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Northwold Parish Council - February Meeting

May 2016


Councillors present: Cllr. R. Crisp – Chair (RC), Cllr. A. Collins (AC), Cllr. A. Muir (AM), Cllr. C. Anderson (CA), Cllr. G. Gillett (GG), Cllr. M. Peake (MP), Cllr. S. Leet & Cllr. A. Jenkinson (AJ) Present: Vicky Bright – Clerk. Item 16/02/1

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16/02/4 Cllr. Crisp welcomed all to the meeting. Public Forum – LGA 1972, Section 100(1): 3 members of public were present. The issue of Faster Broadband was raised; the majority of residents still do not have faster broadband. The Clerk advised she would check with the school to see if they have access to faster broadband, and then contact Better Broadband for Norfolk to enquire if and when the rest of the village will have access.

Local Authority Reports: Norfolk County Council No report or apologies received.

Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Cllr. Peake advised that he had nothing to report.

Norfolk Constabulary – SNT No report or apologies sent.

Accepted Apologies for absence - LGA 1972, Section 85(1) & (2): Cllr. Frank Eglington & Cllr. Stephen Gillett. Absent: None.

Members Declaration of Interest (items on the agenda) – LGA 2000 Part III: Cllr. Adrian Jenkinson declared an interest in Item 10. Cllr. Mick Peake declared an interest in Item 12. Action Clerk 16/02/5 Minutes of the last meeting held on 13th January 2016 - LGA 1972, Schedule 12, para 41(2): Resolved 16/01/5.01 The minutes of the last meeting held on 13th January 2016 were adopted as a true statement and signed by the Chairman (RC). 16/02/6 i)



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v) vi) Reports and Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Last Meeting (For Info Only): Chairman’s Report “Thanks to all who agreed that we join the Church and the School in a campaign to ‘Pick up Litter in Northwold’, instigated by Miss Jane Luckman, she has agreed to arrange a date for a meeting in the Spring and the children are to make some posters for display in the village. Mrs Carol Bennett contacted me about the terrible state of the Lane where she lives in Little London, she agreed that it would be a good plan if the residents looked after the area in front of their property, but would be grateful for help from the Parish Council.

Clerks Report • The following works have so far been completed at the play area; o Bench and junior multi-play Unit - removal of "Fungus" o Slide - cut back vegetation on Embankment o Placement of Safety Notice and Barrier to Roundabout and removal, replaced wood to made safe as required • The street light at Penfold Lane, covered in Ivy is on Westcotec’s schedule to be done next time they are in the area. • The storm pipe is being dealt with by Highways, they are not sure if it is a surface water pipe.

Councillor Vacancies Update The Clerk advised she had received an application from Christopher Pointeer for the Whittington vacancy. Cllr. Muir proposed the co-option of Mr Pointeer and Cllr. Collins seconded. A vote was taken and it was a unanimous result for co-option of Mr Pointeer.

Mr Pointeer signed a Declaration of Acceptance of Office, which was duly countersigned by the Clerk and Proper Officer of the Council. The Clerk is to email Cllr. Pointeer with a Register of Interests form to complete and return and the Governing Documents and Code of Conduct of the Council.

The Chairman welcomed Cllr. Pointeer to the Council.

Highways Matters: The Clerk was asked to contact Highways and inform them that the Give Way sign on the triangle of Green at Little London had been hit by the grit lorry and needed repair, it was suggested that the Clerk also advise them that the trees on the triangle of Green are overgrown and overhanging. Cemetery: It was suggested that the Clerk put the issue of re-gravelling the driveway at the Cemetery on the June agenda.

Allotments: Long term lease agreement & annual rent agreement Resolved 16/02/10.1 It was suggested by Cllr. Jenkinson and agreed by the Council unanimously that the rent for the 10-year lease be set at £120 per annum.

Cllr. Jenkinson, Cllr. Crisp and Cllr. Collins all signed the lease agreement and it was duly witnessed by the Clerk and Proper Officer of the Council.

