River Wissey Lovell Fuller


May 2016

I have banged this drum before but the latest figures are even more worrying. There has been a very significant increase in UK population in the last ten years, net immigration last year was 330,000, at that rate, every three years there could be an increase in population of one million due to immigration, that is in addition to the increase due to people living longer. One million of population could mean 200,000 children, with classroom sizes of 30 that implies an additional requirement for at least 6000 teachers every three years, and, of course, school buildings to go with them. Currently there are approximately 400,000 teachers in the UK, assuming an average service of 35years, there will be 11,000 teachers retiring each year. An additional requirement of 2000 teachers a year is a 20% increase in the annual recruitment. Furthermore, the logic of these numbers is that, every three years it could mean an additional 200,000 cars on the roads, bigger demands on the NHS hospitals and GPs, all this at a time when, due to mismanagement by successive governments, there is s dire shortage of nurses, teachers and doctors, whilst many are leaving their professions. At a time of a serious housing crisis when we are not building houses at anywhere near the rate necessary, there could be an additional requirement for 250,000 homes. Trains are seriously overcrowded already. There is concern over the ability of the electricity generators and the power grid to cope with any increase in demand This migration of low skilled workers had led to a depression in wages in this category, The Bank of England estimated that there are 6million low skilled workers that have suffered financially as a consequence. All very well for those comfortably off getting lower priced goods, and those reaping the profits from cheap labour, but not much fun for the poor seeing the gap between rich and poor getting even wider. These statistics would not be so depressing if one could see that action was being taken to control the situation, but Cameron failed to win any real relief from the principle of free movement of workers and the influx of refugees in Europe will eventually lead to an increase in people holding EU citizenship free to come here when they wished, so that there is no end in sight for people coming to the UK. None of this would be quite so bad if action was being taken at an appropriate rate to make good the deficiencies in housing, public services and infrastructure. Sadly this is not so and the government appears to be turning a blind eye to the consequences of rampant immigration. Ron Watts

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