War Memorial Gary Trouton

Air Quality Monitoring - Stoke Ferry

October 2016

The Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk has monitored the air quality in Stoke Ferry for particulate matter (PM10) since 2011 as part the Council’s duty to assess air quality across the Borough and compare it to objectives set in the National Air Quality Strategy. Possible sources of particulate matter in Stoke Ferry are industrial activities and agriculture. Currently, an Osiris dust monitor is located on the junction of Furlong Road and Lynn Road. In 2012 this monitor indicated there was an exceedance of both the annual and 24 hour mean air quality objectives for particulate matter (PM10) and therefore a report called a Detailed Assessment was required. The equipment needed to collect the additional monitoring data required for the Detailed Assessment was being used in other parts of the Borough until now but it can now be relocated to Stoke Ferry. Since 2012 data has shown there have been no further exceedances of the air quality objectives in Stoke Ferry and it is hoped the further monitoring will continue to show this and confirm the air quality in Stoke Ferry now meets the objectives. It is being arranged for the current Osiris dust monitor to be relocated to Buckenham Drive, and an additional Osiris dust monitor to be installed on the lamp post next to the War Memorial in the near future. We will also be placing a larger monitoring station (called a TEOM) in Self’s Field, on Lynn Road in the new year. We expect that monitoring will last at least 12 months so any seasonal variations can be detected. Once we have collected enough data to carry out the Detailed Assessment the report will be completed and submitted to Defra for auditing, the report will say whether monitoring needs to be continued in future or not. Monitoring data will be available to view on the Norfolk Air Quality Website www.norfolkairquality.net. We will continue to attend the Village Liaison meetings and provide regular updates to them. For any further information please contact Kate Penn (01553 616324) or Dave Robson (01553 616302) or email ehandhenvironmentalquality@west-norfolk.gov.uk

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