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West Dereham Parish Council - April

May 2017


PRESENT (six Councillors): - Pam Bullas (PB), Claire Cann (CC) – Chair, Paula Kellingray (PK), Pam Walker (PW), Lorraine Hunt (LH) and Claire Williams (CW). Locum Clerk: Helen Richardson Ten members of the public were in attendance. Jon Miles, Director of Glazewing was in attendance. (JM) The Chairman welcomed everyone present and opened the meeting.

22/17 Special Item – Jon Miles, Director of Glazewing – Update Report and Q&A Session

CC welcomed Jon Miles (JM) to the meeting and he advised that he had attended to provide responses to any questions that Parishioners may have. CC advised that the parishioner turnout was low due to the item being too late for the Village Pump magazine but was included on the website which some couldn’t receive or didn’t access.

In answer to a request from CC, JM advised that the biggest issues for Glazewing had been two fires that had occurred in the last nine months and the subsequent work with the Environment Agency for both incidents. He added that they were awaiting a report from the fire brigade on the second fire, but it was suspected that both were the result of arson which had been a concern to Glazewing and the authorities. He advised that since then CCTV had been set up to cover night vision, detection of heat and movement across the whole site which would alert them and the authorities. JM advised that the camera system had been commissioned but it was awaiting handover. He shared that it was an Environment Agency condition following the fires, but it would have been suggested sooner or later as issues such as this were a common problem nationally amongst waste recycling centres. He shared that the inclusion of cameras on the site was as a result of Fire Prevention Plan which all sites needed to produce and submit, and the first plan had been submitted for approval. JM shared that the conditions of the Fire Prevention Plan and the Environment Agency went far beyond planning conditions. JM added that the Environment Agency had requested that the fire piles be lowered from 4 ½ metres to 4 metres. Following a query from CC, JM advised that a person had been seen on the old CCTV system at the time of the fires taking place, and on both occasions it appeared to be a petrol bomb being thrown from the same place in the field to the same location where the fire started, but as the system was old the evidence was inconclusive.

The discussion was opened up for questions to JM after he provided his introductory report as follows:

