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Stoke Ferry Parish Council September Meeting

February 2016

Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in The Village Hall At 7.30pm on Wednesday 9 September 2015

Those Attending: Cllr Mrs D Clements (Chairman), Cllr Mrs C Hardy (Vice-chair), Cllr Mrs S Lintern, Cllr A Lyons, Cllr M Precey, County Councillor M Storey, Borough Councillor C Sampson, 11 members of the Public.

1 To Consider Apologies for Absence: Apologies were received from Cllr Mrs Leamon and Mrs J Taylor (Clerk)

2 To Approve the Minutes of the last Council Meeting on 12 August 2015 Cllr Hardy raised a point relating to Item 5 wording – she advised that it was not her who referred to the emailing of documents it was the Chairman Cllr Clements. Cllr Clements confirmed it was her. The minutes were amended accordingly. Cllr M Precey proposed acceptance of the Minutes seconded by Cllr Mrs Lintern. Carried

3 To Consider Matters Arising from the Minutes: Item 14 Cllr Clements queried whether a letter had been sent to the occupiers of The Cottage Lynn Road.

Cllr Lintern queried the Email Policy Document – Mrs Taylor had asked the chairman to sign the document, this has now been carried out.

4 To Record Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations of interest

5 To Approve Minutes of The Cemetery Committee Meeting and Changes in Cemetery Regulations All members present were in agreement with the minutes as printed. Cllr Mrs Lintern proposed acceptance seconded by Cllr Mrs Hardy. Carried

6 To Confirm Clerk Job Description and Advert for Vacancy: This matter has already been dealt with; the advert has been published and approved by Norfolk ALC.

7 Risk Assessment – use of Parish Council Strimmer: To be deferred to a later meeting.

8 To Review Freedom of Information Policy: Cllr Hardy pointed out a couple of items which requirement amendment, Class 1 section 4 Liaison on Various Bodies – Adrian Lyons to be added as Playing Fields Liaison. Class 2 section 4 Lighting Maintenance states 3 year contract to end June 2015, has a further contract been negotiated. Class 4 – Dates of Meetings, the October meeting should be the 14th. Cllr Precey proposed acceptance with the above amendments seconded by Cllr Lyons. Carried

9 Appointment of Third Signatory to Councils Bank Accounts: Mrs Taylor had approached Cllr Precey and he was prepared to be the third signatory. Agreed by all present

10. To Consider Dispensations for Councillors to Discuss the Budget and Precept: Deferred to next meeting

11 To Consider Format for Budget 2016/2017: Deferred to next meeting

12 Speeding – Entrance Gates for Village/Speed Indicator Signs: It was agreed that Cllr Precey make contact with Westcotec to arrange a meeting requesting advice as to best place for the siting of such signs and obtain firm quotations for the works.

13 Co-option of Councillors In the absence of the Clerk there was no information available on this matter therefore deferred to next meeting.

14 Remembrance Sunday: This will be held on Sunday 8 November, Cllr Clements advised she would not be available that day. Cllr Lintern offered to organise the event on the same lines as last year. The wreath to be ordered next month.

15 Christmas Tree: Cllr Clements would like to organise a Christmas tree/turning on lights and carols again this year, her granddaughters would provide the Christmas tree as in previous years. A date for the event will be advised at the next meeting.

16 HM Majesty the Queen – 90th Birthday: Cllr Clements would like to organise a celebration event to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday next year, if anyone has any ideas to contact her, further discussions will take place at a later date.

17 Allocation of Tasks to Councillors: Cllr Clements advised that the Borough Council have been unable to trace the ownership of The Common; they will now make enquiries of Norwich CC to see if they can throw any light on the matter.

Cllr Lyons asked if anything had been done regarding the request for the Telephone Box on the Hill to be painted.

18 To Consider How to Deal with Highways Lack of Action in the Village: It was agreed that the PC should attempt to arrange a meeting with a representative from the Highways Department to discuss all the outstanding issues.

19 To Consider Planning Applications Approved/Refused by the Borough Council:

T1 Sycamore Tree - Splits halfway up and one half completely dead, remove both parts. 2m trimmed from some of the remaining trees where necessary within Conservation Area 7 the Hollow The Lodge High Street Stoke Ferry King's Lynn Norfolk PE33 9SF - Listed building consent for application of lime plaster 20 To Approve Payments to be Made: CGM Ltd - £179.96 – Grounds Maintenance – August E-on – DD - £47.48 – Lighting – August Village Hall - £19.25 – Hire of Hall – August/2 September

Statement of Accounts as at 31 August 2014 – Balance in Bank – Community Account £3782.97, Business Saver Account £16548.00 – a total of £20330.97

Cllr Mrs Lintern proposed approval for payment seconded by Cllr Precey – Carried

21 Correspondence Received: Cllr Clements read a letter from Mrs Judith Taylor tendering her resignation as Clerk to the PC with effect from 30 September 2015

The report of the SNAP meeting held recently had been received, the next meeting will be on Wednesday 7 October 2015 at 7.00pm in Downham Market Town Hall.

