River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Who needs Government?

January 2017

We had a lovely Coffee Morning in All Saints Church Wretton on the 13th December. About two dozen folk popping in for mince pies, mulled wine and lots of other goodies - I was so glad I'd had no time for breakfast! Mind you it didn't bode well when I first got there: I had forgotten the saucepan to warm the Mulled Wine so poor Helaine had to pop home to get one, luckily she lives close to the church. Then the decaf coffee was missing - back she went to pick up hers. Then she said ' We are having a raffle aren't' we?'. Raffle? Did we agree to have a raffle? Yes we did, I knew, as a lady opening the church door announced to all and sundry, 'who wants the raffle prize I've brought along?' ' Off Helaine went again to hurriedly grab some raffle tickets. Luckily, we had lots of goodies for prizes and all was not lost - except perhaps my memory! Thank you Helaine you saved the day. During the ensuing conversations, accompanied by Carols and Christmas songs I happened to mumble that I had no idea what I was going to write in the Pump for January's edition. Usually by now inspiration pops in but despite a few sleepless nights - nothing! And then WHAM!!! Dear Hilary announces - ' Write about our Coffee Morning. So, you have heard of the start and this is what happened later: A few of us got into a discussion about 2016. The general consensus was a roller coaster of terror, war, dying children and all the other horrors of the last 12 months. We then moved on to the unexpected - us coming out of the EU, a bloke with a strange blonde hair do and strange ideas of running one of the biggest countries/ economies in the world . Hold on, someone said, we've got a bloke with a strange blonde hair do too and whilst he may not be quite so dangerous as the USA version he certainly can come out with some outlandish remarks. We do not ordinarily discuss politics in church but that morning we really went to town and by the time 12 o'clock came round the world had been put to rights, a couple of blonde chaps had lost their jobs and love and peace reigned all over the world - just as God had always intended. Who needs Government - all you need is a coffee morning. Despite all that, I have to say that there are some amazing people out there doing their bit to make this world of ours a better place. So, in 2017 lets all make a pledge to each other and push the ARK out: ACT of RANDOM KINDNESS - It costs nothing, shines light in dark places and does something marvellous to the giver. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE Carol Nicholas-Letch (Aided and abetted by Hilary)

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