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Northwold Parish Council - November meeting

January 2018

Northwold and Whittington Parish Council – Ordinary Meeting Tuesday 7th November 2017, 7.30pm Northwold Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllr R. Crisp (Chairperson), Cllr C. Anderson, Cllr M. Peake, Cllr C Sharp, Cllr G Gillet, Cllr Susan Smith, Cllr David Human, Cllr Nigel Nickles, Cllr C Pointeer and Mrs N. Cooper, Clerk.

There were 2 members of the public.

1. PUBLIC FORUM Speeding issues on Methwold Road, Northwold were discussed. Mr Jenkinson has 4 people interested in operating a Community Speedwatch team; 6 are needed in total including one Parish Councillor. Clerk to put information in newsletter once received from Mr Jenkinson and to place on December agenda.

Accident figures on the A134 were discussed, these were provided by Mr Jenkinson. The records provided show that there have been 97 police recognised accidents along the Northwold section of the A134 between 1984 – 2017.

The telephone box at Whittington was discussed. A resident discussed possibilities to renovate this but it was confirmed that this is being removed by BT. The location of the noticeboard in Whittington was also queried, it was confirmed that the noticeboard at Norman Drive belongs to the community, not the Parish Council, and this is why a new board was put up at the garage.

The need for the hedge from the bus shelter to Old Methwold Rd to be cut back to stop pedestrians needing to step onto the road was raised, this has been passed on to Highways previously and is scheduled in for cutting. Clerk to chase Highways on this and stress the safety concerns, Cllr Pointeer to speak to the resident.

2. LOCAL AUTHORITY REPORTS i. Norfolk County Council: Cllr Storey was not present but passed on a message that if anything is needed to get in touch. ii. Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council: Cllr Peake reported that he is continuing the process of lobbying Ray Harding (CE, BCKLWN) to support the Crown Inn project. iii. Cllr Anderson advised that he attended a meeting for Parish Councils and the Norfolk Constabulary. Three main points were discussed; patrolling of the area in unmarked cars to identify any criminals coming in from out of the county, with a high success rate recorded; hare coursing which is a high priority in the area but getting to areas before dispersal of activities is difficult; and also speeding and the possibilities for community speed watch teams. It was suggested that Parish Clerks should contact him direct with any Parish / police issues but there are limited resources. The Police newsletter will continue as it was agreed that this is useful.


4. MEMBERS’ DECLARATION OF INTERESTS (for items on the Agenda) – Issue of Dispensations None declared.

5. TO APPROVE AND SIGN THE MINUTES OF THE ORDINARY MEETING held 3rd October 2017. The minutes were approved by all Councillors present and the minutes were signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meetings held on 3rd October 2017. The final version will be available on the website.


7. COUNCILLOR VACANCIES UPDATE No election has been called for the two vacancies and therefore the Council can fill the spaces via Co-Option. Clerk to advertise the vacancies in the newsletter.

8. CORRESPONDENCE to note i. Email from parishioners regarding Whittington telephone box. (See public forum) ii. Royal British Legion – notice of local remembrance events. It was noted that Rosemary will lay the poppy wreath on the Parish Council’s behalf. iii. Newsletters CPRE, Norfolk Constabulary, Norfolk Association of Local Councils (Circulated via email)

9. APPLICATION FOR ASSET OF COMMUNITY VALUE STATUS, THE CROWN INN NORTHWOLD The decision on the ACV status from BCKLWN has not yet been received but is expected by the 14th November. Cllr C Anderson has met with Mr Ray Harding from the BCKLWN to discuss the application and he sounded optimistic about the result. The process for making the decision on the ACV has changed slightly and the Portfolio Holder will now speak to the solicitor making the decision before a final decision is made. It was noted that the Crown Inn officially closed on 29th October 17.

10. TO DISCUSS WARD BOUNDARY AMENDMENT PROPOSAL FROM LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOUNDARY COMMISSION AND RESOLVE ON RESPONSE It was unanimously resolved that the Parish Council would prefer to leave the ward boundary as it is at present. Clerk to send this as the Parish Council’s response to the proposal.

