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Stoke Ferry Parish Council January 2018

March 2018

STOKE FERRY PARISH COUNCIL DRAFT Minutes Subject to the Approval at the next Meeting Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council Wednesday 3 January 2018 at 7.00 pm Stoke Ferry Village Hall

Attendance: Cllr Sue Lintern Chair Cllr Janet Taylor Vice Chair Cllr Daphne Clements Cllr Mandy Leamon Cllr Trudy Mann Cllr Jim McNeill Cllr Grant Tomkins Helen Richardson Parish Clerk and Financial Responsible Person

Also in attendance: Cllr Martin Storey Norfolk County Council Cllr Colin Sampson Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Mr C Philpott Footpath Warden

Members of the Public: 2

01/18 Apologies and Welcome There were apologies received from Cllr Shirley Cordner due to illness.

02/18 Consider Declarations of Interest on Agenda Items and Dispensation Requests Cllr Trudy Mann and Cllr Sue Lintern declared interests in relation to item 8 Planning, and Cllr Grant Tomkins declared an interest in item 9 School Lane as he was resident in the local area, but it was agreed as there were no decisions and his input assisted discussion involvement would be allowed.

03/18 Minutes of the Meeting dated 6 December 2017 The minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 6 December 2017 were approved. Proposed. Cllr Daphne Clements, Seconded Cllr Janet Taylor, all agreed.

03/18 Matters Arising from the Minutes The following items were raised as matters arising: • It was agreed for the Clerk to continue to chase Andy Wallace, Norfolk County Council Highways for a response in relation to the installation of double yellow lines on the corner of Furlong Road. The Clerk agreed to also contact the developer who owned land near Indigo Road to see if they were amenable to extending their road markings they had currently planned. A Parish Councillor commented that Norfolk County Council could use business rates from agricultural businesses locally for the work of installing the lines. The Clerk agreed to advise all contacted that the Parish Council wished to avoid an accident in the area which was also a school bus pick up point. • Cllr Sue Lintern agreed to locate a street plan of streetlighting for the purposes of seeking alternative quotes for electricity supply as requested by the providers. • The Clerk agreed to recirculate the Village Emergency Plan which was on the February meeting agenda. • A presentation by the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk had been arranged for Wednesday 21 March at 7 pm in the Stoke Ferry Village Hall for all members of the community to attend to find out more. The Clerk would be arranging for it to be advertised. • Cllr Grant Tomkins had sent text about helping those create better security within their homes following some recent burglaries, and the Clerk would publish in the next Village Pump Magazine. • The Parish Partnership Fund bid had been submitted for 2018/19 and a response was likely around early Spring. • The Clerk had emailed the land owners near Indigo Road to ask if they would share what plans they had for the land. The Clerk had not received a response to date but would be chasing. • The signage for common land had been checked and confirmed to be in place though there were shrubbery growing over it. The Clerk agreed to ask the Handyman to resolve. • ‘Old Nurses House’ pot hole had been reported to Norfolk County Council Highways on the online portal for public reporting of defects. • The Clerk had been in touch with Pam Lynn, Conservation Officer at the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk in relation to the ‘Old Dukes’ and the ‘Millers Arms’. The Chair shared that Pam had advised that the Borough Council were aware of the buildings and they were looking very poorly, and they would be discussing them at the next meeting of the ‘Internal Derelict Land and Buildings Group’ late January to see what they might be able to do. The Clerk would follow up with her towards the end of January for an update.

04/18 2Agriculture Update The Parish had received a response to queries raised at the December meeting from the Borough Council, Environment Agency and 2Agriculture and these responses were noted. It was agreed for the Clerk to contact the Health and Safety Officer at the Borough Council to ask if there were risks of Dust Explosions from the factory, and if needed contact could also be made to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The factory had advised of a date to visit and Cllr Jim McNeill, Cllr Sue Lintern, Cllr Grant Tomkins and Cllr Trudy Mann agreed to attend, the Clerk agreed to firm up arrangements via email. Cllr Martin Storey advised in relation to a query at the December meeting, that Norfolk County Council were not involved in air quality testing and this was all done by the Borough Council.

