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Whittington Church News

February 2017

Below is printed a list of Whittington Church Bonus Ball winners for 2016. If anyone would like a Bonus Ball there are still one or two numbers left at the time of going to press.

We are now in a new group of 5 churches:- Methwold, Wereham, West Dereham, Wretton with Stoke Ferry & Whittington, which means we now have a vicar at last, Reverend Ken Waters, which is lovely after being without one for 12 years! But Carol Nicholas Letch our Licensed Lay minister has been doing a wonderful job of looking after us so well during the interregnum, ably assisted by Elaine our marvellous churchwarden. We usually have a service in Whittington every other week and on the alternate week the service is at Wretton. We are a very informal group and would welcome new members. A full list of service times is in the pump every month and there is also a list on the church notice board.

Andrew, a member of our congregation who lived in Church Lane and is in the American Military organised a group of American servicemen to visit our churchyard (and Wretton) to tidy up for which we were very grateful. He has now been posted abroad and his family has moved to Hockwold while he is away. Our good wishes go with them all.

Our main fund raiser this year was a sponsored row along the River Wissey to Ely, this was done in 5 stages with different teams getting sponsors. The last stage to Ely was on 27th August where they were met by the Bishop. The event raised over £1000 for church funds. We also had a mini fete in the church in July and the duck race in August. Unfortunately we have not had a quiz this year as Gil Watkins who used to devise the quiz sadly died this year. He is greatly missed by us all. But we are hoping to once again hold a quiz in the church in 2017.

We still have our knitting group which is usually held in the church, but now the weather is colder we meet in Norman drive on every third Thursday from 9.30 – 11.30am. We have in the past sent our garments to Chernobyl, the Ukraine and to refugees fleeing their war-torn countries. You are very welcome to join us to knit and natter, just give me a ring for details.

We now have welcome packs to give to new people into the village, so if you know of any newcomers please let me, or anyone else on the PCC know.

Jenny Elsey


209/01/201648Laura Curd£50.00
316/01/201638Jan Challiss£25.00
423/01/201624Ann Prodromou£25.00
713/02/201636Tony Achurch£50.00
820/02/201642Ann Zissler£25.00
1005/03/201647Gill Giles£50.00
1113/03/20161Thomas Curd£25.00
1219/03/201622Sylvia Jackson£25.00
1326/03/201628Joyce Hume£25.00
1402/04/201615Ken Sizeland£25.00
1509/04/201618Janet Burns£25.00
1723/04/201624Ann Prodromou£50.00
1830/04/201631Elaine Taylor£25.00
1907/05/201628Mrs Hume£25.00
2014/05/201616Marion English£25.00
2121/05/201646Chris Rands£25.00
2304/06/201630Wendy White£50.00
2411/06/20163Pete Vigus£25.00
2518/06/201647Gill Giles£25.00
2625/06/201616Marion English£25.00
2702/07/201613Jenny Elsey£25.00
2809/07/201612Nancy Achurch£25.00
2916/07/201641Joan Ducklin£25.00
3023/07/201625Mavis Smith£25.00
3130/07/201648Laura Curd£25.00
3206/08/20168Colleen Whittred£25.00
3313/08/201638Jan Challiss£25.00
3420/08/201617Maureen Taylor£25.00
3527/08/20168Colleen Whittred£25.00
3603/09/201637Marion English£25.00
3710/09/20162Gerald King£25.00
3817/09/201637Marion English£25.00
3924/09/201642Lorraine M-Smith£25.00
4108/10/201627Sara Lee£50.00
4322/10/201623Penny Eves£50.00
4429/10/201642Lorraine M-Smith£25.00
4505/11/201627Sarah Lee£25.00
4612/11/20168Colleen Whittred£25.00
4719/11/201640David Waller£25.00
4826/11/201617Maureen Taylor£25.00
4903/12/201631Elaine Taylor£25.00
5010/12/201620Eric Eves£25.00
5117/12/20168Colleen Whitred£25.00
5224/12/201612Nancy Achurch£25.00
5331/12/201625Mavis Smith£25.00
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