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September 2017

Minutes of the meeting held on July 5th

Mrs Armsby welcomed 20 members.

APOLOGIES were received from Marjorie Stevens, Rosemary White &Alice Ball.

Minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.

ARISING  Mrs Armsby asked Mrs Kirchen to thank her daughters for delivering the fish & chips to the hall last month, which saved a lot of time and effort for us.

AOB  Pam Cann will soon be moving to Kent.  She has been a member for many years, and we all wished her good luck and happiness in her new home.

The remaining business will be completed during refreshments

Mrs Armsby then welcomed Mr Keith Lawrence, our favourite antiques expert.  This time he had brought along 16 English drinking glasses for us to identify from a written list of names.  These varied from a penny lick & custard glass , to deceptive & jelly glasses.   We all had a go at sorting out which was which, then keith gave us the correct answers, and told us a bit about each one.  Dates ranged from the 1700’s to 1980, and values from £10 to £200 each.  He was thanked by Carol Thulbourne, and presented with a Waitrose voucher.

During refreshments members were reminded that outing money should be paid to Mrs Elsey  before the day.  The coach will leave the hill at Stoke Ferry at 9.30am on Aug 9th, and return at approx. 5.30pm.

The Sept meeting will be a talk on bee keeping.

VOT  Janet Burns

TEAS  Jenny Elsey & Gillian Smith

DOOR & RAFFLE  Hazel Hearne & Rosemary White

Mrs Armsby reminded everyone to think about the format for the Harvest Supper in Oct which will be finalised in Sept.

The raffle was won by Gillian Smith, Yvonne Self & Gypsie Duncan.

The meeting ended at 9.15pm

Claire Lankfer


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