22 To Receive Further Information or suggested items to be considered for the next meeting Agenda:

• Remembrance Sunday there would be an element of religion ie a prayer should be said • If anyone does not wish to celebrate Remembrance Sunday they are unlikely to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday as she is head of the Church of England • Boughton Road pavement overgrown with shrubs from residents gardens • Did the PC know that the Boughton Surgery failed in their recent assessment, as stated in the local press. A member of the Surgery Committee was under the impression they had passed • If the footpaths are not sorted out by 2026 they will be lost to the village. County Hall say they have no money or staff to maintain them. BC Sampson advised that individuals should send letters of complaint to Highways. • A suggestion to organise village walks so that residents will see the condition all the footpaths are in. • Hedges are growing over into the road going from the By-pass to the Drs Surgery in Boughton • Greatmans Way half way along moorings not cut and difficult to pass. Cllr Lyons had cut back hedge in Bridge Road

BC Sampson advised that there will be plenty of things to do in King’s Lynn to celebrate Heritage Day.

CC Storey – it seems that Highways can deal with some jobs that appear to be urgent on the same day they are reported. He suggested the PC write to Carl Rands, the line manager of Andie Wallace and Martin Edmunds in an attempt to arrange a meeting to discuss the various problems in the village. He advised that the closing date for bids under the NCC Parish Partnership Scheme is 15 December. The Hazardous Waste Amnesty days in Thetford are 17/19 September, which will no doubt be very busy An extra £30m is required for the new Northern Distributor Road, £10m to be provided by LEP, £9.9m by the CC. This project when completed should bring £1m for the economy in Norfolk.

Cllr Clements raised the issue of Posters being placed on lamp post/electricity poles and not being removed after the various events, she felt the PC should not be responsible for taking down these posters and feels a charge should be made to the organisers of events. BC Sampson advised it was illegal to place posters of any posts, they are private property.

Black Bin in the Cemetery, the PC has been advised that the Borough Council operatives are not to enter the Cemetery to take the bins outside the gates on Health and Safety grounds. The BC to look into this.

Village Hall car park it has been reported that bowls of food have been left for animals, rats have been seen feeding from them. BC Sampson advised that maybe they could contain rat poison and to take extra care in that area.

Site Allocation and Development Management Policies Examination meetings are to resume on Wednesday 30 September. The sessions on the 30 September and 18 November will be held in the Committee Suite, Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Offices, the other sessions will be held in the Wembley Room, Lynnsport, Greenpark Avenue, King’s Lynn.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.40pm

23 Date and Time of Next Meeting: - Wednesday 14 October 2015 at 7.30pm Chairman …………………………………………………….


………………………………………………………………………………… Public and Press Excluded – Standing Order 3d 24 To Discuss and To Confirm Minutes of Personnel Committee Meeting Held on 2 September 2015 Cllr Lintern proposed that the Minutes as printed were a true record of the meeting seconded by Cllr Precey. Carried Members went on to discuss the content of various emails received from Mrs Taylor, the following points were raised. 1 In view of the fact that Mrs Taylor was currently unwell, members queried whether or not she would be able to do any further work prior to leaving on the 30 September. 2 Number of holiday days due is still being sorted out by Norfolk ALC. 3 When is paperwork and equipment expected to be transferred from Canterbury House for temporary storage. Cllr Clements will obtain a price for hiring a van for this purpose 4 Mrs Taylor needs to supply a complete list of all outstanding jobs, letters, accounts etc. Also a complete list of everyone who needs to be advised of the temporary contact details 5 What is meant by Cemetery admin for interment? 6 The keys to the notice board are required in order that the Job Advert may be placed there. It has been placed in the Corner Shop, Bonnets and the Post Office. It will also be placed in the Library in Downham Market and the Doctors Surgery. 7 A specific list of items which require clarification will be given to Mrs Taylor for her response as soon as possible. 8 Cllr Lintern said acknowledgement should be given to Mrs Taylor for her work during the year she had been Clerk. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20pm ……………………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………. Chairman Date

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