11. HIGHWAYS i. Parish Partnership Scheme The application for 50% funding to install a trod to the Methwold Road Bus Stop has been submitted. Costs to install a formal bus stop on the opposite side bus stop are awaited. Highways have advised that this would be something that the Parish Council would need to fund and would be eligible for a Parish Partnership funding application. Clerk asked to challenge this further as is not something that the Parish Council usually has to pay for and place on December agenda.

ii. Highways response to speed reductions requested along A134 Highways advised that speed limit reductions are being focused on areas with a significant accident history and that there have only been two slight incidents at the A134 / Northwold junction as showing on their records. They also advised that compliance with a reduction would be difficult to achieve. The Clerk also read out the results of the Norfolk Speed Safety Partnership:

Speed Detection Recorders were placed on the A134 in Whittington (40MPH Section) between the 11th October 2017 and 18th October 2017

For drivers travelling towards Bridge Road, 24.63% of vehicles were recorded as travelling over the NPCC guidelines of 46 MPH

For drivers travelling towards, Cranwich 32.78% of vehicles were recorded as travelling over the NPCC guidelines of 46MPH

The results show that a number of vehicles travelling along this road are not adhering to the speed limit. As this falls within the criteria for speed enforcement as laid down in the guidelines issued by the National Police Chiefs Council we, the Safety Camera Partnership, will be scheduling speed enforcement at our monthly tasking meetings providing that suitable locations can be found from which to safely operate from.

Speed Detection Recorders were placed on the A134 near to the Methwold / Northwold Junction (60MPH Section) between the 11th October 2017 and 18th October 2017

For drivers travelling towards Stoke Ferry,1.10% of vehicles were recorded as travelling over the NPCC guidelines of 68 MPH

For drivers travelling towards Cranwich ,1.28% of vehicles were recorded as travelling over the NPCC guidelines of 68 MPH.

The results show that the majority of vehicles travelling along this road are adhering to the speed limit. As this does not fall within the criteria for speed enforcement as laid down in the guidelines issued by the National Police Chiefs Council we, the Safety Camera Partnership, will not be undertaking any speed enforcement at this time.

The above was noted and the Clerk was subsequently asked to email Highways again and challenge the record of traffic incidents using the information discussed in the public forum and to also raise the risks for drivers pulling out of the Methwold Rd/ Northwold Rd junctions onto the A134 - ask about the possibility of installing Stop signs at the junctions instead of Give Way and also warning signs on the A134. To copy to Cllr Storey and Inspector Cant.

The possibility of purchasing a SAM2 through the Parish Partnership Scheme was discussed again as it was agreed that this should be considered. Clerk asked to email Andy Wallace again to ask about the costs for installing posts if required and to place on December agenda.

iii. Northwold School Parking Cllr Anderson and Cllr Sharp met with a Borough Council Planning Officer on site. They were advised that the installation of a car park would be policy compliant as it would be replacing one community facility with another. The possibility of also using it as a general community overflow car park to the Village Hall and Sports and Social Club was also discussed. Cllr Anderson has looked at various options and costings to reinforce the ground and create a car park. Plastic tiles are seen to be prohibitively expensive and therefore Ground Reinforcement Mesh which can take medium traffic up to 7.5 tonne has been costed. Costs for 20 car spaces range from £5000 to £5300 and for 30 car spaces range from £7100 to £8100 (vat inclusive). It was agreed that if the scheme is progressed that the maximum space should be used. The longevity of the mesh was queried. Cllr Anderson will request samples and examples of other car parks where this mesh has been used. The Planning Officer advised that the mesh must be green. There are various thicknesses to consider. One of the companies is based in King’s Lynn so Cllr Anderson will contact these to discuss this further. Clerk to place on December agenda. Cllr Peake to speak to the Planning Officers to find out which planning forms will need to be completed and Cllr Smith to ask Roger Warner at Whittington about the mesh used in his car park.

