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Stoke Ferry Parish Council - October meeting

November 2015

Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in The Village Hall At 7.30pm on Wednesday 14 October 2015

Those Attending: Cllr Mrs D Clements (Chairman), Cllr Mrs C Hardy (Vice-chair), Cllr M Precey, Cllr Mrs M Leamon, County Councillor M Storey, 6 members of the Public.

1 To Consider Apologies for Absence: Apologies were received from Cllr Mrs S Lintern and Borough Councillor C Sampson

2 To Approve the Minutes of the last Council Meeting on 9 September 2015 Cllr M Precey proposed acceptance of the Minutes seconded by Cllr Mrs Hardy. Carried

3 To Consider Matters Arising from the Minutes: Item 3 Cllr Clements confirmed a letter of thanks had now been sent to the occupiers of The Cottage Lynn Road. Item 9 – The Bank have now approved the change in signatories for the bank account.

4 To Record Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations of interest

5 To Approve Minutes of The Finance/Personnel Committee Meeting of 24 September Cllr Precey proposed acceptance seconded by Cllr Mrs Leamon. Carried

6 To Report Resignations/Co-option of Councillors: The Chairman reported that Mrs Sheila Harrison, Mr Ed Taylor and Mr Adrian Lyons had resigned as councillors.

Two requests to become councillors had been received. Mrs Janet Stocking would like to come back onto the council also Mr John Nicholas-Letch. All members present were in agreement with this and welcomed the two new councillors. Both signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

7 Completion of Annual Audit: The Chairman reported that the External Audit had been completed satisfactorily. The requisite papers had been displayed on the Notice Board.

8 To Consider Flashing Speed Lights: Cllrs Precey and Hardy had met with a representative of Westcotec to discuss the feasibility of flashing speed lights in the Village. It was considered that Bridge Road and Lynn Road would be appropriate sites, they would need to be Solar Panelled as there was no electricity access in these areas. Cllr Nicholas-Letch queried whether Furlong Drove could be considered, this could be a possibility but the sign would need to be on the offside of the road because of the large number of trees. Cllr Precey asked the public for their views, everyone seemed in favour of the idea. The approximate cost would be £3462.00 plus VAT per sign. Cllr Mrs Leamon proposed that Bridge Road and Lynn Road be considered in the first instance with Furlong Drove at a later date, seconded by Cllr Mrs Stocking. Unanimously Agreed The Chairman thanked Cllrs Hardy and Precey for carrying out this work.

9 To Consider Lighting Maintenance Contract: It has come to light that the Lighting Maintenance contract expired in June. Westcotec who currently carry out this work have agreed to a further three-year contract at the current price. Cllr Mrs Leamon proposed that the council accept this offer for a further three year contract seconded by Cllr Precey. Unanimously Agreed

10. Remembrance Sunday – 8 November 2015 Cllr Lintern had advised the Chairman that everything was organised for the event, it will commence at 10.45, she will organise some posters. The Wreath will be ordered.

11 Christmas Tree/Turning on Lights: The Chairman advised that the date for this event will be Sunday 6 December commencing at 4pm at the Church/The Hill. Contact will be made with Kit Hesketh-Harvey to make sure we can use the Church. There will be no cost to the Parish Council.

12 To Consider Planning Applications Approved/Refused by the Borough Council: Proposed extension and alterations to garage at Sycamore House, Oxborough Road – supported by the Parish Council.

13 To Approve Payments to be Made: SLCC – Regional Conference £82.80 HMRC – PAYE July-September - £122.00 Clerk’s Salary – August/September - £776.34 Clerk’s Expenses – August/September - £109.03 Glazewing DD – Bin Emptying Cemetery August - £17.76 Anglian Water DD – Cemetery Water Rates June-September - £16.96 Mazars – Annual External Audit - £150.00 Stoke Ferry Village Hall – Hire of Hall September - £21.00 CGM Ltd – Grounds Maintenance – July-September - £539.88 NPTP – Budget Training - £70.00 Westcotec Ltd – Lighting Maintenance October - £18.53 E-on DD – Electricity Supply – September - £45.95 Mr Mark Doorman – Removal of PC Equipment from Canterbury House £25.00 Glazewing DD – Bin Emptying Cemetery September - £17.76

A VAT Refund had been received in the sum of £349.22p Statement of Accounts – This will be published at the next meeting.

Cllr Mrs Hardy proposed approval for payment seconded by Cllr Precey – Carried

14 Correspondence Received: Commonwealth War Graves Commission – Withdrawing the triennial payment for war grave upkeep. Mr & Mrs Younge requesting tree on their boundary with the Cemetery be removed. Quotations to be obtained for this work Norfolk Community and Environmental Services – delivering local highway improvements with Town and Parish Councils in particular repairs to potholes on village roads. To be considered at next meeting. SLCC – visit to Houses of Parliament on 6 November 2015

15 To Report on Current Position re Parish Clerk Post: The Chairman reported that interviews were held the previous day, the position has been offered to Jean Markwell who will commence her duties in mid November.

16 To Receive Further Information or suggested items to be considered for the next meeting Agenda: • What is the reason for the BC not to remove the Rubbish Bin from the Cemetery on Health and Safety issues. A letter to be forwarded to the Borough Council asking them to explain the specific reasons. • The Chairman advised if any organisations in the village wishing for help for any projects next year should put in their request by the end of October. • SNAP Meeting held last evening advised the priorities for next two months were Downham Market, Southery and Police Costs. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 2 December at 7pm. • There is to be a 19000 unit solar farm north of Whittington Hill • The Footpath from Wretton Road to Buckenham Drive – a resident has cut their hedge but left all the cuttings on the footpath. • The Registery Office in Downham Market is likely to close in the near future. The nearest ones will be King’s Lynn or Thetford. This will make it very difficult for the elderly to get to either of these offices particularly with the lack of public transport in this area. It was agreed a letter be sent to the CC setting out the problems and asking for their support. • CC Martin Storey – Stated that the CC have to make cuts of around £180M • Regarding the Bin situation in the Cemetery – write to Cllr Brian Long at the Borough Council • The Government are investing a further £5.3 million for faster Broadband in this region • The LDF Inspector has reopened the Inquiry – meeting to be held on 18 November in King’s Lynn • A member of the public is pleased that Janet Stocking and John Nicholas-Letch are back on the PC • Can we ensure that the grit bins in Bradfield Place are filled this year • No mentioned made of document passed to the Chairman re footpaths – this has been copied to all councillors and will be discussed at a future meeting. • Has anything been done about the report on surgeries – there are things to do but they do not affect patients – will ask the manager to send a report to the PC.

The Chairman referred to the CGM Contract for emptying rubbish bins in the Playing Fields – they have not been able to empty the bins fully on health and safety issues because of incorrect bins, also bins which are not accessible. It was felt by all present that as the job was only being half done this part of the contract should be cancelled. Cllr Mrs Leamon proposed that the bin emptying part of the CGM Contract be cancelled seconded by Cllr Mrs Stocking. Unanimously carried

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45pm

17 Date and Time of Next Meeting: - Wednesday 11 November 2015 at 7.30pm Chairman …………………………………………………….


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