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Northwold Parish Council October meeting

November 2017

Northwold and Whittington Parish Council – Ordinary Meeting Tuesday 3rd October 2017, 7.30pm Northwold Village Hall


PRESENT: Cllr R. Crisp (Chairperson), Cllr C. Anderson, Cllr S Gillet, Cllr M. Peake, Cllr S Leet, Cllr N Nickles, Cllr C Sharp, Cllr Susan Smith and Mrs N. Cooper, Clerk.

Also present: Cllr Martin Storey – Norfolk County Council There were 3 members of the public.

1. PUBLIC FORUM A member of public present stated that if a one-way system were to be introduced in Church Lane, Whittington it could cause confusion and would introduce traffic safety concerns. It was advised that this had been discussed between Cllr Pointeer and Highways and that the proposal is a non-starter for financial reasons.

There is not a safe bus stopping point on Methwold Road for pupils returning home on the bus from Iceni Academy. There is no clear place to stop and there is an encroaching hedge along the verge so that children have to step onto the road. There are approximately 10 children who use this bus route and are affected by this situation. Is it possible to have a designated bus stop directly opposite the existing bus shelter which serves the opposite journey? The hedges are the responsibility of the homeowners and if addresses are supplied the Clerk will send a letter to the owners to request that their boundaries are adequately maintained to reduce safety issues for others. The Councillors asked the Clerk to contact Highways and request that a proper bus stop be installed.

2. LOCAL AUTHORITY REPORTS i. Norfolk County Council: Cllr Storey advised that the County Council has purchased agricultural land at Terrington to provide opportunities for agricultural tenants to rent farmland. This is seen as an investment in a key community asset. Details of all additional NCC matters can be found on the website. It was noted that Cllr Storey is a representative on the Pensions Committee, Police and Crime Panel, Museums Committee, and the Planning and Waste Committee and can assist with any queries in these areas, amongst others.

ii. Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council: Cllr Peake reported that he is in the process of lobbying Ray Harding (CE, BCKLWN) to support the Crown Inn project.

3. ACCEPTANCE OF APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies were received from Cllr Christopher Pointeer, Cllr George Gillet and Cllr David Human. These were accepted.

4. MEMBERS’ DECLARATION OF INTERESTS (for items on the Agenda) – Issue of Dispensations None declared.

5. TO APPROVE AND SIGN THE MINUTES OF THE ORDINARY MEETING held 5th September 2017. The minutes were approved by all Councillors present and the minutes were signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meetings held on 5th September 2017. The final version will be available on the website.

6. TO FORMALLY WELCOME DAVID HUMAN AS PARISH COUNCILLOR Although Cllr David Human has provided his apologies he has signed his declaration of acceptance of office as Councillor and is looking forward to attending meetings from next month. His commitment as Councillor was formally welcomed by the Chair.


8. CORRESPONDENCE to note. i. Response from Elizabeth Truss ref traffic issues along the A134 confirming that she had contacted Martin Storey about the traffic issues and would be back in touch after his response. ii. Newsletters CPRE, Norfolk Constabulary, Norfolk Association of Local Councils iii. BCKLWN Consultation on Council Tax Support Scheme – circulated to Cllrs for individual response and placed on website. No further comments raised.

9. APPLICATION FOR ASSET OF COMMUNITY VALUE STATUS, THE CROWN INN NORTHWOLD Cllr Anderson explained that the application had been submitted and that a decision is expected by the 14th November 2017. Clerk to place on November agenda.

