River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Soup and Champagne

February 2016

Winter has finally decided to turn up and I for one am mightily pleased. Yes, I know its cold and yes the heating has to be turned up, but it never seems quite right not to have ice, frost and dare I say it, SNOW. The first two have arrived but snow still has to show its pretty little face in Stoke Ferry although daffs are out - they may live to regret it. One thing that has shown it's face though is the open heartedness of some people. All Saints, the parish church of both Wretton and Stoke Ferry has, at last after about 10 years of talking, planning and securing permission -it is said the wheels of God go slow but believe me, The Diocese of Ely, when it comes to giving permission for building works, goes the slowest of all- has the builders in. Before they could get stuck in however, to install water, loo, kitchen and a new path, everything from the back pews to the smallest prayer book had to be moved to the chancel (the altar end of the church). An army of villagers from both villages and beyond, carried out this task with good humour, no grumbling and quickness of foot; unlike those in charge at Ely. Strange items were also found behind some wood panelling- I thought it was a door and helpfully 'pulled it open'! Christmas decorations in a state of decay - binned. Old rotting carpet ditto - binned. Two dead birds- aah! - binned- not by yours truly but by gallant knight Anthony. And then what is revealed but a white ceramic chamber pot, or as Anthony succinctly put it a 'guzzunder'- offers please for our Restoration Fund. The final act of generosity, soup provided by the lovely Katherine. To top that off, when I visited my hairdresser/ beauty saloon to spend my Christmas money, I was handed a glass of champagne - complete with two strawberries and a glass of banana and peanut smoothie - I thought I had gone to heaven. Generosity of spirit, both big and small, is just as important as giving money to good causes and I hope that during 2016 we all dig deep into our hearts to ensure that those who do not have the comfort of their own home, sufficient food on the table or enough fuel to keep warm receive the generosity of spirit that was seen in All Saints and the hairdressers at the start of January. Carol Nicholas-Letch

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