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MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL MEETING OF WEST DEREHAM PARISH COUNCIL HELD AT WEST DEREHAM VILLAGE HALL AT 7.30 pm THURSDAY 14 MAY 2015 PRESENT (5 Councillors): - Claire Cann (CC) – Chairman, Tom Foy (TF), Lorraine Hunt (LH), Paula Kellingray (PK), Claire Page (CP). Clerk: - Sarah Thorpe 6 members of the public were in attendance. Papers presented to Councillors: (i) Financial Management Report (spreadsheet); (ii) Expenditure (for approval); (iii) Glazewing Report. The Chairman welcomed everyone present and opened the meeting.

1. Election of Chairman and declaration of office. A proposal was made by PK and seconded by TF that CC should be elected as Chairman. No further nominations were received. It was agreed by all that CC should be elected as Chairman. CC accepted the role and signed the declaration of office.

2. Election of Vice Chairman and declaration of office. A proposal was made by CC and seconded by PK that LH should be elected as Vice Chairman. No further nominations were received. It was agreed by all that LH should be elected as Vice Chairman. LH accepted the role and signed the declaration of office.

3. Nominations of Councillors with special responsibility. 3.1 Finance: A proposal was made by CC and seconded by CP that PK should be elected to the post. No further nominations were received. It was agreed by all that PK should be elected to the role. 3.2 Footpaths: A proposal was made by CC and seconded by TF that CP should be elected to the post. No further nominations were received. It was agreed by all that CP should be elected to the role. 3.3 Police: A proposal was made by CC and seconded by LH that PK should be elected to the post. No further nominations were received. It was agreed by all that PK should be elected to the role. 3.4 Village Hall: A proposal was made by CC and seconded by LH that PK should be elected to the post. No further nominations were received. It was agreed by all that PK should be elected to the role. 3.5 Youth: A proposal was made by CC and seconded by PK that PW and TF should be elected to the post. No further nominations were received. It was agreed by all that PW and TF should be elected to the role.

4. Apologies for absence. Apologies had been received from Councillor Pam Bullas (PB) due to her being away, Councillor Pam Walker (PW) due to family commitments, Councillor Tom Foy (TF) was only able to attend the start of the meeting due to family commitments, and County Councillor Brian Long (BL), due to a back injury.

5. Return of register of members’ interests and declaration of acceptance of office forms. All forms had been returned to the Clerk prior to the start of the meeting with the exception of one register of members’ interests form, which was still to be completed and returned, as it had not yet been received by TF.

6. Use of social media and audio recording of meeting. CC asked “Will anyone present be filming, recording, Blogging, or tweeting during this meeting?” No member of the public present at this stage advised that they would. 7. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 2 April 2015. The Chairman confirmed all Councillors had seen the minutes of the Parish Council (PC) meeting held on 2 April 2015. These were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

TF left the meeting at this point.

8. Reports. 8.1 Chairman’s Report. 8.1.1 Annual Parish Meeting. CC advised that the meeting had taken place on 30 April and that the Annual Report was currently being produced and would be printed and distributed to all households shortly. 8.1.2 Cemetery Gates/Pillars. A meeting had taken place between CC, PW, and Mike Hastings (architect) to discuss the details for the planning application to be made for the gates and pillars.

