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Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting -December

January 2018

STOKE FERRY PARISH COUNCIL DRAFT Minutes Subject to the Approval at the next Meeting Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council Wednesday 6 December 2017 at 7.00 pm Stoke Ferry Village Hall

Attendance: Cllr Janet Taylor Vice Chair Cllr Trudy Mann Cllr Shirley Cordner Cllr Daphne Clements Cllr Jim McNeill Cllr Grant Tomkins Helen Richardson Parish Clerk and Financial Responsible Person

Also in attendance: Cllr Martin Storey Norfolk County Council Mr C Philpott Footpath Warden

Members of the Public: 7

124/17 Apologies and Welcome There were apologies received from Cllr Mandy Leamon and Cllr Sue Lintern (Chair) both due to personal reasons.

125/17 Consider Declarations of Interest on Agenda Items and Dispensation Requests Cllr Janet Taylor declared an interest regarding the Finance item for payment that she would be requesting in refund for Christmas Tree Lights as approved at the November 2017 meeting.

126/17 Minutes of the Meeting dated 6 November 2017 The minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 6 November 2017 were approved. Proposed. Cllr Daphne Clements, Seconded Cllr Jim McNeill, all agreed.

127/17 Matters Arising from the Minutes The following items were raised as matters arising: • The Clerk had reported the drains outside 2 Tucks Cottage and 12 Wretton Road to Highways. • The bin for the garden area had been delivered and installed. • The Clerk had emailed Andy Wallace, Manager of Norfolk County Council Highways on his views regarding the provision of double yellow lines on the corner or Furlong Road and she was still chasing a response. • The Clerk was investigating alternative streetlighting suppliers for comparison of costs which would be tabled for discussion as soon as they were available. She added that it wasn’t straight forward to compare unmetered supply. • The Clerk had forwarded request to Norfolk County Council that they consider the installation of bollards outside the primary school. The Clerk advised that this would be their decision on whether they included in the works programme and if so when. • The Clerk had purchased filing cabinets approved in November for £75 below the estimate. • The contractor had completed the winter grass cut on the playing field and cemetery as previously approved within their contract. • The Christmas tree had been lit on 1st December with thanks to Mr Nathan Stannard and Mr Andrew Stannard for their donation of the tree to the village. • The Clerk passed on thanks to Cllr Janet Taylor for arranging the Remembrance Day Service on behalf of the Chair.

128/17 2Agriculture Update • 2Agriculture, the Borough Council and Environment Agency had attended the meeting in November to discuss the various concerns of noise, dust and vehicles from the factory with the Parish Councillors and residents. Discussions and identified actions for follow up were:

