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July 2016


Wednesday 13 May 2015


D Clements (in the Chair), C Hardy, S Harrison, M Leamon, S Lintern, A Lyons, M Precey, E Taylor, Borough Councillor Colin Sampson, County Councillor Martin Storey, Sue Payne, Neighbourhood Officer BCKLWN, 19 members of the public, Mrs J A Taylor (Clerk to Parish Council, taking minutes)

Apologies for absence

P Denny

Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting 2014

S Lintern proposed approval; D Clements seconded;  Carried.

Matters Arising


Reports from village organisations

Community Car Scheme:  the Car Scheme will be leafleting the entire village during July, inviting all residents to a community meeting during July or August to discuss the future expansion of the Scheme.

Stoke Ferry Playing Field Trust:  as attached.

Village Hall:  as attached

Forget Me Not Club – no longer extant.

Speeding in the village

Clerk reminded residents that the PCSO sharing scheme, whereby an organisation such as a parish council could pay for additional PCSO support to carry out speed monitoring operations, had been rejected by the Parish Council as too expensive, given that such cover was already being paid for via the Council Tax.

White gates at the entrance(s) to the village:  to be considered at the next Parish Council Meeting.

Speed monitoring scheme:  Clerk outlined how the scheme operates.  D Clements asked residents to consider the pros and cons and submit comments to the Parish Council for consideration.  It would be considered again at the next Parish Council meeting.

Any other business

Several residents raised the issue of disruptive behaviour at the Playing Field.  It was agreed to discuss this at the Parish Council meeting following.

The meeting closed at 8.15pm

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