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Northwold Parish Council - July

September 2017

Northwold and Whittington Parish Council – Ordinary Meeting Tuesday 4th July 2017, 7.30pm Northwold Village Hall

Draft Minutes for approval at the next Ordinary Meeting

PRESENT: Cllr R. Crisp (Chairman), Cllr C. Anderson, Cllr C. Pointeer, Cllr G. Gillett, Cllr S Gillet, Cllr M. Peake, and Mrs N. Cooper, Clerk.

Also present: Cllr Martin Storey – Norfolk County Council There were 8 members of the public.

1. PUBLIC FORUM It was noted that weeds need to be sprayed along the highways of the parish. CLERK TO INFORM HIGHWAYS The hedge bordering Christ Church / A134 needs to be trimmed. CLERK TO REQUEST WORK FROM CGM. The parishioner who has nominated The Crown Inn Northwold as a Community Asset was present. He explained that he has spoken to The Plunkett Foundation and a scheme to reopen The Crown Inn as a non for profit business run by the community could be eligible for a loan or grant up to £150k to cover costs and make the Crown Inn a community asset. There has been a lot of community support. (See agenda point 11)

The issue of dangerous parking from school traffic remains a problem along Normandy Close and School Lane. The parking prevents emergency vehicle access.

The Parish Council was asked what they could do about the smell from the Sugar Beet factory. See point 2.i below.

2. LOCAL AUTHORITY REPORTS i. Norfolk County Council Cllr Storey reported that the MP Elizabeth Truss and a representative from Downham Market Town Council have met with the Managing Director as the Wissington Sugar Beet Factory. The harvesting of crops at present will give off a strong smell. British Sugar have engaged an Environmental Consultant and an Odour Specialist to try and minimise the impact to the surrounding areas.

Norfolk County Council are going through a budgeting process to make further savings. The impact of this on front line services is not yet known but the Council intends to minimise detrimental impacts where possible.

ii. Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council Cllr Peake had nothing to report.

3. ACCEPTANCE OF APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies of absence were provided for Cllr A Muir and Cllr S Leet. These were accepted by all.

4. MEMBERS’ DECLARATION OF INTERESTS (for items on the Agenda) – Issue of Dispensations None declared.

5. TO APPROVE AND SIGN THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING held 6th June 2017 The minutes were approved by all Councillors present and the minutes were signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting held on 6th June 2017. The final version will be available on the website.

6. CO-OPTION OF NEW COUNCILLORS Two applications to become Councillors have been received by the Clerk and forwarded to all existing Councillors before the meeting. These were from Mrs C Sharp and Mr N Nickles. Both applications were accepted and appointment of the new Councillors was agreed to by all existing Councillors present. Both Carol and Nigel were present and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and joined the meeting.


8. HIGHWAYS MATTERS i. Highways Update - Cllr. Storey noted that a site meeting with Andy Wallace or Martin Edmunds from NCC Highways could be requested. ii. The list of items requested from the Rangers was read and noted. This was: Expose 30mph sign at Little Loddon Road; Clearance of Northwold Footpath no.6 (at the back of Normandy Close) – currently impassable; defects to footways along School Lane, Northwold which need to be repaired; Strimming of the verge in Church Lane, Northwold which borders the Sports and Social Club, especially in front of the dog bin as it is difficult to get to it at the moment; Strimming of the area in front of the Northwold closed cemetery; Expose and clean speed limit and location signs on Whittington Hill; Sweeping of footpaths and gulleys throughout the Northwold and Whittington Parish. The Rangers are due in the Parish w/c 24th July17. iii. A letter was read out from a resident concerned about traffic safety along A134 Whittington Hill; it was noted that there is no recollection of a police speed radar gun being used along that stretch of the A134. Turning out of Church Lane onto the A134 is very difficult and options to minimise risk to drivers using this junction will be discussed on site with Highways. CLERK TO FACILITATE MEETING BETWEEN CP AND HIGHWAYS CLERK TO RESPOND TO RESIDENT iv. Cllr S Gillet proposed that double yellow lines could be requested along School lane / Normandy Close junctions. To be discussed on site with Highways. CLERK TO FACILITATE MEETING BETWEEN SG AND HIGHWAYS

