River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Carol Nicholas-Letch - October

October 2016

Merry Harvest As the nights draw in and the air feels cooler in the mornings and evenings (but not as I write this: mid-September 7.30pm and 20c) my mind starts to meander towards leaves turning brown, logs for the fire and Harvest. A time for giving thanks for all that the land gives us, the farmers who work the land and those whose harvests fail year after year. Talking of warm weather, we spent the day on Snettisham beach just before I put pen to paper. It was windy but very warm and whilst I lounged in my deck chair I tried and failed miserably to read the free local paper picked up on the way. The wind kept turning more pages than I had intended and eventually I had to give up but not until the wind had revealed the back few pages and the words jumped at me through wind, sand and suntan lotion----- Book your Christmas Party Today. Christmas! And I'm thinking about Autumn and Harvest. No, sorry I do not think about Christmas until after Guy Fawkes night. At the moment it is apples round the font, Hawthorne berries on the school altar and how many sausages do we need for our traditional, annual Harvest Brunch in one of our two churches - this year it is Christ Church Whittington's turn. I am all for being prepared and I know staff parties need to be booked early but thinking about Christmas brings visions of snow, tinsel and Carols, but not when I am trying to top up the tan and eat a ham sandwich with mustard without sand as a condiment. So it's firmly back to Harvest Thanksgiving. If you would like to come and give thanks to our maker for all He gives us and have a slap up brunch at the same time, come and join us at Christ Church Whittington on the 2nd October at 11am. It's free, as it is at every church service, just give me a ring so we do know just how many sausages we need. 01366 500 704

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