iv. Whittington EAM Development Following the last meeting the Clerk sent a letter of objection from the Parish Council to the Borough Council objecting to the street name Old Mill Close, citing the supporting information as has previously been discussed concerning the historical significance of the name 'Maltings' and the desire of the Parish Council to retain reference to this. An email was received back from the Borough Council advising that formal objections should be sent direct from the Parish Council to the Magistrates Office and was asked to contact the developer to discuss the objection before sending it to the magistrates by the deadline of 10th November. The Clerk spoke with the developer and an email from him was received and circulated to all Councillors. The developer stated that to change the name of the street would mean the altering of a number of legal documents which would cost a great deal and that as a result he could not change the name from Mill to Maltings. Following this the Borough Council contacted the Clerk again and advised that their original advise to contact the Magistrate was incorrect and that in fact it is the Borough Council who has the legal right to do this, not the Parish Council. The Borough Council has taken on board the comments of the Parish Council with regards to the street name but they believe that the objections of the Parish Council would not be classed as a legal reason to object to the name and therefore do not plan to formally object. The Borough Council passed the suggested change of street name on to the developer, but the developer was not willing to accept the requested change. The Clerk was asked to email the Borough Council again before the magistrate’s deadline to advised them that the Parish Council still objects to the name Mill on a historical basis.

v. Update on actions undertaken by Rangers (Clerk) The items that the Rangers were able to carry out are as follows: School Lane - Stim verge, FP6 - Strim PROW. The items that the Rangers were unable to carry out are: Repairs to footpath outside No6 School Lane - passed over to be inspected; Weed spraying to footpaths throughout the Parish - this is to be done in the near future.

12. PARISH FACILITIES i. Play area inspection reports The reports for Play area inspections for Northwold and Whittington, as instructed by BCKLWN and completed by The Play Inspection Company, were discussed. It was agreed that Cllr Anderson would look at the report and send a list of all the repairs required as a priority to the Clerk who will seek costs. Clerk to place on December agenda.

Cllr Pointeer asked if there is demographic data available for the Parish. Clerk to investigate.

ii. Note actions and costings for items required following Risk Assessment Report and resolve on purchases. – J Breheny to look at the benches on Northwold Rec Ground and suggest options for repair. (PENDING: CA) – Old village hall noticeboard removed (CA) – J Breheny to be asked to strim around dog bin Hovell’s Lane (PENDING: CA) – Metal drum removed from allotment gardens (CA) – J Breheny to be asked to clean Village Sign (PENDING: CA) – Order a new noticeboard for Little London Road the same as the boards purchased for Northwold Village Hall and Whittington: Clerk was asked to place order on hold, Cllr Nickles to speak to the resident who would be affected by a change of board first (Clerk/ Cllr Nickles) – New litter bin liner for Northwold High Street Church wall (Ordered at cost of £13.33: Clerk) – Closed cemetery very overgrown- Clerk chased CGM, advised it would be cleared end of season. Cllr Gillet confirmed it has not been completed satisfactorily, Clerk to contact CGM again. – Rubber matting needed under the swings at Whittington – cost required. (PENDING discussion on play area inspection) – Chalk Pit – cost for clearance by CGM £110 plus vat - All agreed that this should be accepted. Clerk to instruct. – A larger dog waste bin was costed and 4 costs presented to the meeting. The purchase of a 50l plastic dog waste bin at £216.38 was agreed to. Clerk to progress and also contact the Borough Council to check if this is ok. – It was also noted that two no dogs allowed signs were ordered by the Clerk at a cost of £7.50 each plus vat to replace a missing sign at Northwold recreation ground and to have a spare.

iii. Discuss costings for Fitness Play Area equipment and resolve on next steps. Example costings for fitness play area equipment were circulated. It was agreed that demographic data would help with all decisions such as this but noted that due to the cost of equipment purchase and maintenance it was unlikely to be progressed.

iv. Discuss Parish Online subscription It was agreed that a free 30day trial of Parish Online could be started by the Clerk and that the login could be circulated to Cllrs. Clerk to progress.

13. CEMETERIES Cllr G Gillet advised that he had attended the Cemeteries Management Training and found it very useful, he will arrange to meet with Anne Howarth to go through the information further.

14. TREES Clerk to chase CGM for Tree Management Plan.

15. GROUNDS MAINTENANCE i. Deadline of 20th November 2017 given for Grounds Maintenance quotes for 2018. For full discussion at December meeting. ii. 4 moles were caught on the recreation ground. Awaiting invoice. iii. Whittington Churchyard path has still not been sprayed and the trees on Northwold Cemetery driveway haven’t been cut back. Clerk to chase CGM.

