War Memorial Gary Trouton

Carol Nicholas-Letch

March 2018

What have we got to moan about? One Sunday we turned up for church at Christchurch Whittington to find there was a power cut. It was cold outside the Church and just as cold inside! There was no usual welcoming cup of tea and whilst the old gas heaters were quickly turned on it took a little while for our young and not so young bones to warm up. We were also going to have to sing with no music and so the decision was made - only two hymns and a short but to the point sermon. As it happened the lights came on during our first hymn and the electric heaters were very quickly turned on and the service continued as normal, followed by that, oh so welcome, cup of tea! But during tea and biscuits afterwards I overheard a comment about the poor folk sleeping rough in such cold weather. And here we had been grumbling about no heaters or tea whilst sitting inside with, at least, some form of heating. Shame on us. On the way home a couple of us decided that we would hold another Giving Challenge during Lent and donate the proceeds to The Purfleet Trust, a charity that helps the homeless. If you too would like to help the homeless please feel free to take part, details are in this magazine. Carol Nicholas-Letch

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