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Stoke Ferry Parish Council - September

November 2017

STOKE FERRY PARISH COUNCIL DRAFT Minutes Subject to the Approval at the next Meeting Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council Wednesday 6 September 2017 at 7.00 pm Stoke Ferry Village Hall

Attendance: Cllr Trudi Mann TM Cllr Shirley Cordner SC Cllr Janet Taylor JT Cllr Daphne Clements DC Cllr Mandy Leaman ML Cllr Jim McNeill JN Helen Richardson HR Parish Clerk and Financial Responsible Person

Also in attendance: Cllr Colin Sampson CS Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Cllr Martin Storey MS Norfolk County Council

Members of the Public: 8

50/17 Apologies and Welcome

There had been apologies received for absence from Cllr Sue Lintern (away on business).

51/17 Consider Declarations of Interest on Agenda Items and Dispensation Requests

Cllr Janet Taylor declared an interest in the item relating to payments and agreed not to cast a vote.

52/17 Minutes of the Meeting dated 2 August 2017

The minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 2 August 2017 were approved. Prop. TM, 2nd DC, all of those present agreed.

53/17 Matters Arising from the Minutes

The following items were raised as matters arising:

a) The Parish Councillors asked if there had been any further update regarding smells from the British Sugar Factory and the Clerk and CS advised that nothing had been received since the last meeting. CS advised that he had attended the site to view the process and they were still taking air samples and doing all they could to find out what the cause of the smell was. He added that they were still working closely with Mark Whitmore of Environmental Health at the Borough Council. CS advised that British Sugar were also awaiting results of an external consultant’s report. The Clerk agreed to contact Mark Whitmore at Environmental Health for an update. b) The Clerk confirmed that the Community Policing Team would be attending the Parish Council meeting in November to share information about Neighbourhood Watch Schemes. c) DC advised that upon investigation there was many different textures and colour of plastic grass that might be used if the Parish Council was to allow this on graves within the cemetery. It was agreed that DC and JT would raise at their Cemetery training in October and report back to the Parish Council. d) TM had investigated possible deterrents for the rabbit population present within the cemetery following complaints about consumption of freshly laid flowers on graves. TM advised that there were repellents with sonic sounds that could be powered by batteries or solar panels and other Councillors advised that they had personally used them to no success. TM also shared that lavender and other herbs planted were also meant to be of dislike to rabbits including any smell of predators. After discussion, it was agreed for the Clerk to contact Pest Control services for advise on humane ways of control. e) CS confirmed that he had passed on the message to the Borough Council about a request from the Parish Council for them to cut the land behind the bungalows on Buckenham Drive. f) CS advised that he would be returning comments in relation to the Greatmans Way development of holiday lodges in support of the Parish Council’s previous comments made. The Clerk advised that she had informed the planning department that the Parish Council had nothing further to add to the original comments made and submitted as part of the appeals process. g) The Clerk had forwarded actions identified at the August meeting to the Handyman for action. h) The Clerk confirmed that the Assets list had been updated following installation of a dog bin. i) DC agreed to contact Westcotec regarding a Streetlights Map. j) The Clerk advised that she had contacted Andy Wallace, Area Manager for NCC Highways who had advised that it is always better if a Parish Council can contact a resident first before reporting to highways if there is encroachment onto a highway they would try and resolve. k) The Clerk advised following a query that a letter had been sent to Calvert Brain and Fraulo in response to their communication regarding street lights on the new development on land between Bramcote House and the Village Hall, Lynn Road (Planning Reference 16/00403/FM). After discussion, the Parish Councillors requested that the Clerk chase a response from them as none had been received, and to cc communication to the Village Hall and Stoke Ferry Regeneration. The Parish Council noted that this included a request for a map of where the street lights would be installed. The Clerk also agreed to cc information to the Planning Department. l) A Councillor confirmed that Ivy at a wall near the chip shop had been cut back. m) The Chair and Vice Chair had advised the Clerk that she had investigated fires reported near Greatmans Way and there hadn’t been any visible on occasions visited. n) The Clerk agreed to send communication to the land owner 2Agriculture of a field next to the playing field in order to request that it is cut. The Councillors reported that children had broken the fence at the field in order to gain access to the shops. The Parish Councillors were concerned that the weeds had grown from the field and were encroaching onto the playing field.