• Resident Incident Notification Procedure - There was concern about how quickly residents at Station Road could be notified of any future incidents that occur, such as fires when they were asked to close all windows and doors. With slow broadband and lack of internet access, email based communications from Glazewing may not suffice especially as some residents were vulnerable. It was felt a quicker way of communication would be required such as door to door drop offs and the Parish Council being involved as part of its Business Continuity Plan to alert Parishioners. JM advised that he would be able to accommodate any plan of this type in using the Parish Council for communication on the ground with residents. • Noise Complaints - There was a query in relation to the new plant and the noise complaints where an assessment had recently been carried out. JM advised that the noise assessment had been submitted to the Borough Council and they needed to approve the plan to then pass to Norfolk County Council within the next two weeks. • Rubbish Littering Outside the Site - It was pointed out to JM that there was a lot of rubbish in particular plastic littered around the field and river from Glazewing, and litter picking was required by Glazewing to resolve. JM advised that they do send out litter pickers but would carry out it more frequently and he agreed that it didn’t look nice. He added that a road sweeper would also be in the area in the next 7-10 days and it would be sweeping up to the junction. In addition a Parishioner advised that the litter did extend beyond Station Road up to Basil Road, and JM advised that if reported directly to him he would arrange the removal at any time. • Speeding Lorries and Employees - The issue of speeding lorries to the site had been creating a danger to residents and in particular children, including the kicking up of dust where there was no where for a person to safely move when walking on the road. It was also pointed out to JM that there was an issue with employees leaving at 5.30 pm also speeding on their way out. CC summarised that West Dereham was a very small and rural hamlet, with no pavements and for people walking on the roads speeding vehicles can make a very unpleasant and dangerous experience. JM noted the concerns and agreed to ensure that his employees and contractors using the site took care leaving and arriving through the village. • Operating Times of the Site - There were queries raised in relation to the operating times of the site, and JM advised that the scrapyard was open from 7-7pm Monday to Saturday throughout the year and was regulated by the Planning Authority, and the storage of trucks and skips outside the site was unrestricted and unregulated. JM advised that lorries are able to leave at any time during the day and night, and recently they had moved a few of the seven of the lorries to Bexwell, and some to Wisbech leaving 14 on the West Dereham site reducing the traffic by less than half. • Procedure for Movement of Skips/Noise- A Parishioner queried the procedure for moving skips, and JM advised that they did have wheels though sometimes it did result in a scraping of the skips on the ground. JM advised that skips are loaded the last thing of the day so there shouldn’t be any noise of skips moving in the early hours of the morning and he would investigate it. • Screening for Noise Pollution – A Councillor queried with JM the possibility of screening off the skips as they were able to hear the machines at Hilgay Road, whereas before in Station Road they did not due protection from trees and houses. JM advised that he would make a note. • Siren Noise - A Parishioner queried what the siren noise was from, and JM advised that it was when the conveyor belts stopped, but a manufacturer modification recently added meant that this noise had been reduced so should be less than before. • Smells from the Site - A Councillor queried the smell that sometimes could be smelt from the nearest part of the Village to the site similar to rotting waste, and JM advised that no measures had been taken but they do try and get materials in and out quickly from site to avoid this. JM affirmed following a query from a Councillor that a problem with flies from last year would not occur again. • Views of Skips - A Parishioner shared that there was a panoramic view from Basil Road of the waste skips that was unsightly against the landscape and if it would be possible to screen the view with trees. JM advised that they had offered to put bushes and trees up in the past but the farmer on the adjoining land didn’t wish them to do it as it would create a shadow on their field, but the Parish Council could ask them directly again and JM would still be prepared to undertake screening and upkeep any trees to an agreed height. JM confirmed that skips were stacked in singles but when business was quiet there was visibly more. JM added that there would be space elsewhere on the site to store skips now some of the lorries had been relocated to Bexwell and Wisbech. • Transportation Safety - A Parishioner shared their concern of how well goods being transported were tied down, and JM advised that he would put a communication out to all regulars to be more aware and the importance of tying a load down. • Size of Lorries – A Councillor shared with JM that large lorries had been seen using Lime Kiln Road and Bath Road, and they had challenged them and they were advised that they had been collecting from a farm. JM advised that it was a once a week pick up and all container trucks are emailed the routes to take, but there were sometimes issues with lack of English.

JM advised the Parish Council that it would be possible to arrange a site visit to share what they were doing on the site, and the Parish Council advised that they would welcome a visit and extend an invite to others who wished to join them. JM advised that he would arrange an Open Day and inform the Clerk but in the meantime he could be contacted using the email address info@glazewing.co.uk . It was agreed for JM to come back with a date and time for an Open Day to be advertised in the Parish Notice as soon as possible.

CC advised that since March 2012 Glazewing had not sent a representative to the Parish Council meeting much to the dismay of the Council and its Parishioners, but the invite had always been open and would continue to be open to Glazewing on a permanent basis. CC stated that the Directors used to attend every six months and in between someone else would attend each meeting. JM advised that he would be happy to attend every six months and if required could do more frequently. JM shared that if there were any issues that the Parish Council wished to discuss he would be happy to attend and take questions.

RESOLVED: 1) The Clerk to draw up a list of issues to resolve and to ensure an update is provided as and when possible from Glazewing as a result of discussions within this meeting.

23/17 Apologies for absence. Apologies were received and accepted from Tom Foy.

24/17 Declarations of Interest. PK regarding the Kellingray Headstone approval and CC regarding the Local Development Plan as she lived close to two of the proposed sites.

25/17 Use of social media, audio recording of meeting and invitation for public contributions. CC asked “Will anyone present be filming, recording, blogging, or tweeting during this meeting?” No member of the public present at this stage advised that they would. CC advised members of the public that if they wished to comment on any item, before a decision was made, they should raise their hand and they would be invited to speak.

26/17 Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 2 March 2017. CC confirmed all Councillors had seen the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 2 March 2017 and they were signed as a true record.

27/17 Chairman’s Report

Assets Inspection – The Councillors undertook an Annual Assets Inspection on Saturday 1st April. The Assets Review would be actioned over the coming year. Vehicle Operators licencing – As an update from the previous meeting CC and other residents who live in the local area to Hill House Farm had written objections of the additional lorry parking of vehicles and trailers to the Traffic Commissioner.

