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WEREHAM PARISH COUNCIL Draft Minutes Subject to the Approval at the next Meeting Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting 12 April 2016 at 6.30 pm Wereham Village Hall

July 2016


Draft Minutes Subject to the Approval at the next Meeting

Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting

12 April 2016 at 6.30 pm

Wereham Village Hall


Cllr Jo Bruce                 JB        Chairperson

Cllr Gail Koopowitz        GK       Vice Chairperson

Cllr Brian Bruce             BB

Cllr Jacki Hitching         JH

Cllr Jonathon Ratsey     JR

Nicola Cooper               NC       Parish Clerk

Helen Richardson         HR       Parish Clerk (Minutes)

Also in attendance:

Cllr Colin Sampson        CS       Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk

Cllr Martin Storey          MS       Norfolk County Council

Members of the Public: 45

1/16      Public Comments / Questions

Before the meeting was formally commenced the public present were asked to highlight any areas of concern within the Parish. The following points were raised by the public present in relation to the Planning Application 16/00501/OM Outline Application: construction of 28 Dwellings, Land at the Row, Wereham, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE33 9AU:

  • Concern about the proposed road layout and widening of The Row.
  • Concern about proposed footpath inclusion and loss of verges to the neighbouring property frontage of The Row;
  • Concern of the number of properties proposed in the application;
  • Increase in traffic from the proposed 28 Dwellings to the immediate area, and unsuitability of the road for heavy goods vehicles;
  • Lack of amenities in the village particularly in the immediate area;
  • Concern about the arrangements for those visiting the cemetery and attending funerals, particularly in relation to parking their vehicles;
  • Concern about light pollution from proposed 28 Dwellings in the local area;
  • Concern for the safety of children who play in the immediate area from an increase in traffic;
  • Concern for the preservation of trees on the proposed site;
  • Concern that plans had not been available from the Borough Council Planning Department for the public to view online until earlier that day.

The Chair advised the public that any concerns about the plans near any boundary of their property can be checked within deeds to a property.

2/16     The Openess and Transparency Notice was read by the Chair.

3/16     Apologies and Welcome

Apologies were received and accepted for Pamela Walker.  The Parish Council welcomed Helen Richardson as the new Parish Clerk, and thanked Nicola for her support over the past two years.

4/16     Consider Declarations of Interest on Agenda Items and Dispensation Requests

There were none.

5/16     Minutes of the Meeting dated 7 March 2015

The minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 7 March 2015 were agreed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.    Prop. GK, 2nd JR, All agreed.

6/16     Matters Arising from the Minutes:  (for information only)

  1. i) Highways

Resolved: (For information only)

  1. Weight Restriction: Andy Wallace of Highways had advised the weight restriction sign for Flegg Green was correct.
  2. Parish Partnership Funding/Pond: Andy Wallace had noted that the Parish Council was intending to apply for Parish Partnership funding for the pond pending a funding decision, and that any works should be scheduled for April 2017. HR to add to going forward list.

Outstanding for Action:  (Clerk to Resolve All)

  1. SAM2 Sites Rota: HR to send Andy Wallace, Speed Watch and Chris and Nicki Loake a rota of the SAM2 sites.
  2. Pond Boards: Andy Wallace had acknowledged the requirement to reinforce commitment to remove boards at the pond which have fallen into the pipe. It had been raised with the relevant persons and was waiting to attend the site.  HR to chase Andy.
  3. Sunken Drain on A134: Andy Wallace had noted the reported sunken drain on the A134 outside the last bungalow before Bath Road and the triangle of grass at the bottom of The Row which requires repair.  This work was currently outstanding, HR to chase.

  1. ii) General

Resolved: (For information only)

  1. Streetlight Repair: A streetlight at the Springs Court had been reported and the resident of the neighbouring property had agreed to fund CGM to cut back the tree nearby.
  2. Communications: The Clerk had responded to Mr and Mrs Lockwood to advise that there were no resources to contact everyone affected by Parish Council meetings, and information could be found on the website.
  3. Refund cheque: Had been arranged for H Brett & Son.
  4. The Cemetery Fee Schedule: Had been amended by the Parish Clerk.
  5. Memorial: The memorial for the late Mrs Gleed had been accepted.
  6. Local Development Framework: NC had sent a letter to Geoff Hall in regard to the lack of communications with the Parish Council regarding the change to the preferred development site of The Springs to a new location behind Hollies Farm recently.
  7. Clerk Mobile Phone: HR would be using her own mobile phone for the clerk role and therefore a new one was not needed.