DECISION: That the Clerk contact the H&S Officer at the Borough Council regarding dust explosions.

05/18 Grounds Maintenance Contract The Chair advised that the current contractor for Grounds Maintenance was doing a good job, and the Parish Council had considered the price to be fair. The current contractor had advised that they would increase their current payment by £40 a year to cover material costs and would hold the price for two years. The Clerk advised that other contractors had been contacted and it had confirmed that there would be no comparable costing that would be less than the current contract and the quality and service had been more than acceptable, so it seemed sensible to award the contract again for a further two years. It was proposed to award the Grounds Maintenance Contract to Mr Sparkle for a further two years, proposed by Cllr Daphne Clements, seconded by Cllr Jim McNeill, all agreed. Cllr Sue Lintern agreed to check that there was a notice period of 1 month either side, and advise the Clerk who would then confirm to the contractor a new contract.

DECISION: Grounds Maintenance Contract awarded to Mr Sparkle for 201819 and 201920.

06/18 Planning The Parish Councillors noted the following planning items and no discussions took place: For info: Applications Made Available for Comment: Conversion of outbuilding to form one-bedroom holiday annexe accommodation at The Old Bull Bridge Road Stoke Ferry Norfolk PE33 9TB – no comments made. For info: Decisions Received to note: 17/01880/RM Stoke Ferry Plot 2, Land Adjacent Hazel Dene Greatmans Way Stoke Ferry Norfolk PE33 9SZ - Reserved Matters Application for proposed dwelling Application Permitted 12 December 2017 Delegated Decision.

07/18 School Lane – Agriculture Vehicle Use and Mud on the Road Cllr Grant Tomkins introduced the item and advised that towards the end of November 2017 he and residents living near the location had struggled to get to their properties due to very thick mud covering the road left by farming machinery loading their harvest from the surrounding fields. The mud had been that bad that it had filled car wheel arches and some vehicles in ownership couldn’t be used at all. Cllr Grant Tomkins had taken pictures and contacted Highways and the Police who communicated but were unable to entirely resolve, highways had provided some support to the situation, but the Police had provided none. He shared that Highways said to call the Police, and the Police said to call Highways. He added that Anglian Water who needed 24/7 access and neighbours had also contacted the Police and Highways to complain. The Councillors noted that River Drove is a restricted byway not to be used by anyone other than Anglian Water and residents, and School Lane however is a public highway and the Police and Highways should have looked to resolve by now to keep it clear. Cllr Grant Tomkins added that the haulier had advised him that the farmer should have arranged for good hard standing, but this hadn’t been resolved. The Clerk advised that she and Cllr Martin Storey had both contacted the haulier who had been pictured harvesting for the farmer who was growing on the field just before Christmas, and the Clerk had since emailed General Managers to ask that they resolve as soon as possible, and investigate alternative arrangements for next harvest to avoid a re-occurrence and asked them to ask the land owner to contact her Clerk to discuss as no contact details had been available. The Clerk agreed to chase up the General Managers for a response and contact the land owner.

DECISION: That the Clerk chase up the General Managers of the Haulier company for a response and urgent action and contact the Land Owner.

08/18 Cemetery Hedge Replacement The Parish Council noted communications received from some residents regarding objection to removing the hedge due to wildlife and this had been noted. The Councillors noted that they had received complaints about the hedge in place also as it was dead, and ivy covered only. The Chair advised that a wall would need to be put in place to retain the mud to the surface level at least, and something would be required above it, whether it be a new hedge, railings or fence. She added that the Parish Council had agreed to seek quotations before firming up any decision on action to be taken. The Parish Council agreed that if the current hedge was dead it did need to be removed and something needed to be put in its place. A Councillor commented that they thought hedging was important for wildlife to inhabit.

DECISION: That Cllr Janet Taylor continue to get three quotes for fencing the cemetery entrance, and three quotes for a replacement hedge for further discussion in February.

09/18 Cemetery Maintenance in General Cllr Janet Taylor confirmed that an extra grass cut had taken place in the cemetery as previously agreed.

