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Stoke Ferry Village Hall - Notes of March Meeting

May 2016

Report on Open Meeting held 16th March 2016

The Committee invited residents to a follow-up Open Meeting, to give an update on progress.  The meeting was not as well attended as the first, and it is hoped that as the Hall’s online presence increases, it will become easier to keep in touch with residents, particularly the younger generation, and others who are interested.

The Secretary welcomed those present, and introduced Kevin Scott of the Blue Bell pub, who had just joined the Committee.

The Committee had held a meeting with Community Action Norfolk to discuss possible sources of funding which could pay for replacing the roof.  That meeting had thrown up new issues which needed to be addressed first:  the Committee is providing further information and CAN hopes to have feedback for us in mid-April.

In the meantime, the Committee explained that it needs to assume that the Hall will remain for the foreseeable future as it is, with no further acquisitions of land, and that funding to replace the roof would not be forthcoming.  It had therefore been decided that the roof should simply be patch-mended with the aim of preventing leaks.  The Parish Council had voted for funding of £1,700 towards this in financial year 2015-16, with a further option of £1,000 in financial year 2016-17.  The Committee expressed its thanks.  To generate more funds, it had been reluctantly decided to increase fees for the Hall.  The hire rate is now £10 per hour, with a £20 charge for those providing a bar.  Refreshment prices will also increase slightly.

A joint meeting of the Parish Council, Playing Field, and Village Hall with 2 Agriculture has been scheduled for the end of April, to discuss possible divestments of their land.

The area which is currently used by some people who use the village hall to park belongs to Stoke Ferry Regeneration Ltd – there is no Village Hall carpark - and although they have given permission for individuals to park on this land, it is important to remember that it is unlikely that they would accept liability for any damage or accidents which may occur.  People should note that they park strictly at their own risk, and they should take particular care on rough and badly-lit areas.

The Committee is setting up a website for the Hall and a Facebook page.  A telephone line and wifi has been requested; BT is surveying at the end of March to see if this is possible at a reasonable cost.

Anyone who is interested in contributing to the Hall, or who would like to see new activities, or who would like to hire the Hall, please contact the Committee (stokeferryvillagehall@gmail.com).  All offers of help are very welcome.

The Committee will present its annual report to residents at the Annual Parish Meeting, held in May, when hopefully we can report more progress.  Everyone is invited!

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