  1. Action: The phone number for reporting of concerns by residents to go on the Stoke Ferry Parish Council website. Update: The Clerk had asked the administrator to action. 2) Action: Copy of the Environmental Agencies Permit to display on the Stoke Ferry Parish Council website. Update: The Clerk would be chasing the Environment Agency as no response had been received to date. 3) Action: Cllr Shirley Cordner offered her property as a sample point and Kate Penn acknowledged this offer. Response from Kate Penn, Senior Environmental Quality Officer at the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk by Email to the Clerk: She advised that she was aware this offer had been made to use Cllr Shirley Cordner’s garden as a sample point and it was noted. She advised that when questioned about taking a sample of the dust for testing, in the November meeting, she had mentioned dust frisbees as an example of an appropriate method that would allow a sample to be collected and later analysed. She added that this was part of a wider discussion of how samples could be taken and at this current time the Borough Council would not be taking any additional samples. Kate advised in her email that dust emissions from the mill should be firstly referred to the Environment Agency to investigate as part of the Environmental Permit. She further advised that further details of the current monitoring the Council does to assess whether air quality objectives are being met could be seen within a briefing note she had shared with the Parish Council. She also attached a statement from the Environment Agency for information. Further Action Agreed: That the Clerk contact Kate Penn to ask why they were not taking any more samples. The Clerk agreed to ask Steve Lively, Regulatory Compliance Officer of the Environment Agency to ask who audits the 2Agrictulture as the information supplied informed that the Mill supplied its own returns to the Environment Agency. The Parish Council also wished to know the method the factory used for cleaning their dust filters from the Factory Manager, Gavin Berry. 4) Action: Cllr Martin Storey was asked to report back on any costs transferred from Norfolk County Council to the Borough Council for air quality monitoring. Response from Kate Penn, Senior Environmental Quality Officer at the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk by email to the Clerk: Cllr Martin Storey would need to report back on any costs he is aware of. The monitoring that the Borough Council undertakes to assess whether local air quality objectives are being met is funded by the Borough Council. The total annual cost is £2808.30, this is made up of servicing costs of two units, data management for two units and staff time including on costs. Kate advised in her email that she had emailed Cllr Martin Storey for costs. Cllr Martin Storey advised in the meeting that he had not received details and the Clerk agreed to forward to him and the Borough Councillor Colin Sampson. 5) Action: Gavin Berry agreed to consider a report regarding a piece of masonry falling from the properties they own. Response: Gavin Berry confirmed that it had been brought to the attention of our local Health and Safety Co-ordinator, by the individual that reported it, he went with the person to view where the masonry had fallen from. The wall was then repaired the following day. Further Action Agreed: For the Clerk to request details from Gavin Berry, Factory Manager on when they are looking to tidy up the buildings, i.e. guttering, rotten wood. The Clerk agreed to also contact Pam Lynn, Conservation Officer at the Borough Council to see if they were involved in enforcing works to the properties as listed buildings. 6) Action: Costs needed on the analysing of samples from resident’s properties with the Borough Council. Response from Kate Penn, Senior Environmental Quality Officer at the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk by email to the Clerk: The monitoring that is currently carried out by the Borough Council is appropriate for determining whether air quality objectives are being met and for this reason the Council will not be taking any additional samples at the current time so cannot provide costs. The Clerk agreed to seek costs of analysing samples from resident’s properties with the Borough Council. Potential for the East Anglia University to undertake and this was still to be actioned. Further Action Agreed: Clerk to ask Kate Penn what they are doing to monitor dust. 7) Action: Display of contact details of the Factory for those who wish to have a tour of the facility on the website. Update: The Clerk advised that a tour was possible for the Council on 14 December at a maximum of six persons, the Councillors agreed to confirm to the Clerk if they were able to attend on this date. The Clerk advised that general contact details for arranging tours if the public wished to would be made available on the Parish Council website in due course, but in the meatime the public should arrange directly with the factory and this could be found on 2Agriculture’s website. 8) Action: Gavin Berry advised that he would be happy to work with the Parish Council on an emergency plan and would contact the Clerk once discussed internally. Response from Gavin Berry, Factory Manager: That they had an Incident Management Procedure checked over and endorsed by the Fire Brigade, who in the event of an incident would take charge and the Police would help if required for evacuation. The Clerk advised that the Emergency Planning Officer from the Borough Council had also been in touch with the Parish Council regarding a general emergency plan for the village and was an item on the agenda. Further Action Agreed: The Clerk to request a copy of the Incident Management Procedure.

129/17 Emergency Village Plan Update The Clerk advised that this was on file with the Emergency Planning Officer at the Borough Council but was not formally adopted. It was agreed for the Parish Council to review it and discuss as an item agenda in February. The Clerk agreed to circulate the latest draft.

130/17 Neighbourhood Plan After discussion it was agreed for the Parish Council to host a public session with presentation from the Borough Council on the production of a Neighbourhood Plan as a community led piece of work. The Clerk advised that this was intentioned to be a community led piece of work and the Parish Council as a body naturally would facilitate its beginnings, and therefore the Clerk was not needed in its formulation to saves costs. The Clerk advised that there was funding available for its creation and it took around two years to produce. It was agreed to hold it as a separate meeting in March at least a week after the Ordinary Parish Council meeting. The Clerk agreed to arrange with the BCKLWN and advertise as appropriate.

13117 Village CCTV and Neighbourhood Watch Cllr Sue Cordner advised that she had requested this item be placed on the agenda for discussion especially due to the recent crimes committed within the village. It was agreed that the public needed to take more care when sharing any personal information such as on social media when away from home or placing advertisements within local papers regarding funerals for example. It was noted that with data protection regulation and high costs of maintaining village CCTV, the Parish Council could look to help parishioners by sharing information of what options they had in protecting their property. Cllr Grant Tomkins agreed to write a piece of advice to go in the Village Pump, and email to the Clerk for edit prior to release. The Clerk added that a PSCO in Kings Lynn had advised her recently that crime nationally was on the rise and all needed to be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the local police team so that they can monitor. She added that they had advise to keep all doors and windows locked even when present in property.