28/17 Locum Clerk’s Report

a) 30mph signs on Village Gateways – It was confirmed that Highways had installed the last one on Hilgay Road b) Fly tipping on Lime Kiln Road – This waste had been collected by the BCKLWN. c) Post Box – Basil Road/Brooke Lane - The Locum Clerk had been discussing with the Royal Mail Office in Downham Market who have confirmed by answerphone that it was stolen and they have not replaced it. The Locum Clerk is going to contact them to explore reinstatement. d) Pot Holes – The Ryston Road pot holes had been repaired by Highways and they advised that they had inspected Church Road pot holes but they would not be actioning a repair at this time until further deterioration occurs. e) WW1 Memorial Fund - The Locum Clerk had actioned an expression of interest to the fund towards new lettering on the memorial sending them photos and was awaiting their response on whether eligible for a formal application. A response was due from them on the pre application around mid- June. f) Historic England - Notification of Designation Application –WW1 Memorial - Historic England had emailed to advise that they were considering the West Dereham war memorial for inclusion in the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest, as part of their response to the centenary of the First World War. They had advised that it falls to them to assess whether West Dereham War Memorial holds special architectural or historic interest, before making a recommendation to the Secretary of State as to whether the memorial should be on the List. The Locum Clerk advised that once they have carried out their assessment they will be in touch again to send a copy of their consultation report. The report from them would set out the factual information on which they would be basing their recommendation. At that stage they will again ask the Parish Council to make any comments they wish to about the architectural or historic interest of the memorial. In the interim the Locum Clerk has emailed Joanne Gould at Historic England a booklet ‘The Men who Went to War’ produced by the West Dereham Heritage Group and photos of the memorial. g) Beacons of Light – Battle’s Over a Nation’s Tribute – 18 November 2018 - The Locum Clerk had registered West Dereham to take part in a commemoration on 11 November 2018 to light a beacon in the form of a bonfire in the village (placement to be confirmed) as a village event. The organisers had confirmed registration and more information would be available soon. [Subsequently after the meeting they confirmed including the leaflet produced for the nationwide event]. h) HGV’s Use of Rural Roads - Upon investigation the Locum Clerk could identify no prescribed action as per advice from Norfolk County Council and Campaign for Rural England to mitigate lorries using satnav to incorrectly navigate the rural roads in error. The Locum Clerk advised that signs and designation of roads can be investigated but there was a current lobby to Government to make it law for HGV lorry drivers to only use special SATNAVs for their needs as it was a national problem. 29/17 Handyman’s Report a) Moles – The Handyman would be investigating setting traps himself in the cemetery. b) Damaged Village Gateway – Lime Kiln Road - The Handyman had repaired and the farmer had been informed that the Clerk would be in contact for reimbursement of repairs and costs of the time it had taken the Handyman to do the work required. c) SAM2 – He has been moving the SAM2 as per schedule in the village. d) General - He had also during March checked over the three main areas of the village. The Locum Clerk advised that he would be receiving items identified at the Assets Inspection carried out by the Parish Councillors the previous weekend over the coming 12 months.

30/17 Police Report – PK shared that she had been in contact with the local community police team and the main issues the security of sheds and garages as often people are seen using equipment in the day and targeted later for theft. There had also been several businesses in the local area that had suffered burglaries. PK shared that there had been two reported thefts at the allotments in the past couple of months and it was advisable to lock any sheds as a deterrent.

31/17 Village Hall Report – PK shared that the Village Hall continues to be used well and in April it was full apart from five days. PK shared that there were lots of Easter events including for children and families and there had been 20 Easter eggs donated from a regular user.

32/17 Broadband Report

Within the Locum Clerk’s update earlier in the meeting it was reported that one resident responded to the survey in the Parish Notice in early April, and advised that their internet download speed was at the most 0.4mbs and upload 0.37 at Basil Road. The Clerk forwarded a flyer from NALC in regard to the Government’s subsidy scheme for broadband speeds lower than 2 MB but the equipment on offer for satellite signal was costly and allows for equipment but not for installation.