Resolved: 1) That the Clerk contact Mark Whitmore of BC for an update on smells from British Sugar factory. 2) That DC and JT report back at the November meeting regarding plastic grassing within the cemetery. 3) That the Clerk contact a local Pest Control company on resolutions to rabbit population within the cemetery. 4) DC to request streetlight map from Westcotec for Indigo Road. 5) That the Clerk chase a response from Calvert Brain and Fraulo in regard to response to their letter and cc Stoke Ferry Regeneration, Borough Council Planning Department and the Village Hall. 6) That the Clerk write to 2Agriculture regarding the field next to playing field to request that it is cut.

54/17 Correspondence Received

The Clerk advised that anything that had been received had been placed on the agenda as a specific item.

55/17 Urgent Items as Agreed by the Chairman

The Clerk advised that anything that had been received had been placed on the agenda as a specific item. The Remembrance Sunday service was to be arranged before the next meeting.

56/17 Update of Parish Council Recruitment

The Clerk advised that two vacancies were currently being advertised with the Borough Council in accordance with practices in relation to Casual Vacancies and the deadline was 12th September after which she would be updating with the electoral team. The Clerk added that if no representations had been made to the Borough Council that the Parish Council would be able to co-opt whom they wished to the Council and any applications received would be added to the October meeting.

57/17 Planning

a) Resolution Required - 17/00469/F – The Parish Council had been asked to confirm agreeance of a commuted Sum per dwelling in accordance with Policy DM16 of the Site Allocations Plan -provision of four pieces of play equipment and fifteen years maintenance therefore - £29,800.01 had been received. The Parish Council discussed and confirmed that they had discussed it previously and it was accepted but had not been minuted. The Parish Council agreed to vote on whether to accept the sum and all agreed. The Clerk agreed to contact the Borough Council.

Prop. JT, 2nd JM, all of those present agreed.

b) Applications Made Available for Comment: • 17/00132/TREECA C/o Agent Stoke Ferry 570825 299543, Trees in a Conservation Area: T1. This was noted and there were no comments. • 17/01568/F - Construction of storage/workshop building The Old Hatchery High Street Stoke Ferry Norfolk PE33 9SF. The Parish Council discussed and agreed there was no comments or objections. c) Decisions Received – The Parish Council noted the following applications that had been issued with Decisions by the Borough Council: • 17/00112/TREECA Stoke Ferry All Saints Lodge High Street Stoke Ferry King's Lynn Norfolk PE33 9SF - T1 Yew - Remove within Conservation Area Tree Application - No objection 10 August 2017 Delegated Decision • 17/00125/TREECA Stoke Ferry All Saints Lodge High Street Stoke Ferry King's Lynn Norfolk PE33 9SF - T1 Sycamore - Fell within Conservation Area Tree Application - No objection 10 August 2017 Delegated Decision

58/17 2Agriculture

SC advised that she was interested to know more about health and safety arrangements in the factory in in the event of major incidents such as fires and explosions in the interests of public safety. After discussion, it was agreed for the Clerk to contact them and ask for copies of their Health and Safety procedures and information relating to the notification of incidents within the factory including recent ones where two fire engines had attended such as their emergency evacuation procedure. In response to a query from a Councillor DC advised that the Parish Council did have an emergency plan in place. SC requested that it be circulated to the Parish Council. CS advised that air quality monitoring would have to take place within the factory and planning would need to consider the area in consultation with the fire brigade for their comments on any expansion or amendment to the factory.

The Parish Council also discussed the grade 2 listed storage areas within the factory and requested that the Clerk ask them what ongoing maintenance they have in place for refurbishment.

The Parish Council agreed to consider the matter further at the next meeting once information was received on any next steps agreed.

CS advised that they must work in accordance with requirements from the Planning, Environment Agency, HSE and Fire Service and would need to have insurance certifications in place together with inspections to operate.