10. HIGHWAYS MATTERS i. The Parish Partnership scheme was discussed. Two schemes have been costed by Highways. 1. In Whittington a pathway to link the bus stop on Methwold Road to a safe crossing point is needed, this would be installed as a Trod (informal pathway) and would cost £4,800. 2. In Northwold permanent 20mph signs outside the school on School Lane were costed at £13,700 incl. a 10 yr commuted sum for maintenance and solar power. A cost was also provided on Cllr C. Pointeer’s request for a SAM2 speed sign for both parishes at £3,500. The Council agreed to progress the trod at Methwold Road only. The cost: benefit ratio of the 20mph sign was agreed to be too low. This was proposed by Cllr C.Sharp and Seconded by Cllr C.Anderson Clerk to progress the Parish Partnership application on this basis. ii. Northwold School Parking Cllr C Anderson and Cllr C Sharp have met with Carole Reich the Executive Headteacher from the Norman C of E Primary School. Mrs Reich is in full support of the car park proposal and has advised that she will promote the use of it to parents if successful. The Clerk has contacted the Borough Council with regards to Planning issues and Mr Richard Smith is awaiting a call to set up a site visit for pre-application advice. It was mentioned that a survey to parents before the project progresses too far could be useful to determine support. Cllr C Anderson to contact Mr Smith. Clerk to place on November agenda. iii. Whittington EAM Development The Clerk has emailed EAM to follow up on the Parish Councils request to use the road name Maltings not Old Mill Close with reference to previous information and also to Kelly’s directory for Cambridgeshire, Norfolk & Suffolk, 1883. No response has been received despite a chase up email. The BCKLWN has confirmed that they will keep the Parish Council up to date on all naming applications relating to the site. iv. Speed Monitoring on the A134 The Norfolk Speed Camera Partnership will attend the A134 along Whittington Hill and the Methwold Road / Northwold junction in early October. A letter from Mr and Mrs Rayner was also read out concerning speeding and accidents along the A134 and the risks of pulling out from the Methwold Road and Church Lane junctions. A request for support for a reduction in the speed limit along the Northwold stretch of the A134 was requested. It was agreed that the Clerk should contact Highways to request a speed limit reduction to 40mph from West End to Hovell’s Lane and to also request a reduction in the speed limit for Whittington Hill to 30mph. v. An update on the Church Lane one-way system was provided in the Public Forum and the proposal will not be progressed at present. vi. The list sent to NCC Rangers was: The footpath outside No6 school lane Northwold requires repair, strim along the verge along the fence that divides the allotments and School lane, Northwold, Northwold Footpath No.6 - clear the area the other side of the first gate next to the riding school and spraying of weeds along footpaths throughout the Parish.

11. PARISH FACILITIES i. Whittington Church Lighting for Defibrillator – Cllr S Smith advised that the PCC will accept the bill to run a light for the defibrillator as long as it is not on all the time and therefore proposed that if the Parish Council funds the installation of a sensor switch / unit then the running costs would be covered by the Church. The PCC will also adjust the existing PIR sensor light to cover the pathway to the defibrillator. Cllr S Smith to progress. ii. The Risk Assessment Report had been circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting. The following actions were agreed: – Ask John Breheny to look at the benches on Northwold Rec Ground and the toddler bench and suggest options for repair. (CA) – Arrange for removal of the old village hall noticeboard (CA) – Dog bin Hovell’s Lane – access inhibited by weeds and nettles. To ask John Breheny to strim. (CA) – Cliff to remove metal drum from allotment gardens (CA) – Village Sign needs cleaning (ask John?) (CA) – Order a new noticeboard for Little London Road the same as the boards purchased for Northwold Village Hall and Whittington. (Clerk) – Get a cost for a new litter bin liner for Northwold High Street Church wall (Clerk) – Closed cemetery very overgrown- chase CGM on this (Clerk) – Rubber matting needed under the swings at Whittington – cost required. (Clerk) – Chalk Pit – brambles and branches need clearing from path. Ask CGM for a cost. (Clerk) – The cost for an outdoor gym at Whittington was also queried. Clerk to investigate.

iii. The bins for Northwold Rec Ground have been delivered, John Breheny will be asked to install. Cllr C. Anderson to progress. iv. Whittington bench has been installed. v. The Dog bin at Ingham’s Lane is not large enough as is often overflowing, it is emptied weekly. Clerk to get a cost for a larger bin.

12. CEMETERIES i. It was noted that the cemetery path at Whittington Christ Church has still not been sprayed. Clerk to chase CGM.

