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Wretton PC Minutes January Meeting

February 2016


Present– Cllr David Llewellyn - Chairman, Cllr Mandy Peake, Cllr John Wyett, Cllr Martyn Cann Cllr Mick Peake, Cllr Ian Mack, Cllr Bill Whitmore.

County Councillor Martin Storey Borough Councillor Colin Sampson 3 members of the public

1. No Apologies for Absence

2. No Declarations of Interest made Councillors were reminded to declare any interests at the appropriate time during the meeting.

3. The Minutes of the meeting held on 02/11/15 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising from previous meetings

• Dog waste bin A further dog waste bin has not yet been ordered as both the Borough Council and Highways have questioned the suggested location. It was felt it may not be popular to site the bin too close to the bus shelter. It was agreed the bin will be post mounted to the left hand side of the shelter if this is agreeable with the Highway Department.

5. 5.1 Chairman’s Report • There has been another incident in the village when an HGV has blocked the road. Vehicles are travelling along roads totally unsuitable for their size.

5.2 Clerk’s Report • Investigation is ongoing as to whether a Public Space Protection Order could be put in place in the parish to help deal with problems of dog fouling. Enquiries are being made to the Borough Council which would implement such an order.

5.3 Risk Assessment • As advised in the Annual Play Equipment Inspection Report the cross bar of the ‘Multi Play’ in the Play Area needs to be replaced. The work has been requested and enquires will be made as to when the replacement will be undertaken. • One quote has been received to undertake a tree survey of trees the Parish Council is responsible for. A second consultant is to visit the site and advise. The Council may consider undertaking work needed rather than conduct a survey of the trees first.

6. Church Survey Cllr Wyett and Cllr Mack both declared a personal interest in this agenda item and took no part in the discussions. Helaine Wyett had been invited to address the meeting to inform the Council of the results of the survey recently conducted in the parish regarding plans for the refurbishment of All Saints Church. The survey strongly indicated support for the Church to be used as a centre for the village. The Parochial Church Council (PCC) has verbally stated that there would be no restrictions on how the Church may be used as long as any activities would be honest and legal. Helaine was asked if this could be formally confirmed. Phase 1 refurbishment work is to commence shortly with a water pipe to be laid to the Church to enable a kitchen area to be provided and a pod will be constructed in the building to house toilet facilities. It was noted the water pipe is likely to be laid across the play area and thus the area will be closed while this work is undertaken. The estimated cost for this first phase of work is £22000 plus VAT. The PCC has requested that the Parish Council contributes to phase 1 of the work. It was suggested the Parish Council would need to adopt the General Power of Competence to ensure such a donation would be considered acceptable. Guidance will be sought regarding this. Phase 2 work has still to be costed and it is hoped grant funding may be available from WREN, possibly to assist with installing heating, and from English Heritage to fund structural work.

7. Tree Survey Considered under item 5.3 8. Provision of HGV signs Norfolk County Council (NCC) has agreed that signs can be erected in appropriate locations in the parish to deter HGV’s from using unsuitable minor roads. However the Parish Council would need to finance the cost of such signs at £258.24 per sign. Some debate ensued regarding where signs would be best located and it was agreed the Chairman would approach Wereham Parish Council to ascertain whether a sign could be positioned off Flegg Green at the end of Wereham Row and whether this project could be a joint venture between the two parishes.

9. NCC Parish Partnership Vehicle Activated Signs An application has been submitted to the Parish Partnership Scheme to help finance purchase of a mobile Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) and white entrance gates for the parish to be sited by the 40mph speed signs by All Saints Place. Cllr J Wyett offered to supply the gates at no cost to the Parish Council which would leave the cost of fitting the gates (£180) and the cost of the VAS signs (estimate cost £3250) to be financed through the Parish Partnership Scheme. All were agreeable that if the application for 50% funding is successful the Parish Council would pay a contribution of up to £1715. It has also been suggested further representation should be made to NCC Highways to lower the speed limit along Low Road to 30mph and that the current 40mph restriction should be extended as far as Wiles Drove.

10. Neighbourhood Plan Cllr Mack has approached the Borough Council regarding Neighbourhood Planning and has been provided with a map of the suggested area of a plan for Wretton. The Borough Council has helpfully provided links to statistics, Planning Aid and possible sources of pro-bono assistance. Compilation of a plan and timetable of how to proceed was suggested and the Chairman will meet with Cllr Mack before an initial meeting is called, possibly in March, to discuss the plan further. The intention to produce a plan will be publicised and it will be necessary in due course to consider what outcomes from the plan would be wanted.

11. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment. Cheques for approval of payment SJ Scarrott £154.24 K & M Lighting (x2) £36.88 Society of Local Councils Subs £48.00

Financial position @ 30.11.15 Community Account Balance £948.78 Business Saver Account (1) £687.90 Business Premium Account £12284.90 Business Saver Account (2) £0.36

11.1 Allocation of reserve money Money held in reserve has previously been considered as being held to, amongst other things, possibly assist the Parochial Church Council with plans to create community space within All Saints Church once a definite project had been confirmed and if use of the building is not to be too restricted. Money was originally ring fenced for capital expenditure such as this several years ago when Parish Council land was sold. Cllr’s Mack and Wyett declared a personal interest in matters relating to All Saints Church. In principle the Council is willing to grant £5000 towards refurbishment of the Church. A written request would need to be received from the PCC including confirmation that there will be accepted open use of the Church. The Council would also need to confirm whether adoption of the General Power of Competence would permit a donation to be made to the Church.

Other suggestions for allocation of the reserve money include maintenance of trees the Parish Council has responsibility for and play equipment maintenance. Recent replacement of the fencing at the play area and planned maintenance due to be undertaken will be financed from reserve money. Reserve funding needs to be allocated and money kept in reserve for capital expenditure will be ascertained. It was suggested a policy should be agreed regarding review of the clerk’s salary. This matter will be an agenda item again for the next agenda. 11.2 Precept request for 16/17 It was agreed by all to request the same precept amount of £3476 as for 15/16. The Borough Council will also pass on £100 in Council Support Grant funding. 11.3 Future Audit Arrangements It was agreed by all that the Council would want to partake of the services of a sector led body regarding the appointment of external auditors in future years. It was also agreed to appoint Mrs A Morgan as the Internal Auditor for 2016 if she is willing to undertake the role once again.

12. Correspondence: Correspondence received electronically forwarded to Councillors: • Notice of Highway Rangers visit w/b 18th Jan. • Dates of meetings ‘Re-imagining Norfolk’ and Norfolk ALC AGM • Information regarding Sector Led Body for audit procurement • Police budget consultation

13. No Planning applications received for consideration

14. Further Reports • Thanks were expressed to Cllr. Whitmore who has cleared ivy from the bus shelter. It was noted the roof may need slight repair where a tile has become loose. • It was noted the speed limit signs at the top of Fen Road are faded. • Arrangements may need to be made for the May meeting to be held elsewhere as the Church may be closed for refurbishment work to begin.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION • Comment was made regarding parking by Fendick’s Cottages and how vehicles parked in the area may be pulling onto the road on a bend. • The parish boundaries were queried.

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