Resolved: 1) That the Clerk contact 2Agriculture and request their Health and Safety policy and procedure in replace and specifically information in relation to public safety.

  1. That the Clerk request information regarding maintenance of grade 2 listed storage within the factory. 3) That the Clerk email the Parish Council its emergency planning document.

59/17 Electricity Bills

DC raised that she was concerned that after upgrade to streetlights for LED’s that bills were steadily increasing. The Clerk agreed to investigate and report back.

Resolved: 1) That the Clerk investigate rising electricity costs of street lighting and report back.

60/17 Flies Newsletter from Environment Agency

The Vice-Chair advised that a newsletter had been received from the Environment Agency regarding the influx of flies since early summer in the local area which had come from the Glaswing site in West Dereham. The Clerk advised that a copy had been sent to the Village Pump for inclusion and the Environment Agency had confirmed that this would be okay to do. The Clerk agreed to include on the notice board. The Clerk advised that the newsletter had informed that the flies had resulted from animal and other waste kept on site in accordance with their licence, but had not been recycled through the site quick enough and particularly in the warmer weather months resulting in increase in flies. The Clerk added that the Environment Agency had advised that they would continue to monitor as they did routinely but with a closer view on this and it was hoped the following summer this could be mitigated. The Clerk shared that the letter advised they would be spraying more and moving waste through the site more to mitigate and this had been implemented towards the end of July.

61/17 Correspondence from Elizabeth Truss MP

The Parish Council noted that they had received a letter from Elizabeth Truss MP inviting her attendance to the Parish Council regarding any issues that they may have. The Parish Council after discussion agreed for the Clerk to reply and ask for twice yearly visits to the village.

Resolved: 1) That the Clerk contact and ask for twice yearly visits.

62/17 Parish Partnership Fund

The Parish Council noted that this fund in relation to highways measures had been received during the year for application by early December. The following ideas were discussed:

• White gates at entrances to the village • Lowered kerb near the entrance to the primary school on the opposite side to allow full access to the disabled users.

It was agreed for the Clerk to investigate the possibility of a lowered kerb opposite the school for a final decision at the following meeting.

Resolved: 1) That the Clerk investigate a lowered kerb opposite the school.

63/17 Cemetery Maintenance

It was raised that there had been dogs present within the cemetery recently that had fouled there had it had not been picked up. The Parish Council agreed that this behaviour was not acceptable within the cemetery under any circumstances. JT agreed to design and install a sign on the gate asking those not to take dogs within the cemetery. CS advised that some Councils were supporting additional laws in relation to fines where people did not possess at least two bags for collection of dog waste. The Parish Council advised CS that they would support such a measure.

Resolved: 1) That JT install a sign advising no dogs allowed in the cemetery.

64/17 Handyman Job List

The Parish Council noted a request from the Handyman for a new bin in the garden area. It was agreed that this was a good idea as there was often a lot of litter left. The Clerk agreed to seek types of bin and costs for the following meeting.

It was noted that the Handyman continued to weed spray and clear around the village.

The Parish Council also discussed overgrown brambles along the path behind the 2Agriculture factory and the Clerk agreed to include in the communication to them for resolution.

Resolved: 1) That the Clerk seek types and costs of bins for installation 2) That the Clerk ask 2Agriculture to clear overgrown brambles at the back of the factory on path to the playing field.

65/17 Rangers Items for Notification

The Clerk agreed to provide them with the last list compiled when they next visit.

66/17 Public Rights of Way (Footpaths/Bridleways)

The Clerk advised that FP5 had been walked and was overgrown, and BR8 had been inspected. SL was arranging a visit with the Crouch estate after the harvest period.

The Clerk agreed to contact David Mills regarding a footpath at Littleman’s Way where it was unclear if the footpath ran into the woods one way or the other way in the field on the other side. It was noted that a padlock had been put in place onto a gate in the area.

Resolved: 1) That the Clerk contact David Mills regarding footpath at Littleman’s Way.

67/17 Asset List of Parish Owned Street Furniture, Street Lights and Bins

The Vice Chair advised that there was no update.