A Parishioner in the meeting explained that at Ryston Road, BT had recently installed an additional cabinet in the village, but after many months of contacting them, it turned out that most of the village had been moved over to the new cabinet but it couldn’t cope with the numbers, and his own connections were split at the new cabinet and old cabinet for his phone and internet connection. He added that when he first moved to the address he had speeds of 25mb dropped to 3mb. He advised that by the end of April they would move him back and this should improve his internet connection to what would be expected. Another Parishioner advised that they lived off Willow Lane and at times they had no internet connection at all.

33/17 Glazewing Report – PB advised that Steven Halls had been in touch with Glazewing’s agent who had been dealing with their planning application and they were looking at acoustic barriers. PB advised that it had not gone through planning yet as needed to be put in retrospectively. PB advised that SH was due to visit on 19 April and would share anything for the Parish Council’s attention via PB and the Clerk.

34/17 Finance.

Accounts for approval and the monthly financial management report were submitted by the Locum Clerk. She advised that the income and expenditure for February 2017 had now been confirmed and estimated figures for March had been inserted based upon invoices received.

Payee Cheque No Net VAT Gross Remarks Helen Carrier (Salary & Expenses Feb 17) 100931 £558.89 £0.00 £558.89 Helen Richardson (Salary & Expenses March 17) 100932 £546.75 £0.00 £546.75 Roy Poole (Handyman) March 17 100933 £25.60 £0.00 £25.60 Hollylandscapes: Flail mowing grass cemetery 100934 £100.00 £20.00 £120.00 Hollylandscapes: Grounds Maintenance -March 17 100935 £487.50 £97.50 £585.00 Invoice 1 of 8 SLCC - Clerk Job Advert 100937 £90.00 £18.00 £108.00 Anglian Water - Cemetery - Dec-Feb 17 100938 £23.56 £0.00 £23.56 Wereham PC - Printing 100939 £14.55 £0.00 £14.55 Post Office Limited (PAYE) 100941 £304.00 £0.00 £304.00 Total £2150.85 £135.50 £2286.35

The Environment Agency invoice for Drainage was not approved as the Councillors wished the Clerk to query details. The payment to the Borough Council for Dog Bin Waste Emptying was also not paid, as the Councillors wished the Clerk to query costs relating to one of the bins that was out of use following damage in November 2016 until installation. These had been allocated cheques for 100936 and 100940.

The Parish Council noted the Income items for March had been a donation from the Village Trust of £1500 for the Goal Posts; £50 training costs from PW and two fees in relation to the Cemetery totalling £350. There had also been funds received for the Transparency Fund which the Council had been successful in its application for £932.32.

The payments were considered and approved. Cheques to be signed at the end of the meeting.

RESOLVED: 1) Payments as above approved. 2) Clerk to query payments for the BCKLWN and Environment Agency and represent for payment in May.

35/17 Approval of Internal Auditor

The Locum Clerk had contacted Norfolk Parish, Training and Support and they had supplied a list of available Internal Auditors due to the previous auditor to the Council being unable to accommodate this financial year. The Clerk had contacted Sharon Wareham of Gooderstone who had advised she would be available to undertake the Internal Audit for a fee of £15 per hour which would include a report. The Councillors agreed unanimously for SW to undertake the audit. The Locum Clerk advised that the Parish Council would receive the audit report from her and external audit paperwork for sign off at the 5 June meeting.

RESOLVED: That Sharon Wareham is appointed as Internal Auditor at £15 per hour. 36/17 Clerk Vacancy Update

CC updated that seven applications had been received for the position, and following shortlisting interviews would be taking place on Monday 10 April.

37/17 Printing Costs

The Parish Council had received to printing costs from the Locum Clerk for the printer that was the property of Wereham Parish Council. Wereham Parish Council had advised that cost per black and white sheet was 10p and cost per colour side was 15p, which included paper. CC advised the Councillors that they needed to approve the cost that would also be placed into the Expenses Policy being drafted by PB. After discussion the Councillors approved the costs presented.

RESOLVED: (1) That the Costs of 10p black and white side and 15p colour side including paper is approved. (2) That PB will include in the Expenses Policy.