132/17 Parish Partnership Funding It had previously been agreed to bid for a double dropped kerb to be installed outside the school at a cost of £550, half funded by the Parish Council and half Norfolk County Council. There was discussion around a dropped kerb benefiting the less abel to cross from one side of the road to the other where there currently was no dropped kerb. Following a show of hands seven were in favour, and one was against at the November meeting. This was voted on again proposal by Cllr Jim McNeil for the installation of a dropped kerb, seconded by Cllr Shirley Cordner, five in favour and one against.

As requested by the Parish Council the Clerk had sought quotes on eight white village gates to compare with costs already received and they were £74 plus VAT and would seek costs on paint and the Handyman’s time to install to add to the bid. It was proposed by Cllr Daphne Clements on a bid of wooden white gates as per quote, seconded by Cllr Grant Tomkins, all were in favour. DECISION: 1) To bid for a double dropped kerb outside the school. 2) To bid for eight white village gates as per quote for wooden type.

133/17 Planning a) Applications Made Available for Comment: 17/00212/TREECA Miss Lauren Gentry Stoke Ferry 570179 300278 T1 Ash - Fell T2 & T3 Ash x 2 - Fell and replace with a Hawthorn hedge within Conservation Area Ganavan House Boughton Road Stoke Ferry King's Lynn Norfolk PE33 9ST- no comments returned. b) Comments Required – Reserved Matters Application: for proposed dwelling at Plot 2, Land Adjacent Hazel Dene Greatmans Way Stoke Ferry Norfolk – the Parish Council had no comments.

134/17 Cemetery Maintenance Cllr Janet Taylor had advised that she had received one quote for a fence to be installed along the entrance of the cemetery and it would be deferred until three had been received.

The Parish Council discussed the installation of artificial grass within cemetery grave plots. And after discussion it was agreed that application should be made to the Parish Council when a person wished to place artificial grass on a cemetery plot, it would only be considered within the old part of the cemetery and not the new. It was further agreed that a sample of the grass should be presented to the Parish Council with the approval sent to the Clerk, and it should be as natural looking as possible in green colour and appearance. The Parish Council also agreed that should at any time the installation of artificial grass become upkept by its own standards it would be removed upon notice. It was proposed by Cllr Trudy Mann to allow artificial grass as per the conditions in this minute 134/17, seconded by Cllr Grant Tomkins, there were four in favour, one against and one abstained. DECISION: That artificial grass is allowable as per conditions set in this minute 134/17 and that the Cemetery Regulations be revised and approved at the next meeting to reflect this. 135/17 Handyman Job List Cllr Janet Taylor advised that the Handyman had planted bulbs in the village sign area in the new year. Cllr Shirley Cordner offered to discuss a design plan for the area with a local expert she knew.

The Parish Council asked for the Clerk to write to land owners off Indigo Road to request if they were able to share what plans they had for the land.

136/17 Rangers Items for Notification The Councillors agreed to email any works that could be placed on a rangers list to the Clerk ready for when they email to advise they are in the area.

137/17 Public Rights of Way (Footpaths/Bridleways) The Clerk advised that David Mills, Public Rights of Way Officer had returned information related to the reported issues. The following actions would be taken:

  1. Littlemans Way FP5 east of by-pass: This could be added to a cutting contract for 2018 but is unlikely to receive any attention until then. It remains passable. 2) Littlemans way FP5 west of by-pass: As above. 3) Littlemans Way FP5 “cannot open gate”. It appears that the gate to the field is not part of the footpath. FP5 is also registered common land, both the path and the common turn before the gate and run southwards within the boundary of the wood, and continues south of the common along the inside edge of the wood. This route is inaccessible and in the first instance any fallen trees and overgrown vegetation will need clearing out by the landowner/occupier. There is a missing bridge at the southern end just before it meets BR8 and the riverbank. This could be installed once the remainder of the route is clear. 4) BR8: There is a very overgrown section near to the junction of FP5 and BR8 (brambles) and beyond that a fallen tree and other overhanging vegetation coming onto the path from the land to the south. Norfolk County Council had no records of ownership of the land between the river and the bank or the bank itself. This would be largely the landowner’s responsibility to clear. The Clerk agreed to contact the landowner from details provided. 5) RB7: Locked gate: Was not locked at time of site visit. 6) Northwold BR9: South of the Moorings: Overgrown section noted. Before any work is taken to remove this, it would be helpful if the Parish could provide any details of the landowner. It was noted that the land to the east is ‘newly’ fenced and managed, and there are also some clumps of trees newly planted into the riverbank, which do not affect the bridleway. The Clerk agreed to forward details to David Mills of the land owner.

