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Boughton Fen Report for Parish Council Meeting 14.11.2017

The summer visitors have all flown off to warmer parts of the world for the winter, with some being replaced by birds from further north keeping their feet warm here for the winter.

However, work has continued on the fen, keeping the walk clear for everyone to enjoy. The number of cuts by contractors has been reduced this year, thanks to the efforts of a small group of volunteers.

Our specialist contractor has mown the grassy areas to replicate grazing, which should promote the diversity of plants. Along with support from the Environment Agency, and Natural England we will be installing a second outfall in the very near future, to control water levels on part of Middle Fen.

Over the last couple of years we have lost a number of large branches from three big willow trees. The problem has been exacerbated by the frequent high winds that we have experienced in the past few months. Advice has been sought from an arboriculturalist, and Natural England, and it has been recommended that they should be felled as they are now in a dangerous condition. It is hoped that the stumps can be left as high as possible, with some of felled material being left in the area to create alternative habitats in that part of the fen.

Working parties will be continuing during December to March, so if you fancy getting rid of any Christmas excess, come and join us. If you have not been before, give me a call on 01366 500461.

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