38/17 Planning.

CC advised that there had been no planning received for comment.

39/17 Goalposts

The Parish Council had received further two quotes for the Goalposts in addition to the one previously received. After consideration it was decided to approve the quotation from Bonnetts for the commission of a Multi-Use Goalpost and Basketball hoop to be installed on the recreation ground. CC reminded the Councillors that the Village Trust had donated £1500 towards the Goalposts and the Parish Council would need to fund the rest.

LH thought the Parish Council should consider if this was an item that would be of benefit to the village and figures suggest there were approximately 65 children aged 0-15 years in the village that would benefit from it. CC thought that it was important to provide youths in the village with equipment to use. A Parishioner advised that their son used the old goal posts on the recreation ground but any new item would be worthwhile to have a backboard so people could play alone as well as in a group.

Following the Parish Council discussion about its installation a parishioner advised that he and other volunteers with the correct insurances would be able to install the item voluntarily. CC advised that as long as the correct insurances were confirmed this would be gratefully received.

RESOLVED: (1) That the quote from Bonnetts be accepted for a new Goalpost/Basketball Hoop multi-use frame. (2) That the Clerk contact the Parishioner at the point of installation to arrange clarification of insurances in place and work required.

40/17 Defibrillator

CC advised that a notice had been placed in the village magazine concerning fundraising but the Locum Clerk had confirmed there had been no response. CC shared that this would be a requirement for this project and as there was no response at this time the Parish Council would be unable to progress the project. After discussion the Councillors agreed that the project would be put on hold at this time unless interest in future was raised.

41/17 Millennium Tree

PB had sought advice from Barcham’s, near Soham and asked them about fixing a sign to the Millennium Tree that was not possible to be vandalised as well as being hard wearing. PB shared that Barcham's said that it was definitely not advisable to fix to the tree. After discussion the Councillors agreed to use the current tree guard and cut the top off and reuse. The Clerk to contact Bonnets to see if they could provide a quote. RESOLVED: 1) Clerk to contact Bonnetts to see about the reuse of the current tree guard for the millennium tree and provide a quote to the May meeting. 42/17 Approval of Farm Tenancy Advert for June Publication

The Councillors had received a draft advert for the Farm Tenancy with the agenda for approval. CC advised that it would be published in the Pump from the June issue until the deadline of 1st August for tenders to be received and also on the Parish Council website. CC also shared that tenders would be opened at the September meeting in time for the new tenancy to commence from 11 October 2017. After discussion the Councillors agreed that they had no amendments or comments on the draft advert presented and approved it for publication.

RESOLVED: (1) That the Locum Clerk place the advert on the Parish Council website and in the Village Pump for the June and July issues.

43/17 Application for the Erection of a Headstone

The Councillors had previously viewed copies of the following applications for headstones, which after discussion were approved in accordance with the Cemetery Regulations.

• Smart • Kellingray

CC asked for a response from the funeral director who appeared to have ignored the regulations in the recent interment of ashes in the garden of remembrance. The Locum Clerk agreed to seek a response.

44/17 Review of Parish Council Policies and Internal Affairs.

a) Cemetery Fees and Regulations – the policy was “revised” and emailed by PB and CC to the Councillors prior to the meeting for any comments or amendments. Information was added related to tablets and memorial vases, and clarification around registered holders of grave plots. The Councillors confirmed that they were happy with the revisions and agreed for the Clerk to arrange for it to be replaced on the website. CC advised in regard to a suggestion from the Locum Clerk that the Parish Council already considered that parishioners that had resided in the village for a long time and had only recently left qualified for parishioner rates. It was agreed following discussion that revision of Fees would be placed on the May agenda.

b) Action Plan 2017/18 – The Councillors agreed that much had been completed from the 2015/16 action plan but this should be placed on the May agenda.

c) Allotment Tenancy Agreement – the contract was “revised” and it was agreed three should be a requirement for the Allotment Tenants to have proper liaison with the Parish Council as a condition of their tenancy. The Councillors agreed to send a letter to the Allotment Holders with a copy of the last meeting notes to advise that their input was needed to run the site and offering to hold another meeting.

d) Assets Register – This document was ‘revised’ and the Locum Clerk was asked to add in the SAM2 Sign and Accessories (cost on invoices) and Cemetery Sign at a cost of £100.

e) Assets Review – The Councillors carried out an inspection of the Assets on 1st April 2017 and created a new list for action for the coming year. CC shared items that were included that would be posted on the website and advised Councillors if there were any other items to be added to notify the Locum Clerk. CC said that the various actions would be overseen by the Clerk with the necessary authorities or the Handyman.

f) Handling Complaints Policy – This document was ‘reviewed’ as there were no changes. The Locum Clerk to amend the copy on the website.