Tony Hunt had agreed to stage the next walk from the village shop to the Boughton Fen on 10th December.

138/17 Clerk Training Costs The Clerk wished to attend NALC training in the new year regarding Annual Meetings, Standing Orders and Planning at each a cost of £25 plus VAT, which would be split with two other parishes. The Parish Council approved the request. Proposed. Cllr Janet Taylor, Seconded Cllr Daphne Clements, all agreed.

139/17 Approval of Payments

That the following payments presented are approved:

Payment of Bills MONTH OF NOV Net VAT Total Eon November - Street Lights 57.44 2.87 60.31 Glazewing Bin Emptying 15.58 3.12 18.70 Westcotec Street Lighting Maintenance 15.44 3.09 18.53 Glasdon UK Ltd Jubilee Litter Bin 350.48 70.09 420.57 Hodson Office Supplies Ink for Clerk Printer 15.99 3.20 19.19 Clerk Clerks Wages and Expenses – Nov 269.35 0.00 269.35 Clerk Refund for Filing Cabinets approved Nov 17 75.98 0.00 75.98 HMRC November 62.40 0.00 62.40 Cllr Janet Taylor Christmas Tree Lights approved Nov 17 195.77 39.15 234.92 Royal British Legion Remembrance Day Wreath 30.00 0.00 30.00 Mr Sparkle Village Maintenance - November 2017 87.00 0.00 87.00 Mr A Stannard Handyman- November 2017 (minus paid in error Nov 17 = £12) 290.00 0.00 290.00 Village Hall Hire of Village Hall - December 2017 25.00 0.00 25.00 Revised TOTAL £1088.43 £121.52 £1209.95

Proposed. Cllr Jim McNeill, Seconded Cllr Daphne Clements, five in favour and one abstained.

Cllr Janet Taylor advised that she had purchased three storage boxes for historic Parish Council files and was requesting refund for the expense of £39.96. It was proposed by Cllr Trudy Mann, seconded by Cllr Daphne Clements, all agreed.

140/17 Draft Budget and Draft Precept The Clerk had presented draft papers to the Parish Council for consideration at the January meeting.

Cllr Jim McNeil left the meeting at this point due to illness.

141/17 General Data Protection Regulations Update The Clerk shared that she had attended training in November, and there would be a report, draft policy, audit and committee terms of reference for the Parish Council to consider at the February meeting. The Clerk advised that the Council needed to agree for a data controller position usually the Clerk, and as Data Controllers they would be responsible for processes and breaches. The Clerk would be the data processor in regulation terms. The Clerk advised that the new regulations were an enhancement on the current Data Protection Act Regulations 1998. The Clerk shared that the regulations came into force May 2018 and it needed to ensure it was fully compliant by this time.

142/17 Update on the Website - The Clerk advised that the website www.stokeferryparishcouncil.co.uk was now live. She was arranging training with the creator on 13 December.

143/17 Urgent Items as agreed by the Chairman - There were none.

144/17 Forward Agenda List - This was noted.

145/17 Public Participation and Councillors Items • The Councillors agreed to check if signage on common land was still in place advising of ‘no overnight parking or motorised vehicles’. • Cllr Martin Storey advised that the Police and Crime Commissioner were in consultation with the public on any increases to precept for the Police available from the Norfolk County Council website until 20 December 2017. He shared that general information about Norfolk County Council services were available on their website. • Furlong Road on-road parking – Cllr Trudy Mann advised that the pictures of parking on the highway and pavement along Furlong Road had been shared with the Police, but they had advised it was not an offence or against the law outside London to park in this way. • Member of the public shared that they felt the Remembrance Sunday service was a good turnout and had been arranged well. • A member of the public advised that they had contacted the factory regarding the listed buildings owned by them and had received no reply and would be chasing for a response again. There was general concern during discussions about the buildings being in the centre of the village. • There was concern by a member of the public about the masonry that had fallen from the factory’s listed building. • The Clerk agreed to report a pot hole outside the ‘Old Nurses House’ on the pathway. • The Clerk agreed to contact Pam Lynn, Conservation Officer at the Borough Council regarding the ‘Old Dukes Head’ that was currently for sale as it had appeared to fall into disrepair to see what their thoughts were on planning enforcement. The Clerk also agreed to write to the estate agents who the property was currently being advertised.

146/17 Date and Time of Next Meeting Wednesday 3 January 2018 at 7.00 pm.

Meeting closed at 9.30 pm

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