16. PLANNING APPLICATIONS AND UPDATES (since last meeting) (Clerk) i. A proposed Planning Protocol was discussed. This was adopted with one amendment. Prop. Cllr Pointeer, 2nd Cllr Sharp, All agreed. Clerk to place on website. ii. All planning applications received prior to the meeting were discussed:

17/01873/F Replacement poultry shed, construction of managers bungalow, erection of feed bins, dead bird shed, general purpose block, water tank and pump house and construction of roadway and hardstanding areas Didlington Site Little London Road Northwold Norfolk. No objections raised

17/02012/F Variation of Condition 2 attached to planning permission 17/01282/F to vary the dimensions of the extension The Laurels 3 High Street Northwold Norfolk IP26 5LA. No objections raised.

17/00148/TREECA Northwold 9 Pinfold Lane Northwold Thetford Norfolk IP26 5LH - T1 & 2 Large Pine Trees - Fell as they have become straggly and because of excessive shading, the grass can't grow beneath them within a Conservation Area. Tree Application - No objections raised via email communications. 10 October 2017

iii. All planning decisions received prior to the meeting were noted:

17/01609/CU Northwold Manor Farm Barns West End Northwold Thetford Norfolk IP26 5LE - Change of use from agricultural land to domestic garden. Application not required 31 October 2017 Delegated Decision

17. FINANCE & POLICIES: i. A charge from the Sports and Social Club for roof repairs was highlighted. This was approved at the meeting in October 2016 and the payment was again agreed to. Subsequently the accounts to November 7th 2017, payments to be approved and cheques to be signed were considered and approved in accordance with the table on the next page. ii. The 2018 budget was discussed. It was noted that vat should not be included for budget setting decisions. Clerk to include all of the potential projects discussed earlier in the meeting and redistribute for final decisions and precept setting at December meeting. iii. The Clerk advised that she had attended General Data Protection Regulation and that new legislation regarding protection of data and privacy would be coming into force May 2018. Norfolk ALC will assist with the provision of clear guidelines and templates. Clerk to monitor.


Receipts for approval 07.11.17

Paying In slip Description Amount 500129 Burial S.Hobbs & Plot Res.C.Hobbs 200.00 500129 Burial of K.Manning & ashes B.Hopkin 150.00 500129 Permission for headstone A.Noble 40.00 500129 Permission for insctription W Farrow 20.00 500129 VAT Refund 1.10.16-31.7.17 4633.96 Cleared bank statement 99 £5,043.96 Payments/cheques for approval 07.11.17 Direct Debit Payee Description Amount H14F351786 EON Electricity Sep 17 83.40 Cleared bank statement 99 295886401 Anglian Water Water Oct Payment 5.50 Cleared bank statement 99 Subtotal Direct Debits 88.90 Cheque Payee Description Amount 2139 JA Ellis Work on Sports & Social Club 2682.56 2140 J Breheny Siting of two litter bins Northwold 210.00 2141 Norfolk ALC Cemetery Mgt Training (GG) 66.00 " Norfolk ALC GDPR Training (Clerk) 30.00 2142 Royal British Legion Remembrance Wreath 17.00 2143 CGM Grounds Maintenance Oct17 388.06 2144 Westcotec Streetlighting Maint Oct17 19.10 2145 ICO Data Protection Registration 35.00 2146 N Cooper Clerk Salary Oct17 309.51 " N Cooper Clerk Mileage Oct17 6.3 " N Cooper Clerk Expenses Oct17 6.72 2147 Northwold S&SC Leaking Pipe 42.16 2148 Northwold Care Group Car Scheme Setember Quarter 227.57 Subtotal Cheques 4039.98 £4,128.88

Cash sheet Balance and Bank Reconciliation 7th Nov 2017 31st March 2017 YE Balance Brought Forward: £29,508.34 Add Total Receipts to date £24,095.16 £53,603.50 Less Total Payments to date £19,103.57 CASHBOOK BALANCE 7th November 2017 £34,499.93

Bank Balance @20/10/2017 Statement no.99 £38,667.01 Add uncleared receipts £410.00 £39,077.01 Minus uncleared approved payments £537.10 Minus new payments for approval cheques 2139-2147 £4,039.98 £4,577.08 Reconciled Balance 7/11/17 £34,499.93

18. TRAINING Cllr Nickles and Cllr Smith to be included on the Being a Councillor Course in May 2018. Clerk to book.


With nothing more to discuss the meeting closed at 9.30pm

Chairman: __________________________________ Date: __________________

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