River Wissey Lovell Fuller


March 2018

I am writing this article at 5am on the day before the deadline (that has to be a first!) with very mixed emotions because, having penned this missive, I shall be dismantling my computer as we move to Hagley for the final time this afternoon. Obviously, we had to downsize and it will be lovely to be near 4 of our kids and 9 of our 18 grandchildren. However, leaving The Old House after 40 years will be a wrench and, more importantly, we shall be leaving our many friends and patients, most of whom we also consider as friends. Giselle Sagar wrote a lovely card commenting that there cannot be many GPs who are always saying that their patients are friends. I maintain that, if I have looked after you for 30 or 40 years, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the first 20 years or so, a very special bond is formed and Deannie and I will miss you all greatly. We have been mightily touched by all the patients who have expressed sadness at our leaving, often reminiscing about past medical successes which touched their lives. Those who cannot stand me have been gracious enough to keep silence. However, we shall only be a couple of hours to the West and I am sure that we shall be back frequently, staying with Judith and visiting The Wellington in Feltwell as often as possible. The removal men did a lot of the packing into boxes. Like a massive Hoover, they sucked up everything not nailed down and boxed it. I had a couple of insulated containers for transporting refrigerated items. I put them down for a few minutes in the scullery – BAM – gone! Later that day, Deannie was going out and went to put on her “lippy”. The lipstick always lived on the telephone table under the mirror, handy for applying each time she rushed out of the door. The house was filled with a plaintiff cry “They have packed my lipstick!” Happily, another could be found and she went out “complete”. We went to put my next hospital appointment on the calendar. Yes, you have guessed it – the calendar had disappeared into a box somewhere. The labelling of boxes is a bit random (eight boxes labelled “Dining Room C&G” for example).The are so many boxes that I shall have to hire the pavement outside out new house to store them as the house is still full of the last lot of boxes they took up. All in all, downsizing and trying to sell the house, all intertwined with my 18 month hip problems, has been mega stressful and we are pleased that we shall, in future, be able to wake up without obsessing about what to pack today. We ask you to welcome James and Carrie who have bought the house. They are good fun and will fit in well. Lots of love to you all and “Mind how you go”. You have been wonderful patients and friends. Time has run out and the removal men will be here in a few minutes so I shall stop for now and will send you jokes next time.

Our new telephone number will be 01562 886128 and my email address is ian@drnisbet.co.uk . Deannie and I would love to hear from you. We are 10 minutes from the M6, the M42 and the M5 so feel free to give us a ring and visit when passing.

Best wishes to you all and very fond memories from Deannie and Ian Nisbet

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