68/17 Update on the Website

The Clerk advised that she had sent the website developer many documents and would be processing further once they had confirmed what had been sent was uploaded.

69/17 Approval of Payments

That the following payments presented are approved:

Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting 6th September 2017

Payment of Bills MONTH OF AUGUST Nett VAT Total Eon DD August - Street Lights 57.44 2.87 60.31 Glazewing DD Bin Emptying 15.58 3.12 18.70 Mr Sparkle Village Maintenance - August 199.00 0.00 199.00 Mr A Stannard Handyman- August 64.00 0.00 64.00 Westcotec Street Lighting Maintenance 15.44 3.09 18.53 Thomas B Bonnett Postfix and Bin Liners - Handyman 41.21 8.25 49.46 Helen Richardson Clerk Wages - August 249.60 0.00 249.60 Helen Richardson Clerk Expenses and Monthly Allowance - Stamps and Paper 23.37 0.00 23.37 Helen Richardson Clerk Mileage 2.25 0.00 2.25 Helen Richardson Clerk Training (third split of costs with two other PC's) Data Protection training 8 Nov 2017- reimbursement 11.67 0.00 11.67 HMRC Clerk Wages - August 62.40 0.00 62.40 Village Hall Hire of Village Hall - Sept 2017 30.00 0.00 30.00 Total £771.96 £17.33 £789.29

Prop. MT, 2nd SC, 5 in favour, 1 abstain due to declaration of interest.

70/17 Appointment of Accountancy Supplier to Undertake Payroll Function

The Clerk advised that the Parish Council had received information on email prior to the meeting at a cost of £250 per annum for the supply of payroll services for the Clerk role. The Clerk advised that they would be agent on behalf of HMRC and would provide calculations sending payslips and P60’s and pension auto-enrolment. The Parish Council agreed that this would be an important function to delegate to an accountancy firm.

Prop. DC, 2nd TM, all in favour.

Resolved: 1) That the Clerk progress these arrangements direct with them.

71/17 Mid-Summer Fayre 24 June 2018

It was agreed for all Councillors to bring ideas to the following meeting and anything that needed to be booked to be done by January. The Clerk agreed to place a note in the village pump for any ideas people may have and SC agreed to place in the Post Office.

72/17 Public Participation

a) Councillor advised there had been a few break ins and for people to be vigilant. DC agreed to email Sharon to see if discussed at a SNAP meeting and if the PC can attend. SC advised that she used to be a police reporting station and would be prepared to do again, the Clerk agreed to ask the Community Police Officers to include when attending in November. b) Hedges (Boughton Side) of A134, both hedges need cutting, Clerk to ask Brian Rivit at the Woodyard to do for vision splays. c) Clerk to write to Cullens Cottage, Boughton Road and ask their hedge is cut back from the footpath. (village side of A134). d) Drain near village sign blocked, Clerk to report to Highways. e) Clerk to email Stoke Ferry Regeneration and ask them to see to land near Indigo Road where brambles on the footpath and nettles were growing, and ivy was growing on proposed village hall car park wall. f) MS advised that he had received visited Denver Sluice which water ways ran to Stoke Ferry and if the Parish Council wished to visit too they were welcome. County Hall had started up after the summer break in August and most information was available on their website, any questions he would be happy to assist by email. g) Two manhole covers at Tucks Cottage, Wretton Road needed attending to and the Clerk agreed to report to Highways. h) Brambles from a property on Buckenham Drive and the Clerk agreed to write to the occupier. i) Pot holes on Buckenham Drive near the entrance to the 2Agricuture factory, the Clerk agreed to report to highways. j) The Parish Council confirmed after any enquiry that a path near Old School Lane overgrown was not a public footway. k) A Parishioner expressed their concerns regarding safety measures at the 2Agriculture site and welcomed the Parish Council’s actions agreed. l) The pavement at the entrance to 2Agriculture had been crushed and the Clerk agreed to report to highways.

73/17 Date and Time of Next Meeting

Wednesday 4 October 2017 at 7.00 pm. Cllr Shirley Cordner gave her apologies due to personal commitments. CS also advised of his apologies for the October meeting.

Meeting closed at 9.32 pm

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