9. CORRESPONDENCE: For information i. Community Action Norfolk Funding Newsletter ii. NALC newsletter iii. Email from resident to thank Caters for continued support of Northwold Carnival CLERK TO SEND LETTER TO CATERS iv. Email from resident querying usefulness of no dogs allowed signs v. Email from resident querying name choice for Whittington Mill. This was discussed and it was agreed that it should be Whittington Maltings. Concerns about increased traffic at that junction was also discussed. CLERK TO WRITE TO BCKLWN & DEVELOPER & RESPOND TO RESIDENT vi. Anglian Water email – free test for water leaks vii. Letter from Norfolk County Council to inform about Parish Partnership Scheme for 2018/19. CLERK TO SEND LETTER TO ALL COUNCILLORS AND PUT ON SEPTEMBER AGENDA. viii. Alan Collins had sent the EON Feed In Tarrif statement on to the Clerk. CLERK TO UPDATE CONTACT DETAILS TO CLERK ix. The Small Schools Review was read out for reference. The Parish Council expressed its support for The Norman C of E school.

10. PARISH COUNCIL ADMINISTRATION – The following was agreed i. Cemeteries: Cllr George Gillet and also Cllr Christopher Pointeer for Whittington Churchyard ii. Highways & Footpaths – Cllr Nigel Nickles iii. Northwold Recreation Ground – Cllr Carol Sharpe iv. Whittington Recreation Ground – Cllr Christopher Pointeer v. Allotments – Cllr George Gillet vi. Risk Assessments of Parish Assets - Cllr Cliff Anderson vii. Internal audit – Cllr Cliff Anderson viii. Sports & Social Club - Cllr Alison Muir ix. Trees – full Council CLERK TO PUT LIST ON WEBSITE Cllr Crisp also noted that there is a school project sponsored by the Parish Council each year and that two Councillors would be needed to judge the entries. Cllr Sharp and Cllr Anderson agreed to attend. CLLR CRISP TO CONTACT SCHOOL

11. TO DISCUSS NOMINATION OF ASSET OF COMMUNITY VALUE - The Crown Inn Northwold The parishioner present who has nominated the Crown Inn as a Community Asset explained the following: The Crown Inn has been for sale in Northwold for some time. Residents think it could become housing if it is not sold as a going concern. The intention behind nominating it as a Community Asset is to create something which is for the benefit of the community. The potential would be for the community to run the pub as a not for profit organisation and to redistribute profits back into the community. The nomination is required to move the vision to the next level and give the community the right to apply for funding and bid for the pub, although there is no guarantee that the bid will be accepted by the owners. The decision on the nomination is expected on the 11th August. It was noted that the current owners hope to retire at the end of September 17 at which point the pub would be closed. There has been much support for the proposal in the village and there is a Facebook Page called Crown Inn Community Group. There is a community meeting on the 11th July at the Sports and Social Club to discuss this further.

The Parish Council asked the Clerk to request further information from the solicitors acting on behalf of the BCKLWN for this. Additional information requested was a copy of the nomination paper, an indication of which department would deal with this at the BCKLWN and clarification of the implications of the nomination on the current owners. Clerk to also request an extension to the deadline for response in light of the additional information required and to request that Ward Councillors are kept informed as they were unaware of the nomination. Clerk to then organise an Extraordinary Meeting to discuss this further and respond to the consultation. CLERK TO SEND EMAIL AND ARRANGE EXTRAORDINARY MEETING

12. TO DISCUSS ELECTORAL REVIEW OF KING’S LYNN AND WEST NORFOLK WARDING ARRANGEMENTS This was reviewed and it was agreed that the Parish Council should advise that Denton Ward remain unchanged as it is already one of the larger wards. CLERK TO SEND EMAIL

