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Stoke Ferry Parish Council May 16

July 2016


Minutes of the meeting held on 11th May, 2016

Attendance: Chairman Mrs D Clements Vice Chairman Mrs C Hardy Councillors M Leamon S Lintern J Nicholas-Letch M Precey J Taylor County Councillor M Storey Members of the public 5

Emergency Evacuation

Members and members of the public were advised of the emergency evacuation procedures for the Village Hall.

1. Election of Chairman

Proposed – Cllr Precey Seconded – Cllr Nicholas-Letch

That Cllr Hardy is elected as Chairman

Proposed – Cllr Taylor Seconded – Cllr Leamon

That Cllr Lintern is elected as Chairman

A vote was taken and Cllr Hardy was elected as Chairman for 2016/17

2. Election of Vice Chairman

Proposed – Cllr Precey Seconded – Cllr Nicholas Letch

That Cllr Lintern is elected as Vice Chairman

All in favour

3. Apologies

There were no apologies for absence

4. To receive Declarations of Interest from Members on any item to be discussed

There were no Declarations of Interest

5. To agree Minutes of the meeting held on 13th April, 2016

Proposed - Cllr Taylor Seconded - Cllr Leamon

'That the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 13th April, 2016 be approved'

All in favour

6. Matters arising

A short discussion took place on the purchase of a projector in order that planning application can be easily viewed. It was agreed that this should be an agenda item at the next meeting.

7. Constitution of Committee

i. Personnel The Chairman, Cllr Hardy and Cllrs’ Clements and Lintern ii. Cemetery The Chairman, Cllr Hardy and Cllrs’ Clements and Leamon iii. Finance The Chairman, Cllr Hardy and Cllrs’ Lintern and Precey

8. Clerks rate of pay and hours This would be discussed by the Personnel Committee

9. To receive report on Public Rights of Way (Footpaths/Bridleways)

Cllr Lintern gave a report on the current progress with Norfolk County Council on the PROW. It should be noted that if any footpath/bridleway is not on the definitive map held by NCC it could be lost in the future. Cllr Lintern had met with a representative from NCC Highways who had supplied some signage which the Parish Council can replace; these signs will be held by Cllr Lintern.

10. Update on requests for Parish Council funding i. Funding for the electric supply for the Playing Field

Cllr Leamon declared an interest in this item

Proposed – Cllr Clements Seconded – Cllr Taylor

‘That the Parish Council covers the cost of the connection for the electric supply for the Playing Field’

For 6 Declared Interest – 1

11. To discuss Hospital/Doctor Car Scheme

Correspondence had been received asking for clarification of the current car Scheme. In particular, three points were raised: • What was the legal definition of this type of organisation • What did the original minute state when this was first agreed by the Parish Council • At which meeting was it agreed to subsidise the car scheme

Cllr Nicholas-Letch advised members that at the meeting of the 11th January 2012 a representative from Norfolk County Council attended to provide the Council with information on running a local car scheme. He also stated that it was the intention to set up the scheme as advised by the Norfolk County Council but was, in fact, set up in a different way. Cllr Nicholas-Letch stressed that this was not a Parish Council Scheme. After further discussion it was proposed that in order to set the records straight the following proposition would be made.

Proposed – Cllr Lintern Seconded – Cllr Taylor

‘That it is noted that the car scheme is not a Parish Council scheme and is currently run by a private person’

All in favour

12. To discuss an event to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday

The organisation of this event is going well and the Chairman, Cllr Mrs Hardy produced a report from the last joint meeting. A climbing frame had been booked along with a Hog Roast and a band. The commemorative medals had been received and these would be distributed to the Academy children at the beginning of June.


Cllr Nicholas Letch agreed to investigate a new website.

14.To discuss the publication of draft minutes

It was agreed after a short discussion that, if available, draft minutes could be published.

Proposed – Cllr Taylor Seconded – Cllr Lintern

‘That draft minutes of the Parish Council can be published’

For – 5 Against - 2

15.To discuss the purchasing and siting of new dog bins

It was stated that there is an urgent need for a dog bin in the vicinity of the Academy. It was agreed it could be placed on the green area opposite the entrance to Oak Road. The Clerk was asked to contact the Borough Council to agree the placement and also the emptying of the bin.

Proposed – Cllr Leamon Seconded – Cllr Precey

‘That a dog bin is purchase to be placed in the vicinity of the Academy’

All in favour

16. To approve payments of bills

Proposed - Cllr Clements Seconded - Cllr Taylor

‘That the bills be paid as per the attached schedule’

All in favour

17. To receive correspondence

The majority of correspondence is now emailed to members 18. To receive information or suggested items to be considered at the next meeting (Councillors/ Public)

Future agenda items: Seat at the Cemetery Setting the time of future meetings

Cllr Sampson advised that the Borough Council would be implementing a scheme to increase recycling by offering a prize to those who can increase the amount they recycle.

Cllr Storey advised on new regulation for Pay As you Throw (PAYT) scheme at some of the recycling centres in the county. This would mean that excess DIY waste would be accepted but there would be a charge. It should be noted that this does not apply to the site at Crimplesham.

There was a complaint that the bushes of 42 Buckenham Drive were overhanging the pathway.

There was continuing concern over the condition and maintenance of public rights of way.

19. Date and time of next meeting - Wednesday 8th June, 2016 at 7.30pm

Meeting closed at 9.15pm

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