

18. ALLOTMENTS A request for an allotment site has been received. Clerk to forward to Cllr Crisp as Chair of the Allotment Trustees.

19. HIGHWAYS No further items raised.

20. THE CROWN INN NORTHWOLD No update available.

21. PLANNING APPLICATIONS AND UPDATES i. To discuss all planning applications received prior to the meeting 18/00735/F Conservatory extension to rear of dwelling at Police House 10 Methwold Road Northwold. No objections raised. ii. To note all new planning decisions 18/00192/F Construction of cattle shed. Application permitted. 18/00355/F Erection of a 5-bar timber vehicle gate and 5-bar timber pedestrian gate. Application permitted. 18/00358/F Extension to porch. Application permitted. iii. New address 8 Little London Lane. Noted.

22. FINANCES: i. The Year End Accounts to 31st March 2018 were agreed by all in accordance with the table below. CASHBOOK BANK RECONCILIATION 2017/18 YEAR END (31.3.18)

Receipts for approval for inclusion in 17/18 financial year Paying In slip From Description Amount 500132 PR Bowers Cemetery fees 100.00 £100.00 Payments/cheques for approval for inclusion in 17/18 financial year Direct Debit Payee Description Amount DD EON Electricity Streetlighting Mar 18 86.18 Subtotal Direct Debits 86.18 Cheque Payee Description Amount 2188 JD Signs 2 No Dogs Allowed Signs 22.74 Subtotal Cheques 22.74 £108.92

Cash sheet Balance and Bank Reconciliation 31st March 2018 31st March 2017 YE Balance Brought Forward: £29,508.34 Add Total Receipts to 31.03.18 £31,075.16 £60,583.50 Less Total Payments to 31.03.18 £29,443.50 CASHBOOK BALANCE 31st March 2018 £31,140.00

Bank Balance @31.03.18 Statement no.6 £34,338.81 Add uncleared receipts as at 31.03.18 £100.00 £34,438.81 Minus uncleared approved payments as at 31.03.18 £3,189.89 Minus remaining payments for approval for inclusion in 17/18 financial year £108.92 £3,298.81 Reconciled Balance 31.03.18 £31,140.00 ii. The findings from the internal audit by Mr M Bergin as undertaken on 30.4.18 were noted and approved by full Council resolution. The updated Asset Register as of 30.4.18 was approved by full Council resolution. The Annual Governance Statement for the 2017/18 audit was read through and responses made by full Council resolution. The Accounting statement was considered and was approved by full Council resolution. The relevant sections of the audit form were signed. Clerk to ensure all paperwork is submitted before the deadline.

iii. The accounts to 1st May April 2018 were accepted and cheques to be signed and payments approved in accordance with the table below. CASHBOOK BANK RECONCILIATION 1st May 2018 Receipts for approval 01.05.18 Paying In slip From Description Amount BACS BCKLWN Precept Income 18-19 18412.00 Cleared statement 6 500132 NW S&SC Northwold S&SC Rent 18-19 275.00 Cleared statement 6 £18,687.00 Payments/cheques for approval 01.05.18 Direct Debit Payee Description Amount DD Wave (Anglian Water) Water DD April Payment 5.50 Cleared statement 6 Subtotal Direct Debits 5.50 Cheque Payee Description Amount 2187 Northwold Car Scheme Car Scheme March 18 Quarter 196.46 2189 Norfolk ALC Annual Subs 18-19 238.16 2190 BCKLWN Litter Bins x 2 emptying 103.00 2191 Whittington PCC Porch Light re defibrillator 210.00 2192 Westcotec Streetlight Maint April18 19.10 2193 Richard King Memorials Remove & refit 4 memorials 792.00 2194 Mr M Bergin Internal Audit 2018 60.00 2195 Mrs N Cooper Clerk April Hours, Expenses & Mileage 431.30 Subtotal Cheques 2050.02 £2,055.52 Cash sheet Balance and Bank Reconciliation 1st May 2018 31st March 2018 YE Balance Brought Forward £31,140.00 Add Total Receipts to date £18,687.00 £49,827.00 Less Total Payments to date £2,055.52 CASHBOOK BALANCE 1st May 2018 £47,771.48

Bank Balance @20.04.18 Statement no.6 £52,248.24 Add uncleared receipts £0.00 £52,248.24 Minus uncleared approved payments £2,426.74 Minus new payments for approval cheques as above £2,050.02 £4,476.76 Reconciled Balance 01.5.18 £47,771.48

iv. The continuation of the one year rolling streetlight maintenance contract with Westcotec was discussed. No changes to prices are advised by Westcotec are advised at present. All agreed to continue with this.

v. Review insurance renewal prices and resolve on contract. The renewal price from Came and Company for Parish Council insurance was noted at £1599.86 with reference to the three year agreement with the company to keep renewal prices stable until 31st May 2019. The renewal premium was accepted. Additional quotes will be needed for 2019/20 renewal. Clerk to instruct.

vi. To note updated LGS Pay scheme for Clerk from 1st April 2018 Changes to the approved payscale were noted and accepted by all.

23. TRAINING: No new requests

24. ITEMS FOR AGENDA OF NEXT MEETING: TO BE HELD ON TUESDAY 5TH JUNE 7.30pm Constables Charity (RC) Planting of trees – Clerk asked to investigate grants (CP) Long range planning. (NN)

NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE FOR NEXT MEETING: CHRIST CHURCH WHITTINGTON. Map for parking circulate at meeting and will be placed on noticeboards / website with the agenda.

With nothing more to discuss the meeting closed at 8.40pm

Chairman: __________________________________ Date: __________________

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