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Carol Nicholas-Letch - February

March 2018

You Reap who you Elect I don't usually spout, directly that is, about politics: but after hearing about Norfolk Councillors voting in a pay rise of their allowance by a whopping 10.5% I cannot resist. What world do they live in I wonder? They are about to reduce the social budget even further, thus making very vulnerable people even more at risk, .and this will inevitably put more pressure on our emergency services and struggling NHS. How much pay/pension increase did you receive this year or last year for that matter? The reason the Conservative Councillors feel they deserve that increase? December from the EDP: Cliff Jordan, Conservative leader of the council, said councillors needed to be remunerated properly and that there was never a right time to increase. Lib Dem leader Dan Roper blasted the decision as “self-serving” and a bad message to be sending when cuts are being consulted. Both Labour and Lib Dem Councillors voted against the increase but not one Conservative.

The leader of the Conservative Council said, on telly, after the new vote in January- it was because they don't receive as much as other councillors in other areas.

Well excuse me for being a dim, naive member of the public but I thought they stood to be elected to do their best for us not themselves! What a contrast to the people I meet as I go about the parishes: they are all unpaid and do what they can for each other and their communities. A certain couple of a certain age recently decided to give up their car on health grounds. As soon as word got out that lifts would be needed for doctors, shopping, church etc. the response was instant from family, friends and acquaintances. So from me to all you greedy self serving local politicians I just want to say - SHAME ON YOU! Jesus, temple and money changers come to mind.

To the rest of you all I will say is you reap who you elect!

Carol Nicholas-Letch

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