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Stoke Ferry Parish Council - February

May 2017

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Minutes of the meeting held on 1st February, 2017

Attendance: Vice Chairman Mrs J Taylor Councillors Mrs D Clements Mrs J Lawson Mrs M Leamon Mrs T Mann Footpath Warden Mr C Philpott

Members of the public 5

1. Emergency Evacuation

Members and members of the public were advised of the emergency evacuation procedures for the Village Hall.

2. Apologies

Apologies were received from the Chairman, Cllr S Lintern (Business Commitment)

3. To receive Declarations of Interest from Members on any item to be discussed

There were no declarations of interest

4. To agree Minutes of the meeting held on 11th January, 2017

Proposed - Cllr Mrs Clements Seconded - Cllr Mrs Lawson

'That the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 11th January, 2017 be approved'

All in favour

5. Matters arising

Monthly Walk – Residents were being asked if they preferred a Saturday or Sunday and also to suggest a name for the group. The first name suggested is the ‘Stoke Ferry Stompers’ it was noted that this used to be the name for the line dancing club, but they no longer meet and therefore it was felt that this could be a good name. Bin on Common – This had now been removed and was going to be refurbished at Thomas B Bonnetts; once completed it would be re-sited in the village. It was suggested that this bin could replace the large bin on the hill and that one could go on the playing field. This was agreed and the large bin would be delivered to the playing field. The Playing Field Committee could agree where it was to be placed. Cllr Leamon would report this information to the PF Committee. Boughton Surgery – Cllr Mrs Mann read out a letter from Dr Knott, Boughton Surgery explaining the recent problems and what was believed to be the best way forward for the surgery. It was a very informative letter and members appreciated receiving the information. It was noted that minutes from the Patient Liaison Meetings at the Surgery were not published and the Clerk was asked to contact the Surgery and ask for a copy. The West Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group had responded and could only make a daytime meeting. It was agreed that this should be requested for a Tuesday morning. Notices would be placed around the villages asking for questions to be asked at that meeting. It was felt that it was essential that the Boughton Surgery is supported at the meeting.

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Field adjacent to the Cemetery – it was agreed to write to the owner of the land and ask for it to be tidied and cut as it was now causing significant problems for the Cemetery with weeds and overhanging brambles. It was also stated that this was the entrance to the village and should be seen as a clean and tidy area. Garages and green area in the vicinity of Buckenham Drive – Cllr Mrs Lawson advised that Borough Cllr Sampson was bringing this forward at the next meeting he has with Freebridge.

6. To receive report on Public Rights of Way (Footpaths/Bridleways)

There was nothing to report to this meeting.

7. Update on the Website

Work was continuing with putting relevant information on the website.

8. To discuss future grass cutting/maintenance within the village

Members had met with ‘Mr Sparkle’, Andrew Stannard, to discuss the terms of his contract for grass cutting and maintenance in the village. There had been a small reduction made in the cost and it was anticipated that he would make an excellent job of looking after the Cemetery and Playing Field.

Proposed – Cllr Mrs Leamon Seconded – Cllr Mrs Clements

‘That Mr Sparkle is offered the contract for grass cutting which would include the playing field and the cemetery’

All in favour

The contract would commence on the 1st April, 2017.

9. To discuss village Handyperson appointment

All members were given a copy of a job specification for the part time position for a ‘Handyperson’. It was agreed that the Clerk would put together an advert for the Village Pump asking for applicants for this post to apply for further details.

10. Cemetery

Further to the meeting on Sunday 22nd January, 2017 at 11.00am at the Cemetery it had been agreed to cut the hedge to ground level and monitor what happens with the new growth. The cost of this would be £350.00. The fir tree in the corner needs to be cut down to at least 4 ft if not to ground level. The tree now overshadows the property adjacent to the cemetery and also it is an increasing problem with the dropping of its needles which make the surrounding area extremely untidy. The cost of this would be in the region of £450. It was also agreed to remove the spoil from the corner as it was becoming unmanageable, this would be at a cost of £350.00. Finally the contractor would be asked to crown the Holly tree at a cost of £25.00. These are all one off costs. It was agreed that a letter should go to the local undertakers reminding them of the regulations for Stoke Ferry Cemetery and ask them to ensure that the gravediggers put the waste soil tidily in the specified place.

Page 007 (2017) Proposed – Cllr Mrs Lawson Seconded – Cllr Mrs Taylor

‘That CP Tree Services are contracted to undertake all the above work at a cost of £1175.00 plus an additional amount of up to £50 to take the fir tree down to ground level’

All in favour

11. To discuss Summer Fete for 2017

The date for the fete has now been advertised in the Village Pump and to date no one has come forward with any major event that is going to clash with. The talent contest has not had anyone coming forward to take part but it was felt to be very early days for this and members were confident that nearer the time names would be put forward. For the car boot sale it was agreed that tables would not be provided. Cllr Leamon agreed to ask the Playing Field Committee to work with the Parish Council on this event and that a working party should be formed of interested groups/residents to agree and finalise the details of the day. Progress reports would then be given to the Parish Council. This day was seen as a family day for the village and not as a fund raising event.

12. To agree items to be undertaken by the Rangers during their next visit.

It was agreed to keep this item on the agenda so an ongoing list could be kept for each of the rangers visits

13. To approve payments of bills

Proposed – Cllr Mrs Leamon Seconded - Cllr Mrs Mann

‘That the bills be paid as per the attached schedule.’

All in favour

14. To receive correspondence

A letter had been received from Cllr Mrs D Clements confirming that ‘she (Cllr Mrs Clements) would not be co-signing or authorising any more money payments other than to Stoke Ferry Parish Council from the Car Scheme, also that she had no involvement with the paperwork relating to the scheme. She had only ever been a driver or co-signatory for the car scheme and had never had any dealings with the paperwork’

The Clerk had received correspondence from Barclay Bank with regard to the new signatories for the bank accounts. They advised that our application had got ‘stuck’ in the system and therefore they now appeared not to have all the relevant documents. Cllrs Lintern and Mrs Taylor were currently in contact with Barclays who have now requested that they have a copy of a formal proposition showing that the Council agreed the new signatories.

Proposed – Cllr Mrs Mann Seconded – Cllr Mrs Lawson

‘That the signatories for Stoke Ferry Parish Council accounts are Cllrs Mrs Leamon, Mrs Lintern and Mrs Taylor’

All in favour

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15. To receive information or suggested items to be considered at the next meeting (Councillors/ Public)

A parishioner had commented that the railings in the High Street were dangerous; these are on the NCC Highways schedule to be replaced in the near future.

Street Light 18, Border Road is flickering – this would be reported.

Parish Councillors phone numbers in the Village Pump need to be checked as it appears that one of them is incorrect.

Cllr Mrs Lawson reported that 2Agriculture were obtaining quotes to refurbish some of their properties.

BCllr Sampson is helping in asking Freebridge to tidy the areas around Buckenham Drive.

Cllr Mrs Lawson advised that as the development behind the Village Hall now has more houses on it there could be additional S106 money available. Also investigations are to be made with the Borough Council concerning the play equipment i.e. where it will be placed and who will ultimately be responsible for it.

Concern was raised about the state of the road at the entrance to 2Agriculture off Buckenham Drive. This would be reported to NCC Highways.

A member of the public asked for support from the Parish Council for a ‘running event’ in and around the village. It was very early stages but it would be hoped to arrange various distances of runs in order to cater for all capabilities. Members thought that this was an excellent idea and looked forward to receiving updates on this proposed event.

16. Date and time of next meeting - Wednesday 1st March, 2017 at 7.00pm.

Meeting closed at 8.46 pm

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