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Village Liaison Meeting Minutes - May 16

October 2016

Stoke Ferry Feed Mill


Wednesday 18th May 2016

Present: Mrs. S Lintern Mr. R Thompson Ms K Penn (Borough Council) Mr. S Livsley (Environment Agency) Mr. D Jacklin (2Agriculture Stoke Ferry) Mr. D Melladay (2Agriculture Stoke Ferry) Mr Nigel Keach (2Agricuture Stoke Ferry)

1. Apologies. Mrs. Daphne Clements (Parish Council) 2. Minutes of the previous meeting (18th May 2016) and matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed


Ms. Penn gave an update on the Air Quality monitors in the village and stated that there was a new monitor to be fitted to the lamppost next to the churchyard and the monitor situated at the end of Furlong Road was to be moved into the Buckenham Drive area.

After a brief discussion it was decided to place the third monitor is to be placed in Self’s field and not the old churchyard.

5. Complaints received since the last meeting

There have been two complaints received following the previous meeting.

6. Noise

A complaint was received that the boilers appeared to be noisier than had been in the past.

DJ Stated that No 2 boiler had been taken off line for servicing and after monitoring No1 boiler it did appear to be slightly noisier than No2 boiler but that an engineer would attend as the boiler could be taken off line to solve the issue.

7. Odour Dust & Particulates

One complaint was received about a fishy smell coming from the top of the site.

DJ Stated that after speaking to the complainant he had carried out an investigation and found a slight leak on a pump in the bunded area. This was rectified and these pumps are to be moved into a self-contained unit so that if another problem occurred it would be contained within the unit. 8. Transport

No complaints have been received

9. Any other Business

Mrs Lintern Stated the Mrs Daphne Clements had now resigned from the committee.

Mr. Livsley stated that a full permit audit had been carried out and that no breaches had be found however there were some minor paperwork issues that had now been brought up to date.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 23rd Nov 2016,

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