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Wretton Parish Council - January

May 2017

1327/02/2017 MINUTES OF WRETTON PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD AT THE CHURCH MONDAY JANUARY 23RD 2017 Present– Cllr David Llewellyn - Chairman, Cllr Ian Mack, Cllr Martin Cann, Cllr Mick Peake, Cllr Mandy Peake, Cllr J Wyett. Borough Councillor Colin Sampson Norfolk County Councillor Martin Storey 4 members of the public 1. Apologies for Absence received; Cllr Bill Whitmore. 2. No Declarations of Interest made 3. The Minutes of the meetings held on 07.11.16 and 29.11.16 were agreed as a true record. 4. Matters Arising from previous meetings  HGV signs Another incident involving an HGV attempting to traverse Wretton Row has occurred. Wretton Parish Council has paid for signage to help eliminate this but has been informed that Highways have been let down by the sign manufacturers and thus signage has not yet been erected. It is hoped however signs will be up in the next 7 to 10 days. 5. 5.1 Chairman’s Report  Reports have been received that the public footpath down to the river is badly overgrown. This will be passed on to Highways.  For some time there has been a problem with aggressive dogs running loose in the area of Green Lane. The Police are aware of issues and anyone with any concerns is advised to contact the Police on 101. 5.2 Clerk’s Report The Clerk had nothing to report as items would be covered on the agenda. 5.3 Risk Assessment It was noted the trees on the Green may need work in the near future as has been discussed previously. 6. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment. Cheques for approval of payment SJ Scarrott salary £118.44 K & M Lighting £35.04 HMRC PAYE £44.40 SLCC subs £38.00 Westcotec (SAM2 sign) £3840.00 Watton Town Council (photocopying) £5.30 It was agreed money would need to be transferred from the reserve account to enable payment to be made for the SAM2 sign. 2327/02/2017 Financial position @ 30.12.16 Community Account Balance £813.86 Business Saver Account (1) £1.11 Business Premium Account £7291.53 Business Saver Account (2) £0.36 7. Correspondence Correspondence received is passed to Councillors electronically. A request for a donation has been received from Norfolk Age UK which will be considered at a future meeting. A policy is suggested around making donations. No amount is set within the current budget. 8. Planning applications received for consideration 17/00087/RM Reserved Matters Application: construction of three dwellings with garages at land SW of Church Farm, Wretton. The Parish Council did not support the original planning application for this site as it outside the village development area and therefore no comment was made regarding this reserved matters application. 9. Repairs to play equipment Councillors all agreed to accept the quote to repair the play equipment as identified on the annual inspection report. Total cost of £426.60. 10. Transparency Grant Fund It was agreed by all to make an application to the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) Transparency fund for a grant of £1740. 11. Defibrillator for the phone box Interest has been shown for locating a defibrillator in the phone box. There will be a need to raise money to supply and install the machine and thus further discussion will take place once options have been explored. This will be an agenda item for the March meeting. Notices will be placed to gauge support and Councillors were reminded to look at information previously distributed relating to projects, assisted by Community Heartbeat, to put defibrillators in phone boxes. 12. Neighbourhood Plan It was decided not to proceed with compiling a Neighbourhood Plan at this time. 13. Internal Auditor It was agreed to approach the Internal Auditor engaged in previous years regarding the 2016/17 Audit. 14. Pension provision for Clerk It was noted that the Council has been given a staging date for pension auto-enrolment of 01.04.2017. Enquiries will be made regarding what the Council needs to do. 15. 2017/18 Budget and precept request 3327/02/2017 Consideration was given to the budget need for the forthcoming financial year. The budget was set and agreement reached to request a precept amount of £3692. 16. Further Reports • Pot holes reported along Fen Road and West Dereham Road.  Dog fouling remains a problem in places in the village and it may be that enforcement action should be considered.  The Police are looking to revive local Homewatch schemes. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION  Cllr Martin Storey reported that difficult decisions are needing to be taken at County Hall as a result of the pressure to make substantial budget savings. It is expected the Adult Social Care budget will be set by Norfolk County Council on February 20th.  Following a tendering process the Borough Council has engaged “Shelter” to provide advice services. Publicity will be forthcoming regarding what Shelter will provide. Chairman’s Signature……………………………………… Date……………

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