13. TO DISCUSS PARKING ISSUES AT SCHOOL The Clerk has spoken to Debbie Hills the business manager at The Norman CofE Primary School. She advised that they have tried being on the street during drop of / collection times but that as they have no legal basis to stop parking as it is a public highway they have little control. A Police patrol has been undertaken but this has had no impact. They continue to ask drivers to park considerately and have acknowledged that it is an issue for all schools that is difficult to resolve. The Parish Council noted that provision of a car park had been looked at previously but it was too costly. The land alongside 30 School Lane was discussed as an optional car parking area. It was noted that this is currently let. A cut in layby was also discussed. It was agreed that Cllr S Gillet would discuss this on site with Andy Wallace alongside that noted in 8 iv. CLERK TO FACILITATE SITE MEETING WITH HIGHWAYS

14. PARISH FACILITIES i. Phonebox adoption – the contract has been read through by Cllr A Muir. The only point to note was that the existing paint could contain lead. It was agreed that the contract should be signed by the Clerk and that the £1 cheque should be written. ii. Risk Assessment Report CLERK TO PUT ON SEPT AGENDA iii. It was noted that the Play Area inspections for Northwold and Whittington have been ordered from the BCKLWN Cleanup team. iv. It was agreed that the two posts left in situ following the removal of the climbing wall could remain. Cllr Anderson to check if there are any obvious bolt holes that would need to be filled. v. The BCKLWN will provide bin liners for Northwold rec but the Parish Council must purchase bin housing and pay an annual emptying hire. Further information on the type of bin housing was pending. It was agreed that this purchase should be agreed on by email before the next meeting once all the information was available as it presents a health and safety issue. CLERK TO GET PICTURES AND PRICES OF BIN HOUSING AND CIRCULATE VIA EMAIL vi. A cost of £25 for John Breheney to repair the bench at Northwold Rec Ground was agreed. CLLR ANDERSON TO INSTRUCT vii. Cllr Pointeer provided summary costings for 5 alternative benches for Whittington Rec Ground. £690 for a Halsetown bench from Broxap was approved. CLLR POINTEER TO ORDER viii. It was noted that Cllr C. Pointeer had placed a padlock on the gate to Whittington Recreation Ground to prevent anti-social vehicular access. This was retrospectively approved. Those requiring approved access have the code. ix. A quote from John Breheney for £60 to install the Northwold noticeboard was approved. It will be sited by the Village Hall. CLLR ANDERSON TO INSTRUCT also CLERK TO SEND LETTER OF THANKS TO GRAHAM GILLIS FOR HELP IN INSTALLING THE WHITTINGTON NOTICEBOARD x. Cllr S Gillet had two further quotes for installation of the defibrillator. These were both higher than the original quote received from Swift Electrics which was £350 for installation and provision of a test certificate. It was agreed that Swift Electrics should be asked to do the work. CLLR S GILLET TO INSTRUCT WORKS xi. It was noted that the Glebe Close Streetlight should now be connected. xii. The ownership of Northwold footpath no. 6 had been queried between meetings but it was confirmed that it is a known public right of way. Cllr Storey recommended talking to David Mills at NCC if it is not cleared by The Rangers CLERK TO CONTACT DAVID MILLS, NCC xiii. Cllr Crisp noted that the vacant allotment had been cleared by a parishioner. Attracting use of the allotment would be the best solution to maintain it.

15. CEMETERIES i. Upon the recommendation of Ann Howarth Mr Will Patrick was agreed to be the designated grave digger. CLERK TO INFORM ANN HOWARTH ii. There were no other issues raised.

