River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Anglican newsletter - February

February 2017

Too Short How's your waistline? Mine is doing very nicely, thank you. I would prefer it was in a decline but, hey ho, I have convinced myself it is helping to keep me warm, keep M&S in profit and gives hubby plenty to cuddle. Who am I kidding! I want a slim waist, no lumps and a graceful elegant body: unfortunately I didn't possess these attributes when I was a young, carefree, filly. What chance do I have now? Jane, our amazing cook at school, reckons it is not my weight that is the problem, just that I am too short: stretch me a few inches and I would have an hour glass figure.....yea right!!! Which brings me to what is the answer? Well, I don't do New Year Resolutions, what's the point I never keep them. What about exercise, yes, exercise that should do it. If I walk to school, walk on my pastoral visits-Stoke Ferry only you understand - and walk to see my sister - she lives three roads away and I really shouldn't drive- the pounds will fall off and I will be able to see my feet again. There you go problem solved. We have plenty of wood for the burner, I can still help out with M&S profits ( after all I will need to buy new clothes when my trousers start to slip) and hubby can still cuddle a thinner, svelte me. The added bonuses? Less frequent trips to the petrol station, less strain on my creaky back and a very, very happy doctor. Carol Nicholas-Letch ps I will not keep you updated on progress. I may have to be content with how God intended me to be.

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