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Stoke Ferry Village Hall Annual Report 2016

July 2016

Stoke Ferry Village Hall Annual Report 2015 – 2016 Update Since the Annual Report 2015/16 was published, there have been significant developments. The original understanding between the Village Hall Trust Committee and Stoke Ferry Regeneration Ltd was that SFRLtd would donate to the Trust £10,000 upon the Trustees signing a legal agreement to take on the car park provided by SFRLtd for the Hall’s use as part of the Planning Application. A further £10,000 would be donated upon the Application being successful. The Trustees had felt unable to sign such an agreement because of the potential liabilities involved. The Committee has liaised with SFRLtd in order to resolve this impasse, and it has been agreed that SFRLtd will retain ownership and therefore liability for the Village Hall car park, and lease it to the Hall for £1 per annum for 99 years. SFRLtd has already paid to the Village Hall £10,000 without any legal agreement being in place, as the latest part of its commitment to support the village community. The Committee is supporting the planning application fully and shall liaise with Planning at BCKLWN as necessary. We have received one firm quote for replacing the roof on the Hall, and are expecting another shortly. We anticipate that we shall accept one or other, and start the planning application to renew the roof soon. Judith Taylor Secretary, Village Hall Committee May 2016

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