River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Mouth and heart, rather than foot in mouth

October 2015

Mouth and Heart, rather than Foot in Mouth

What a wonderful day we had at the Lunch Club and Holiday at Home recently, I have never laughed so much, mainly due to dear Maureen's tales and jokes & the lovely people who were there; it could however have been so different.... Popular wisdom, I never am sure where this wisdom comes from except perhaps from the Express, BBC or Guardian, is that the Bible and Christianity is passé, old hat and of no use in our modern civilised world. Well first of all not all the world is civilised and indeed sometimes our own little worlds fall somewhat short do they not? During coffee at the start of our day I overheard someone letting forth on something that a) I knew they could not and did not have all the facts. b) It was nothing what so ever to do with them. Guess what my first reaction was? Yes to jump in feet first and repeat A & B to them. I was blessed, however, that that morning I had been reading my Bible in readiness for the forthcoming Sunday service and this is what it said: 'Keep your tongue from evil-speaking and your lips from lying words' (Psalm 34) and ' ..sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves... ( Ephesians 5) As I stepped forward to do battle with what was being spoken about over coffee I hesitated and recalled what I had read that morning. No, I wasn't going to tell lies but was I any better than the person spouting forth if I added my penny worth? What were my motives? What was theirs? I retreated to the kitchen for a cuppa and to take stock. I concluded that neither of our motives were honourable. Mine was anger - never a good start and what would I achieve? Was my interference going to do any good? No, I did not have love in my heart and would only cause upset. Truth would out in the end I knew without any help from me. So no, that old book may be dusty in some house holds- or missing altogether - but as a guide and help in daily living it is as relevant today as it ever was. And song? Well that same popular wisdom says that those who go to church, pray and sing are more healthy and live longer than those who do not. With a song and love in our heart there is less chance of foot in mouth - in short a win , win situation. Carol Nicholas-Letch

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