River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Blue Bell Response

August 2016

Dear Ray, In reply to letter from last month from ex customer of The Blue Bell. There were discussions with several customers re moving the bar as it happens it was a customer’s idea to put the bar where it is now! Opening hours are clearly marked on the door All businesses and life have rules. These are in place for many reasons as I have already written about in previous letters for the comfort and safety of everyone I'm sorry that we feel that you didn't receive a warm welcome and felt that there was a lump it or like it atmosphere. That has never been an intention of ours, but if you were a customer who didn't behave in a manner that is acceptable in a public environment is swearing at the top of your voice dropping your trousers taking drugs or generally making a nuisance of yourself to other customers we would perhaps have had a not so friendly attitude towards you! The changes made are to give more space and comfort to provide food. Which is building on nicely For when music bands karaoke etc. there is then room to manoeuvre around the pub. Mish mash we all have different tastes and ideas We would like to point out there are more things we need to do and replace but we have to make money before they can be done! If at any time you wish to discuss this further please feel free to pop over and I'm sure we can reassure you of our intentions Yours Kev and Linda at Bluebell

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