River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Battle of Britain - 75 years on

October 2015

On 18 June 1940, Churchill gave a rousing speech to the British people, announcing: "... the Battle of France is over. The Battle of Britain is about to begin." Four days later, France surrendered to Germany and Hitler turned his attention to Britain. German air superiority in the south of England was essential, so Hitler ordered Hermann Goering, the head of the Luftwaffe, that the RAF be, "beaten down to such an extent that it can no longer muster any power of attack worth mentioning against the German crossing". Starting mid-July the Luftwaffe attacked shipping, coastal towns, airfields and radar bases. Then in August, Hitler ordered the destruction of London and other major cities. Eleven days later, on what became known as 'Battle of Britain Day', the RAF savaged the huge incoming Luftwaffe formations in the skies above London and the south coast. Today, we are again fighting for the survival of our way of life against evil people who have no respect for life itself - and all of their atrocities are done in the name of God. How dare they! The name of God is Love, not hate, brutality, depravity: and the God I am talking about is the God of the Christian faith and Muslim faith - the one these brutes say they represent. The difference this time is that the enemy is not known, we don't know where they are and we don't know when and where they will strike next. We cannot rely on the special few like we did in 1940, we have to fight ourselves, each and every one of us. Yes, report anything you are suspicious about but also pray. No, please don't dismiss this as a light hearted remark, I am deadly serious. In the past, the Monarch would call the nation to prayer during times of crisis. The last to do so was King George VI, who, acting under the advice of Winston Churchill, called the nation to a National Day of Prayer for Repentance and Petition for Deliverance during World War II.

And the deliverance came. And the services of thanksgiving were held, and still reverberate in the national consciousness today. Churchill, you see, was not only a great statesman he was also a sincere, devout, Bible-reading, resurrection-believing Christian. So, I ask you to pray with me today to deliver our Great Nation and the world from these evil, un-godly cowards. O Lord God of infinite mercy, we humbly implore You to look down on the nations now engaged in this war against terror. Look in mercy on those immediately exposed to peril. Comfort the prisoners, relieve the sufferings of the wounded, and show mercy to the dying. According to Your good and gracious will, remove the hatred and causes of this war, and restore peace among all nations; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. Carol Nicholas-Letch

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