10/18 Cemetery Regulations Revision – Artificial Grass The Clerk had circulated suggested revision to the Cemetery Regulations to include artificial grass as per terms agreed at the December meeting. The revised regulations were proposed by Cllr Trudy Mann, and seconded by Cllr Jim McNeill, two were against and five were in favour.

DECISION: That the Cemetery Regulations revisions as presented are approved. Cllr Janet Taylor agreed to add to the cemetery notice board and the Clerk agreed to update on the website.

11/18 Handyman Job List It was agreed for the Clerk to advise the Handyman to spend time on litter picking. Cllr Janet Taylor advised that he had started on hedge cutting. The Parish Council wished to show appreciation for the good work that the Handyman had done in the communal garden area.

12/18 Norfolk County Council Rangers Items for Notification The Clerk agreed to find out when the rangers were due to visit Stoke Ferry next.

13/18 Public Rights of Way (Footpaths/Bridleways) The Clerk had advised David Mills, Public Rights of Way Officer of identified actions needed on various pathways within the village. The Chair advised that she was concerned with some responses that were given on the issues that had been highlighted. The Clerk agreed to arrange a meeting with David Mills include the Clerk, Cllr Sue Lintern and the Footpath Warden. The Clerk also agreed to confirm with David Mills that the footpath review for Stoke Ferry was 2018 and when exactly this would be. Cllr Sue Lintern shared ‘finger board signs’ that she had seen in Weeting that would be ideal as markers for footpaths in Stoke Ferry showing distance of walking circulars, she agreed to discuss with David during the site meeting. Cllr Sue Lintern also asked that the Parish Council consider adding the PRoW number (ie. bridleway 8) to our signs.

DECISION: That the Clerk arrange a footpath sight meeting with David Mills, including Cllr Sue Lintern and the Footpath Warden.

14/18 Approval of Payments That the following payments presented are approved: Supplier Payment for Net VAT Total Eon December Streetlights 55.59 2.78 58.37 Westcotec Street Lighting Maintenance 15.44 3.09 18.53 Clerk Clerks Wages and Expenses - Dec 270.46 0.00 270.46 HMRC December 62.40 0.00 62.40 Mr Sparkle Village Maintenance - December 2017 10.00 0.00 10.00 Mr A Stannard Handyman- December 2017 64.00 0.00 64.00 Village Hall Hire of Village Hall - January 2018 20.00 0.00 20.00 TOTAL 497.89 5.87 503.76

Proposed. Cllr Mandy Leamon, Seconded Cllr Daphne Clements, all agreed.

15/18 To Approve the Budget and Precept 201819

The Parish Council had reviewed documents prepared to agree a precept figure for 201819, it was agreed to reduce the precept by £1000 to be £16,249 given reserves in place. This was proposed by Cllr Trudy Mann, seconded by Cllr Grant Tomkins and all were agreed.

DECISION: That the Precept for 201819 for Stoke Ferry be £16,249.

16/18 Update on the Website – The Clerk was due to have training in January. The training session was cancelled due to family illness.

17/18 Mid-Summer Fayre 2018 Planning – This was deferred to March.

18/18 Urgent Items as agreed by the Chairman – The Parish Council noted communication from a person in relation to HGV vehicles use of the village that was due to be in the next Village Pump. The Council stated that the 7.5-ton lorry restriction in place in the village was there, except for loading, therefore if they are doing this and going to local business this was allowable.

19/18 Forward Agenda List - This was noted.

20/18 Public Participation and Councillors Items • The Clerk agreed to chase up with Highways in relation to the filling of grit Bins on Bradfield Place which had been empty since they were new which hadn’t been on their schedule. • The Clerk agreed to add ‘Gardens and Budget’ on the February agenda. • Cllr Colin Sampson advised that any bags could be used in food recycling bins. • Cllr Martin Storey advised to check the Norfolk County Council website for all the latest information. • In answer to a query Cllr Martin Storey advised that the Norfolk County Council would be further discussing payments to Councillors at a meeting on 8 January, and any payment was an allowance and money had been allocated within a budget for some time.

21/18 Date and Time of Next Meeting - Wednesday 7 February 2018 at 7.00 pm.

Meeting closed at 9.05 pm

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