RESOLVED: 1) That the revised Cemetery Regulation document be placed to the website urgently by the Clerk. 2) That the Cemetery Fees be placed on the agenda for approval at the May meeting. 3) That the 2017/18 Action Plan be included on the May agenda. 4) That the Clerk to write a letter to Allotment Holders attaching a copy of the last meeting notes advising that an Allotment Liaison Officer and input from them is essential for the Parish Council to run the site. 4) That the Clerk to amend the Allotment Contract concerning liaison with the Parish Council for issue in the October 2017 renewal period. 5) That the Clerk to amend the Assets Register. 6) That the Clerk add the Assets Review to the website and progress items identified for action. 7) That the Clerk note the review date of the Handling Complaints Policy on the website.

45/17 Correspondence.

a) The Parish Council had received a letter from a local couple enquiring about woodland burials at West Dereham. The Councillors noted that the West Dereham Parish Council’s plans on green burial site were keen to progress but further details were needed. The Clerk agreed to respond to the correspondents with an update. LH agreed to discuss with the Natural Death Centre including negotiations of associated costs and report back.

RESOLVED: 1) LH to discuss Woodland Burials with the Natural Death Centre and report back at the next Discussion Group meeting. 2) That the Clerk to write a letter of response to those enquiring.

b) CC said that the Parish Council had received notification from the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk in regard to the next Local Plan which they advised would be consulted on later in the year. She added that the Borough Council regularly reviewed their Local Plan even though they were intended to cover 25 years of development. CC advised that there were four sites that had been put forward by local landowner, proposals to add 25 plus houses to a village of 200 houses represented an increase of 12.5% in the total stock, mostly in one place.

• 8 Houses opposite the Church and beside Hill House Farm, Bath Road. • 12 houses opposite Hill House Farm in Bath Road. • 5 houses alongside Willow Lane. • An unspecified number of houses off the Row/Ryston Road and on a plot alongside an area of conservation and amenity for the village.

CC advised that this was only advance notice of a formal review due to be carried out later in the year. CC advised that should anyone have any comments to contact the Clerk by email.

A Councillor commented that there was particular concern with this number of houses on the road network within the village being sustainable and with no additional amenities or infrastructure. 46/17 Other Business – Any additional reports and items for inclusion on the next Agenda.

a) PB agreed to retrieve a plaque on the old cemetery gates which was being stored from when the cemetery was consecrated and arrange cleaning of it. b) HM to be asked to regularly check for posters on poles within the village and remove as necessary. Clerk to add to his list to be presented after the Annual Parish meeting. c) PB advised that the Locum Clerk contract would need to be approved at the May meeting. d) It was the Annual Parish Meeting on Wednesday 12th April at 7 pm in the Village Hall.

The official meeting concluded at 9.25 pm, and was opened to the floor for general comment.

47/17 Open Forum.

a) Willow Lane – A parishioner commented on the work by Highways along Willow Lane for a repair that was quite elaborate. The Parish Council were unsure why such costs had been spent by the authority on what appeared to be a small repair in the location. b) Royal British Legion – Sunday 16 April in the Village Hall quarterly meeting and will be holding a Sandwich Lunch.

Closure. The Chairman thanked everyone for attending, and final closure of the meeting was at 9.30 pm.

Next meeting is the Annual Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday 3 May 2017 at 7.30pm with Open Surgery from 7.00pm.

Locum Clerk: Helen Richardson Email: clerk@westderehamparishcouncil.uk Telephone: 0779 5006811 Chairman’s signature …………………………………… Date ……………………………

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