Outstanding:   (Clerk to Resolve All)

  1. Crown Gardens Footpath: BCKLWN Enforcement Officer had confirmed that he was continuing to work on getting the path at Crown Gardens reopened, and discussions with the property owner was progressing well, there had been an extension granted for the work to be carried out. HR to update with them.
  2. Memorial Inspections: HR agreed to contact AON to determine insurance requirements for memorial inspections.
  3. Molehills on Playground and Field: NC shared that she had asked NALC about the requirement for a sign warning of mole hills on the playground and field, and they had advised that the Parish Council had a duty of care to those using the playground and field and it would be appropriate to take action if those people were at risk. It was agreed that JR would investigate the mole hills present in the area and advise HR when action needed to be taken with CGM.  HR to investigate previous costs paid with CGM for mole catching services.
  4. Audit: An update on audit arrangements would be emailed round by HR.
  5. Correspondence folder: would be restarted by HR.
  6. Key Contacts List: HR and NC would be creating a list of key contacts to allow the public to report any non-parish council issues directly to the relevant authority, and the list would be placed on the noticeboard, website and facebook pages. It was agreed that it would be resolved by the AGM.
  7. Habitat Renovation Trust/Pond: Clerk to contact the Habitat Renovation Trust to advise that the project to the pond was on hold.

Village Hall

Resolved: (For information only)

  1. Bens Lane: NC had written to Mrs Roberts to clarify where the right of way was, a copy of the deeds was supplied during the meeting and her daughter Ms Bliss advised that there was no historical payment of rent due by the Parish Council and it was only for information and records. The clerk agreed to keep a copy of the deed on file.
  2. Purchase of Land: NC had sent acknowledgement that the Wereham Village Hall Charity were buying the proposed parcel of land for the new village hall.
  3. Licencing of Playing field: The Heygate family had requested that the Parish Council enter into a new licence agreement for the playing field. NC had received quotes from John Gudgeon of Hawkin’s Ryan and Ward Gethin to be kept on file until the Lottery result was received for the new Village Hall.  HR to add to forward list.
  4. Deed of Easement in Access to Playing Field: NC confirmed that it had been put in writing to the Village Hall that it accepted the arrangement of a Deed of Easement to protect the right of way for access, which was a prudent way forward as long as a clear 3 metre access was guaranteed.

7/16     Correspondence Received (For information only, not otherwise on agenda)

  1. Letter from K&M Lighting Services re LED Lamps – circulated via email.
  2. Email from Anglian Water – Pollution Watch – circulated via email.
  3. RAF Marham Information event 16th March – circulated via email.
  4. Norfolk ALC Newsletters – available from clerk, circulated via email where appropriate.
  5. G4 Diary Dates – available from clerk.

The following item was brought forward by the Chair.

A list of material planning considerations was read by the Chair to remind the Councillors and public what can and cannot be commented on****.

8/16     16/00501/OM Outline Application: construction of 28 Dwellings, Land at the Row, Wereham, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE33 9AU

All Councillors had been provided with access to the plans in relation to the application 16/00501/OM.

The Chair advised that she had viewed comments from the public available on the Planning website earlier that day.  She had also discussed the lateness of some plans received with the Borough Council for the application, and they had advised that this was not unusual and the Parish Council still had the same deadline to respond of 13 April.  The Chair advised that it was unclear when the Local Development Framework of a five year development plan would go ahead, and any applications received at this time would stand.

The Chair read a list of objections and advised that the same themes were raised by the public earlier in the meeting.  She added that the list covered all areas of objection and that it could be provided to the Borough Council as the Parish Council’s response if agreed. The Parish Council had no concerns about the tree preservation order imposed on the site.

