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Stoke Ferry Village Hall

August 2016

Village Hall Committee Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration

The winners of the Pot of Gold were 543 Daphne Clements, 307 Georgie Howard, 188 Poppy Leamon and 11 Clark McCarthy. Congratulations to all.

The Committee would very much like to thank everyone who supported the Hall at the Celebration, especially the numerous people who donated a bottle of wine. Many thanks indeed.

Progress on the refurbishment of the Village Hall roof

The Committee is delighted to update residents on progress regarding the Village Hall roof. The Draft Minute from the latest meeting of the Committee is below, and residents will see that the decision has been made to accept a quote from Moores Contractors Ltd to clean, repair, and repaint the roof. Mr Steve Moore, who is undertaking this work, intends that the initial work should start week commencing 18th July. The repainting may take longer, depending entirely on the weather naturally! Hopefully, by the time you read this, the job will be complete and our Village Hall will look much better, and be leak-free.

The kind donation from Stoke Ferry Regeneration Ltd, who are developing the land around the Village Hall, has enabled us to pay for this work, and we would particularly like to thank Mr Paul Bishopp and Mr Wayne Barnett for their continued support of the Hall. The Committee would also like to thank Stoke Ferry Parish Council for its extremely generous grant of £2,700 towards the refurbishment.

These donations mean that the Committee can focus on other projects to enhance the service and facilities which can be provided within the Hall for residents and others. As always, we would like to thank sincerely those residents and others who support the Hall by using its facilities, by donating, and by offering help. We are very grateful. Stoke Ferry Village Hall Committee July 2016

Email: stokeferryvillagehall@gmail.com Stoke Ferry Village Hall Committee

Meeting held 6.30pm Tuesday 21 June 2016


Present: G Phillips, M Reeve (Chair), K Scott, P Sewell, J Taylor (Secretary), J Trollope

Three quotes for repair/replacement of the Hall roof were presented by the Secretary: one for patch repair and repaint; one for re-covering the roof, without removing the existing; one for complete replacement.

The financial implications of each option were considered.

It was proposed that the quote for repair-only of the roof from Moores Contractors Ltd be accepted. Proposed: G Phillips; seconded: P Sewell; all in favour. Carried.

The Secretary will check whether planning permission would be needed.

The Hall has six second-hand radiators. It was suggested that these be donated to the Playing Field Trust, but with a disclaimer to prevent any liability accruing to the Village Hall Trust. Proposed: K Scott; seconded; J Trollope; all in favour. Carried.

The meeting closed at 7.30pm.

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