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Stoke Ferry Parish Council - December Meeting

March 2016

Minutes of the meeting held on 9th December 2015 Attendance: Chairman Vice Chairman Councillors Borough Councillor County Councillor Parish Clerk Members of the public Mrs D Clements Mrs C Hardy Mrs S Lintern J Nicholas-Letch MPrecey Mrs J Stocking C Sampson M Storey Mrs J M Markwell 13 1. Apologies Cllr M Leamon - Family Commitment 2. To agree Minutes of the last meeting 4th November, 2015 Proposed - CUr Stocking Seconded - CUr lintern 'That the minutes on Wednesday 4th November be approved' All in favour 3. Matters arising The partnership agreement offered by Norfolk County Council for the filling in of potholes had not been agreed, as it was not felt that the residents should have to pay for this additional service. No response has been received from Country Grounds Maintenance regarding the damage to saplings adjacent to the cemetery. 4. Declarations of Interest Cllr Hardy - Item 12, Payment of Bills 5. To consider Public Rights of Way (Footpaths/Bridleways) Contact had not been made with the Public Rights of Way Officer in Norfolk County Council. This would be done in the near future. It was considered that members should walk the 'bounds' of the Parish at least once a year. This was thought to be a good idea and would be followed up. This would highlight any problems in particular with footpaths and the signage. 6. Report from the Christmas CarolslTurning on Tree lights - Sunday 6th December, 2015. CUr Clements thanked everyone who attended the above event. Cllr Nicholas-Letch for the tree, carol sheets and for arranging the music. CUr Hardy for making sure everything was in place. The music was supplied by students from Lakenheath School under the direction of Cheryl Donaldson.

There were over 60 members of the public who enjoyed a lovely event and a £130 was raised. 7. To receive a report from Cllr Clements on the recent SNAP meeting The following crimes were reported within the village: Window broken in Oak Road with a stone. The Academy sign was taken but now has been returned. It had been reported that someone was threatened with a gun when running on the common. This incident was not reported to the Police and therefore no action could be taken. All Councillors together with members of the public were asked to report any offences they see in order that they can be recorded and a crime number allocated. It would also be helpful if these incidents could be reported to the Parish Council. Inspector Cant had attended the meeting and advised that there was to be a £10m cut in police funding by 2020. It was noted that there can be a waiting time of up to 40 mins on the non-urgent police number 101, but should anyone feel vulnerable they should always ring 999. The possibility of the Borough Council supplying a CCTV camera for the parish would rely on reports from PCSO's and Traffic Officers. It was reported at the SNAP meeting that reported crimes in the Watlington area over the last two months were: 11 Burglaries 25 Oil/Garden shed thefts 41 Thefts 13 Criminal Damage 47 Anti-social behaviour The priority for the next period are Stoke Ferry, Southery and Upwell. The next meeting will be 3rd February, 2016 at 7pm in the Town Hall, Downham Market. 8. To receive an update on new Council Laptop There was a short discussion on the new laptop. Proposed - Cllr Nicholas-Letch Seconded - Cllr Stocking 'That the Clerk is given authorisation to spend up to £500 on new laptop to cover all programmes needed and the transfer of data from the old machine' All in favour 9. To consider name for anew road/footpath There is a new mooring on the river and the Borough Council have asked the Parish to provide a name for the access road/footpath. This was needed in order to provided postal services and for the emergency services. There was a short debate on whether a name should be provided as the permanent mooring on the opposite side of the river has no name for its access. It was agreed that if the Borough were to insist that a name was to be given then the members would prefer 'River Walk'. 11 To Consider Planning Applications approved/refused by the Borough Council Plan 15/01834/CU - Change of use from Hairdressing Parlour to Dog Grooming Parlour at Nibbs unisex Salon, Buckenham Way, Stoke Ferry This plan had been approved as it was felt it would bring back the shop back into use and possibly could offer employment to local people.

12 To Approve Payments to be made Cllr Hardy declared an interest in this item. Proposed - CUr Stocking . Seconded - CUr Lintern That the bills as per the attached schedule be approved for payment. For- 5 Declared interest - 1 13 Correspondence Received Watlington Parish Council: Invitation to attend a training course of cemetery management in March, 2016. It was agreed to obtain further information on this course before agreeing if anyone should attend. LCAS - Training course on Public Rights of Way to be held in Downham Market in early January, 2016. 14 To receive Further Information or suggested items to be considered for the next meeting Agenda (Councillors/Public) Borough Councillor Sampson advised that Active Leisure Trust were keen for Stoke Ferry to take part in the Village Games in 2016. Cllr Nicholas-Letch agreed to speak to the Academy. The Playing Field Committee would also be kept informed. County Councillor Storey reported that the budget meeting for Norfolk County Council would be discussed in February, where they were looking for cuts up to £111 m. The Planning Inspector had finished his enquiry into the Site Allocations in the Borough and would produce a report detailing any further action the BCKL&WN may need to take before the document can be adopted. There is still serious concern on the infrastructure within towns and villages to cope with a possible influx on new residents. Cllr Stocking asked how much was being spend on the upgrade of the reception area in County Hall and was such a high specification of upgrade needed when many departments are having to make severe cuts in their budgets. Cllr Storey advised he did not know the total cost but would find out for the next meeting. Departments which are not having to make cuts are Children Services and Critical Services. Members of the public: Would the salt bins on Bradfield Place and Oxborough Road be filled before the bad whether comes? NCC Highways would be asked to ensure that they are full. There were no further comments from members of the public 15 Date and time of next meeting - Wednesday 13th January, 2016 at 7.30pm The meeting closed at 8.35pm.

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