Other comments from Parish Councillors reiterated comments within the list such as the size of the development in proportion to the village; suitability of the road layout in the immediate area and safety of children, the access to the cemetery; width of the road where machinery at times have to climb verges where currently within the plans a path would replace; lack of amenities in the village and the risk of becoming a key service point.

Resolved:     (1) That an objection be made as laid out in the document presented by the Chair to be provided to the Borough Council Planning authority as formal objection to the planning application.

(2) That a vote was taken on whether to support the application, of the 5 Parish Councillors; all 5 voted to formally object the application.  This provided a quorum of agreement on the decision to formally object.   Prop. GK, 2nd JH, All agreed.

9/16     16/00081/F, Extension to dwelling and erection of garage, The Croft, Flegg Green:

It was noted that the application had been permitted through delegated decision.

10/16    16/00535F, High House Front Extension and new Main Roof incorporating second floor accommodation.

It was noted that the application had been permitted through delegated decision.

11/16    16/00042/TREECA: Village Pond and Recreation Ground, Church Road Wereham, Norfolk.

It was noted that the application had been permitted through delegated decision.

Resolved:        (1) That HR to contact Alex Laver about start date of the work and safety of nesting birds.

12/16    Wereham Village Hall Update

Victoria Gray, Chair of the Wereham Village Hall Charity attended the Parish Council to provide an update.  She advised that the Project Team for the new village hall had reached ‘Heads of Terms’ which would be held until the Lottery application was approved.  Victoria advised that it was the aim of the charity to instruct solicitors at the end of September 2016 and she agreed to advise the Parish Council as soon as possible so that Licencing of the playing field, land registry and any other matters could be addressed as soon as possible.  The Chair highlighted that the Parish Council may have to allow for at least £1000 towards fees required at that stage.

The Chair congratulated Victoria on planning approval for the new Village Hall.   Victoria advised that the Planning application approval came just in time for submission of the stage three lottery application on 22 April.  She added that the Lottery had reviewed the draft application and had advised that there was no amends. Victoria advised the Parish Council that the permission for planning for the application of a building plot on the current village hall site was due by the end of this week and that the Parish Council would be kept informed of the outcome.  The Parish Council thanked Victoria for her update and she left the meeting.

13/16    Village Hall Sign Base

The Parish Council had received two quotes in relation for the rebuilding of the base of the village sign.  The Parish Council were pleased to receive a quote from a parishioner, and it was suggested that as long as he was able to confirm the use of engineering bricks for the bottom course layer at the same price the work he would be awarded.

Resolved:        (1) That the work be awarded to Lee Gardner at a cost of £180 providing that he was able to confirm the use of engineering bricks for the bottom course layer at the same price.  HR to action.   Prop. GK, 2nd JB, All agreed.

14/16    Playground Floor Tiles

NC advised that there had been no response from Ian at CGM in regard to the flooring of the playground being slippery. The Chair advised that she had met with him previously and they had advised the Parish Council to pressure wash and moss spray the tiles in order to mitigate the slippery surface.  However, he was now providing advice that the tiles should be painted.  The Chair highlighted that it was unfortunate that the Parish Council had again missed an opportunity to discuss a resolution at another meeting.  She added that there was concern about it being a safety issue and CGM needed to advise what the Parish Council could and couldn’t do. The Parish Council thanked Mr Gott and Brian Bruce for pressure washing the playground recently, they also agreed to pass thanks to Tom.

Resolved:        (1) That HR contact CGM and remind them that the initial action suggested by them was the course of action that has been taken to date, but due to new advice the Parish Council wished to seek a formal plan of action by the meeting in May.  HR to contact Ian and Tim at CGM and invite to May meeting for discussion.

(2) That HR will also contact Wickstead to get advice on painting/sealing of the tiles as it wasn’t mentioned in the annual safety inspection or on installation.

15/16    Defibrillator Funding

JH shared information that she had recently found on costs of different packages and membership for the Defibrillator.  The Parish Council thanked her for the investigation work done.  NC added that the Borough were aware of the adoption of the phone box and would keep it open, but not indefinitely.

Resolved:        (1) That JH will progress the application, and HR will provide support for submission of the application to the lottery by the meeting in July.   Prop. JB, 2nd GK, All agreed.

