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Stoke Ferry Village Hall - Annual Report

May 2016

Stoke Ferry Village Hall

Annual Report April 2015 to March 2016

The Committee held its AGM on 18th November 2015, general meetings on 22nd April, 15th July, and 2nd October 2015, and 16th March 2016, plus two Open Meetings on 2nd February and 16th March 2016, to discuss amongst other things the state of the roof of the Village Hall, and the proposed development of the land surrounding the Village Hall. All our meetings are held in the Village Hall.

Committee members during the year were: G Boughen, D Klyn, S Klyn, G Phillips, M Reeve (Chair), K Scott, P Sewell, J Taylor (Secretary), J Trollope.

Two major issues were considered during the year: the leaks in the roof of the Hall, and the provision of a carpark for the Hall. Neither issue has so far been resolved.

In general, the Hall remains viable financially. It covers its costs, although this depends on a significant amount of volunteer work from the Committee members and others. It was decided during the year that the cost of hiring the Hall must rise to £10 per hour, with a £20 payment from the provider if a bar is required.

The future remains uncertain. It depends on factors outside of the control of the Hall, but the Committee remains dedicated to making available the facilities of the Hall for the greatest benefit possible of the Stoke Ferry, and the wider, community.

The Committee repeats its call for other volunteers from within the Stoke Ferry community. It believes that the future of the Hall will depend on contributions from all of the Stoke Ferry community, and very much welcomes any offers of time, effort, knowledge, or donations from those interested in the future of this vital and much appreciated resource.


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