16. TREES i. The companies looking to submit a quote for the Tree Management Plan have asked for a map. No tree map exists and it is hoped that the Plan could produce one going forward. The Clerk was provided with the following five main areas which should be included: a. Northwold Recreation Ground – off Hovells Lane b. Northwold Old Cemetery – Church Lane c. Northwold New Cemetery – School Lane d. Whittington Recreation Ground – Church Lane e. Whittington Cemetery – Christ Church ii. It was noted that the works at Whittington Recreation Ground are complete. Cllr Pointeer advised that there is now a 30ft hanging branch from a different tree which needs urgent removal. A ceiling cost of £200 was agreed for the Clerk to instruct Akers. CLERK TO GET QUOTE FOR URGENT WORKS AND INSTRUCT

17. GROUNDS MAINTENANCE No issues were raised.

18. PLANNING APPLICATIONS AND UPDATES: The following Planning Applications were discussed; i. 17/00881/F Rebuilding of collapsed garden wall along the western boundary along the side of the highway (retrospective) at The Shrubbery 77 High Street Northwold Thetford Norfolk No objections raised. ii. 17/01190/F Single storey extension at rear and side of existing dwelling Magnolia House 42A Methwold Road Northwold Norfolk IP26 5LN. No objections raised. The following were noted for information; i. 17/00762/LDE Crisps Yard, Commons Drove, Northwold. Use of land as residential garden. Was lawful ii. 16/02177/CU Northwold Oak Lodge Thetford Road Northwold Norfolk IP26 5LQ - Change of use of land for the siting of 6 caravans and 6 permanent (glamping) tents - Part Retrospective. Application Withdrawn iii. 17/00774/LDP The Laurels 3 The High Street Northwold: Proposed extension to dwelling: Application withdrawn

Cllr Pointeer also advised that there have been many objections from residents and concerns from the Environment Agency and Natural England for the Boat Staging planning application in Whittington. A final decision has not yet been made by the Planning Authority.

19. FINANCE & POLICIES i. The accounts to July 4th 2017, payments to be approved and cheques to be signed were considered and approved in accordance with the list below. CASHBOOK BANK RECONCILIATION 4th July 2017

Recepits for approval 06.06.17 Paying In slip From Description Amount 500123 Northwold S&SC Rent 17-18 275.00 Cleared Statement 95


Payments/cheques for approval 06.06.17 Cheque Payee Description Amount DD EON Electricity 1.5.17-31.5.17 86.18 Cleared Statement 95 DD Anglian Water Water 8.3.17-7.6.17 5.50 Cleared Statement 95 2114 C Pointeer Padlock Whit Rec 25.82 2115 R Drinkwater Repair Northwold Slide 45.00 2116 N Cooper Clerks Salary Jun 17 328.61 N Cooper Clerks Admin Expenses June 17 12.37 N Cooper Clerks Mileage June 17 4.95 2117 N Cooper Clerks Salary July17 (Chq dated 1.8.17) 302.90 N Cooper Clerks Mileage July17 (Chq dated 1.8.17) 4.95 2118 CGM Grounds Maintenance June17 388.06 2119 Akers Whittington Rec Ground Treeworks 1400.00 2120 BT Plc Telephone Box Adoption 1.00


Cash sheet Balance and Bank Reconciliation 4th July 2017 £48,479.54 31st March 2017 YE Balance Brought Forward: £29,508.34 Add Total Receipts as of 4th July 2017 £18,971.20 £40,410.96 Less Total Payments to date £8,068.58 CASHBOOK BALANCE 4th July 2017

£42,962.82 Bank Balance @15/06/2017 Statement no.95 £42,962.82 Add uncleared receipts £0.00 £2,551.86 Minus uncashed cheques as of 4th July 2017 £38.20 £40,410.96 Minus new payments cheques 2114-2120 £2,513.66 Reconciled Balance 4/7/17

ii. The Clerk advised that she had had a telephone call from the External Auditor Mazars asking what the reserves are allocated for. It is advised that all reserves above 25% of the precept should be allocated to project proposal. It was agreed that the focus of spend would be the resolution of the parking issues in Normandy Close and in the securing of a tree management plan and subsequent works.

20. TRAINING REQUIREMENTS The attendance of Cllr G Gillet at a Cemetery Management Course in October was agreed.


- Parish Partnership - Updates from Highways meetings – CP and SG - Risk Assessment Report - Bins – Northwold Rec

With nothing more to discuss the meeting closed at 9.20pm

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