16/16    Near Flooding Incident at Mr Skinners Property

JR advised that local authority departments such as bridges & culverts were still discussing who owned the pipe.  JR shared that the Drainage Board had agreed to widen the pipe but it would not provide a long term solution.

Resolved:        (1) That JR contact Julian and Mark to find out who owns it by the meeting in July as an update item on the agenda.

17/16    Ownership of Dyke running alongside Carters land

The Chair advised that no one had clear understanding of who owned the dyke, and if something happened with the dyke in the future the residents would have to consider using their own insurance to claim including legal costs.

Resolved:          (1) That it was not the Parish Council’s responsibility to spend resources on this issue.

18/16                Footpath from Gibbet Lane to Fincham

The Chair advised that the Public Right of Way Officer from Norfolk County Council had been in touch to ask if the Parish Council knew of the ownership of the land near the footpath they wished to re-open.

Resolved:        (1) That HR contact Albanwise of Barton Bendish and Maurice Mason of Fincham.

(2) That BB contact Roger Lankfer.

19/16    Rangers / Highways Maintenance Tasks

BB raised that the new path on the A134 was not sufficient as weeds were still visible and more would grow through, for lack of tarmac cover.

Resolved:        (1) That HR report the task to the Rangers.

20/16    Proposed Main Modifications to the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Document (SADMP).  Consultation by BCKLWN.

The Chair advised that this was in regard to the Local Development Framework site change and was formally advising of the change from The Springs to the Hollies Farm with allocation for a minimum of 8 dwellings.

Resolved:        (1) The Parish Council noted the document.

21/16    LAIS1389 Broadband: via Norfolk ALC

The Chair commented that it was felt that Broadband for Wereham was sufficient and no response was required.

Resolved:        (1) That the Parish Council noted the consultation but agreed no action was necessary.

22/16    LAIS1388 Planning Changes: via Norfolk ALC

The Chair advised that Norfolk ALC had provided a guidance sheet since the consultation papers were issued and she had highlighted areas within the document that were of relevance to Wereham.

Resolved:        (1) That HR use the highlighted areas in the document provided by Norfolk ALC to respond to the consultation online.

23/16    Consultation on Norfolk Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) Methodology: North Norfolk District Council

HR advised that the consultation was in regard to the standardisation for the assessing of sites of land.   The Chair commented that these type of consultation documents were inaccessible to read.  Cllr M Storey advised that he would be providing feedback on the information provided, and would stress the importance of clear and easy to understand information for Parish Councils, as well as being relevant to the areas in which they are sent.

24/16    Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) – Consultation on the Draft Charging Schedule: BCKLWN

The Chair advised that the Councillors needed a better understanding of CIL.  Cllr M Storey advised that CIL was the amount of money agreed between a developer and the Borough Council and a proportion of any funds may go back to the Parish from where it was raised.

Resolved:        (1) That GK log comments online.

25/16    Finance

The Parish Council thanked NC for success in the application of the Transparency Fund for the receipt of grant funding for £636.63.

The Accounts to 12 April 2016 had been provided to the Parish Council including the cheques to be signed and payments approved in accordance with the below.

Resolved:        (1) That HR to keep an action list for renewals and website payments for the Transparency Fund.

(2) That the Accounts to 12 April 2016 were accepted and cheques signed and payments approved in accordance with the above.   Prop. JR, 2nd GK, All agreed.

26/6     Parish Council Management Issues

NC advised that the Parish Council needed appoint an internal auditor for Year end 2015/16 and John Cross used in previous years would be a sufficient contractor.  NC advised that a Charge Card for the Clerk was being explored.

Resolved:        (1) That John Cross be appointed as internal auditor for Year end 2015/16. Prop. JB, 2nd JH, All agreed.

(2) That the Clerk Charge Card will not be requested.

27/16    Councillors concerns and agenda items for next meeting

  • GK gave apologies for the meeting on 10 May 2016.
  • JH to talk to NL about apologies for the meeting.

  • Dates of Next Meetings

Tuesday 10 May 2016 at 6.30 pm – Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.


The Council will be requested to pass a resolution excluding the press and public from the meeting in accordance with Section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted (staffing ).

Meeting closed at 9.15pm

Actions to Take Forward

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