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Stoke Ferry & District Ladies Group - September Meeting

October 2016

Minutes of the meeting held on September 7th. Mrs Armsby welcomed everyone. 16 members and 3 visitors attended. APOLOGIES were received from Janet Cooper,Valerie Kirchen, Heather Durrance, Anita Horgen, Rosemary White and Janet Burns. MINUTES of the last meeting were read and signed. MATTERS ARISING Several members said how much they had enjoyed the outing, and Mrs Armsby thanked Mrs Gillian Smith and the events committee for organising it. ROTAS for Oct. Harvest Supper, so teas & VOT were not needed. DOOR & RAFFLE Janet Cooper and Valerie Kirchen. BIRTHDAYS (2) Hazel Hearne. Mrs Hearne also asked members to tick what they will bring for the harvest supper, and reminded everyone not to forget their crockery, cutlery, drinks, & a raffle prize if possible. Birthday posies were presented to Wendy Quadling and Mavis smith. AOB Mrs Gillian Smith said that the committee were discussing possibilities for the Christmas lunch, and these will be put to members in October. Claire Lankfer said that Janet Cooper will be holding a coffee morning for Macmillan on Fri Sept 30th at her home in Oxborough from 10am. Any help or support would be welcome. Mrs Armsby then introduced Annette Croote to tell us of another of her treks for the Macmillan appeal. This time we were taken on a hazardous journey through Cambodia. In high humidity they had coped with flooding from the monsoon, where the cow driven provisions cart was nearly lost in deep mud, and had a police escort through a minefield. They also met trainee Buddhist monks. These young boys are not allowed any female contact as this would prevent them from reaching the ultimate goal of Nirvana. The trek ended at the amazing world heritage site of Angkor Wat, & raised over £194 thousand for Macmillan. She was warmly thanked by Mrs Gillian Smith. The raffle was won by Wendy Quadling and Jenny Elsey. The meeting ended at 9.15pm. Claire Lankfer (secretary).

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