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July 2018

We had a very interesting talk about Oxburgh Hall on May 16th, given by Roger Farmer, who is a conservation volunteer at the Hall. He told us first about the history of the building and the loss of the Great Hall. They have no pictures of the GH, but some idea of what it would have been like from other houses. The estate is enlarging its landholdings and currently doing much needed renovation. There were interesting photos of parts of the building visitors normally wouldn't see and a promise of an update in the future. There are plans in place to start the renovation of the roof, which is not in good condition. No one wants a repeat of the potentially disastrous collapse of a dormer window, so planning ahead is needed. There was quite a good attendance for the talk, in spite of the fact that Roger had given his talk in several local venues. I've now heard him three times and each was interesting, with new details. Yesterday's Open Gardens Day was a success. I'm always worried that no one will turn up, but they do, whatever the weather. Thanks to all the people who open their gardens, but particularly for those who do all the work behind the scenes: Sandy Reid and Deb Fisher for the lunches and teas, Angela and Andrew Faherty for the organisation not only of their Plant Emporium, but also of the mechanics of the day, and Tim and Sue Scrivener, who are always involved in helping at village events.

Pam Wakeling

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