Correspondence: The Clerk advised that she had received an up to date statement for the NS&I Constables Charity account of £285.42. It was agreed to put the item on the March agenda to look at transferring the funds to a TSB account as previously discussed.

Planning Applications 16/00005/F – Construction of one dwelling at Land South of Little London Lane, Northwold. Resolved 16/02/12.01 No objections, with comments that the suggestion made by the applicant to re-surface the Lane be included as a condition of Planning being granted.

Finance: Parish Council Bank Balances and Reconciliation The Payments and receipts were scrutinised and approved. The Lloyds Treasurer account balance was confirmed as £59,330.87 as of 22nd January 2016. Resolved 16/02/13.01 That the Bank balances and reconciliation of payments & receipts be received and adopted and initialled as such by the Chairman (RC).

Cheques for signing and approval and to authorise payment of outstanding invoices Resolved 16/02/13.02 It was agreed to approve the payments of the following outstanding invoices and the cheques were approved and signed by Cllr. R. Crisp and Cllr. A. Collins. Westcotec Street Lighting 002009 £95.50 Mrs V Bright Mileage & Expenses 002010 24.16 R J Drinkwater Play Area repairs 002011 £166.00

Community Projects & Village Improvements Plan The following suggestions have been put forward for community and village projects; • Street Lighting (Glebe Close) • Skate Park – Recreation Ground • Sports & Social Club Car Park • Sports & Social Club Roof & Doors/Windows • Cemetery – Re-Gravel Driveway It was agreed that the Clerk would source quotes and designs for the suggestions above and present them at the May meeting. The Clerk is also to contact the community groups to work on plans for celebrations for the Queens’ 90th Birthday Celebrations, this is to be reported at the April meeting. Parish Matters: Play Area Repairs / Surfacing Quotes Resolved16/02/14.1 It was agreed to accept the quote from Roger Drinkwater to replace the swing seats both at the Northwold and Whittington Play Areas.

The Clerk is to contact the supplier of the rubber matting surfacing for the swings and roundabout at Northwold, and ask them to do a site visit to provide guidance on what groundworks are needed before the matting can be installed. The Clerk will then get quotes for the groundworks and check the suitability of the rubber matting surfacing with RoSPA inspectors.

Lightsource/Solar Panels Update The Clerk advised that the Licence has now been signed and returned and the surveys have been scheduled to be carried out tomorrow, with the technical surveys being carried out next Monday.

Roof Repairs Quotes to Sports & Social Club The Clerk presented the Council with the revised quotes for the repairs to the outbuilding of the Sports & Social Club. Resolved 16/01/13.3 It was agreed to accept the quote from Roger Drinkwater.

It was agreed to defer the item of the repairs to the fascia’s and doors of the main Sports & Social Club building to the next agenda.

Ingham’s Lane Ditch Headwall The Clerk advised that Cllr. Eglington has suggested that a small head-wall be installed at the ditch in Ingham’s Lane that the PC excavated last Spring. It was agreed that Cllr. Crisp approach Mr Ayers for his opinion and the item be put on the next agenda to discuss further.

Replacement No Dogs & No Golf Signs at S&S Club Cllr. Jenkinson confirmed the new signs have been ordered.

Speed Watch The Clerk confirmed that she has received the information on how to proceed with the scheme and the steps needed to be taken from the Speed watch co-ordinator at Norfolk Constabulary, and this information has been passed on to Mick Parfitt. It was agreed at this point that nothing further can be done by the Pc or Clerk as the next step falls to Mr. Parfitt.

Items for next meeting to be held on Tuesday 2nd February 2016 at 7:30pm, in the Village Hall. • Ingham’s Lane (Ditch head wall) • Constables Charity Bank Account Transfer • Play Area Matting Surfacing Update • Play Area Repairs/ Asset Maintenance Update • Doors/Fascia’s Quotes for S&S Club

There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and declared the meeting closed at 20.58pm Clerk Clerk Clerk/RC

Clerk/AC Clerk RC AJ

Signed: Rosemary Crisp Date: 1st March 2016

Chair, Northwold PC

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