13. TREES i. No new issues were raised.

14. GROUNDS MAINTENANCE i. A quote for the trimming of the Northwold cemetery hedge is awaited from CGM. Clerk to chase. A quote of £35 plus vat to spray the Northwold Playing field gravel drive has been received from CGM. This was agreed to. Clerk to progress. ii. The Grounds maintenance schedule was discussed. One extra cut for Northwold Recreation Ground should be added in for 2018. Clerk to request three quotations for the annual contract for discussion and appointment. iii. The Clerk was also requested to contact NCC to request a schedule of highways grass cutting in the Parish. Extra cuts can be requested at cost to the Parish Council and this should be included in the precept request. iv. The appointment of J&M Pest Control to catch moles on the Northwold Recreation Ground was agreed to at a cost of £15 per mole caught. Clerk to instruct works to be undertaken after the next scheduled grass cut (Fri 6th Oct as advised by CGM)

15. COUNCILLOR RESPONSIBILITIES i. It was agreed that Cllr C Sharp would be the responsible Councillor for the Sports and Social Club and Cllr R Crisp for Trees.

16. PLANNING APPLICATIONS AND UPDATES: The following Planning Applications were discussed; i. 17/01614/F New 2 storey extension replacing single storey extension at Watermill Stud Farm Little London Road Northwold. No objections raised. ii. 17/00148/TREECA Fell Two Pine Trees, 9 Pinfold Lane, Northwold. No Objections raised (comment submitted to deadline between meetings). The following decision was noted for information; i. 17/01282/F Single Storey Extension, The Laurels 3 High Street Northwold. Application permitted.

17. FINANCE & POLICIES i. The accounts to October 3rd 2017, payments to be approved and cheques to be signed were considered and approved in accordance with the table on the next page. ii. All Councillors were asked to examine the budget carefully ready for precept discussion in November. iii. A submitted VAT refund request of £4633.96 1.10.16-31.8.17 plus photovoltaic panels (20.5.16) was noted. iv. The Constables Charity Annual Return has been requested. It was agreed that the Clerk should write to NS&I to request a copy of the latest bank statement and to bring the contact details and signatories up to date and then complete the annual return when the details are received. v. Cllr R Crisp has agreed to the annual funding of a memorial wreath from the Parish Council under S137.


Receipts for approval 03.10.17 Paying In slip From Description Amount NONE £0.00 Payments/cheques for approval 03.10.17 Direct Debit Payee Description Amount H14D5E0E62 EON Electricity 1.8.17 - 31.8.17 86.18 Cleared bank statement 98 8058752155 Anglian Water Water Sept Payment 5.50 Cleared bank statement 98 Subtotal Direct Debits 91.68 Cheque Payee Description Amount 2132 Broxap Bench for Whttington 744.00 2133 Westcotec Streetlighting Maint Sept17 19.10 2134 Northwold Care Group Car Scheme June Quarter 240.66 2135 CGM Christ Church Hedge Trim 135.00 " CGM Grounds Maintenance Sep 17 388.06 2136 Broxap Derby Wheelie Bin Container x 2 1055.88 2137 N Cooper Clerk Salary, Mileage & Expenses Sep17 352.71 Subtotal Cheques 2935.41 £3,027.09 Cash sheet Balance and Bank Reconciliation 3rd Oct 2017 31st March 2017 YE Balance Brought Forward: £29,508.34 Add Total Receipts as of 3rd October 2017 £19,011.20 £48,519.54 Less Total Payments to date £14,974.69 CASHBOOK BALANCE 3rd October 2017 £33,544.85

Bank Balance @20/09/2017 Statement no.98 £36,998.26 Add uncleared receipts £0.00 £36,998.26 Minus uncleared approved payments as of 20th September 2017 £518.00 Minus new payments for approval cheques 2132-2137 £2,935.41 £3,453.41 Reconciled Balance 3/10/17 £33,544.85

18. TRAINING REQUIREMENTS No additional new Councillor Training dates have been announced.

19. ITEMS FOR AGENDA OF NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY 7th November 2017, 7.30pm. i. None noted.

At the close of the meeting Cllr Stephen Gillet and Cllr Susan Leet both tendered their resignations with immediate effect, Cllr R Crisp thanked them for the dedication and hard work during their time as Councillors.

With nothing more to discuss the meeting closed at 8.55pm

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