River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter from the Blue Bell

July 2016

Dear Editor,

In reply to Pay Adams letter in last month's magazine, we would just like to say how moved we were with your comments on the Bluebell. We are always pleased to see new customers. We always hoped that the atmosphere we created, being a village pub, would welcome the young and old alike; a community hub catering for everyone. We operate a safe and friendly warm environment in which to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal or a drink. Our policy wherever we have been is no tolerance on drugs, violence or intimidation. After a recent refit we have had many positive comments on the way the pub looks, bringing it up to the 21st century. Obviously there have been those that are too keen. (A fact of life) We are disappointed at the lack of support for a so called village hub from, as you point out, 800/1000 people living in the area. Please be aware that is why so many villages end up with no pub. I also feel that we may be fighting a losing battle when, after being asked to provide an outside bar for the June celebration for our Queen’s 90th birthday, an embarrassed parish Councillor had the decency to come in and tell us face to face that the village Councillors had decided (without Bluebell consultation) to let another provide their bar which will also incur them costs which we feel is totally wrong. We had agreed to do this for them free of charge. I do hope this won't cost them too much to change all the posters they had printed!! Quoting from an article in the Lynn News, Parish Councillor Tom Ryves stated, “Come on Stoke Ferry, we can do this” when the village wanted to open the pub themselves. Well where are you now? We are trying! We have addressed all the issues that people said they didn't want in the pub: swearing, thugs, being made to feel awkward the clicky groups.  So where are you now? Your pub needs you; Use it or lose it

Bluebell Stoke Ferry

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