8.2 Clerk’s Report. 8.2.1 A134 Road Traffic Collisions. Information on incidents that have occurred over the last ten years, which was obtained from the police, has been passed to Norfolk County Council (NCC) along with a response to their email of 2 February. A reply had been received from Charles Colling, Senior Planning Officer, and was read out to the meeting. “I have now received some additional comments from County Council’s Highways Officer, in respect of the letter you kindly forwarded from the parish council on 6th April. The response is as follows: As previously outlined, with regard to the application at hand, whilst it is accepted that the proposals will result in further traffic generation within the area, this increase is marginal and will occur on the Primary / Main Distributor road network (which are the most appropriate routes for such movements). As such it does not represent a material increase and therefore we could not reasonably insist on any highway improvements along this section of the A134 as a result of this application. I have however passed on the Parishes concerns regarding the increase in both accidents and traffic on this section of the A134 to our Network Analysis & Safety team for consideration. The Engineer had an initial look at the route and confirmed that the parish are correct there has been a large increase in injury accidents between the two 5 year periods. The most recent traffic flow data available however was from 2007 at the Stradsett Crossroads so is becoming historic. To fully investigate the concerns of the Parish an Automated Traffic Count (ATC) will be undertaken to give a better understanding of the traffic flow and make up on this route. This will allow a more accurate injury accident rate to be calculated and will provide a sound evidence base on which we can proceed. Depending on the results of this initial analysis, a more detailed accident investigation study or some lower cost mitigating measures may be recommended. The Parish will be contacted further, by a member of the Network Analysis & Safety team once the data has been received and analysed accordingly. I trust that you find these comments useful and note that the parish council will be contacted directly by the Network Analysis and Safety team following their further investigations.” It was noted that equipment has already been put in place on the A134 to conduct the ATC. Concerns were also expressed that the proposal for a new research park at Downham Market will result in a further increase in traffic at the Stradsett Crossroads. 8.2.2 Bus stop on Church Road. A request was made to the school bus companies and West Norfolk Community Transport to return to using the bus stop at the village hall rather than the one near the phone box, which is close to a bend in the road and a junction. This has now been agreed, this information to be included in the next village notice. 8.2.3 Village Asset Inspection follow up information. • Hedge from property adjacent to the allotments is to be trimmed. • Royal mail post box is to be secured by end of June and repainted shortly afterwards. • Handyman has started work on the list given to him. 8.2.4 Parish Partnership Scheme funding from NCC. The PC has been advised that the bid for funding to provide three sets of decorative village gateways has been approved. NCC will contribute 50% of the cost of production and installation of the gateways. 8.2.5 Local Council Award Scheme. During the last month some documents have been completed and others are still in progress. When all are completed they will be approved by the PC and then added to the website before submission of the application for further accreditation under the scheme.

8.3 Handyman’s Report. No report had been provided for this meeting as a detailed report had been given at the Annual Parish Meeting of all work carried out by the Handyman since taking up the post in September 2014. In the last few weeks two dog waste bins have been installed; one in the recreation field in St Andrew’s Close and one at the junction of Station Road/Hilgay Road.

8.4 Police Report. PK advised that PCSO Jane Edwards had issued an email on 14 April advising the PC that she was moving on and would no longer be the parish liaison officer for WD. The email advised that all future queries should be forwarded to the Watlington Safer Neighbourhood Team (WSNT). The PC noted that it appeared from the information provided that WD no longer had a parish liaison officer. The Clerk advised that she had sent several emails to the WSNT since 14 April but had not received a reply. It was agreed that another letter should be sent to the Officer in Charge at Downham Market Police Station expressing dissatisfaction at the level of service being provided. PK also advised that she had seen reports of distraction burglaries occurring in the area with three men cold calling at properties and posing as officials dealing with problems with the water supply. One man distracted the residents while the others searched the house stealing items. It was agreed to put a warning in the village notice advising residents to be on their guard and use a chain on their door and always ask for ID from cold callers.

8.5 Village Hall Report. PK advised that there had been several private bookings over the last few weeks and that lots of events were planned over the coming months. All events are advertised in the village magazine and on the PC website.

8.6 Broadband Report. No further update had been received.

8.7 Glazewing Report. Glazewing had issued their May report by email which covers the period from 2 April to 30 April 2015. It advised of the following reported incidents: 21 March – A letter was received from King’s Lynn Borough Council relating to noise and traffic movements from the site. Glazewing had responded directly to the council regarding the letter advising that they actively look to reduce noise and vehicle movements through the village by re-locating vehicles to other depots on their vehicle operating license, reducing empty vehicle miles, maximizing vehicle occupancy, servicing and maintaining the road fleet, investing in road infrastructure, reporting poor highway road conditions to the local highways department and driver training. 22 March – A call had been received from a local resident regarding private vehicles driving at speed along Station Road between 6am - 8am and 5pm – 6pm. Glazewing will speak to all their staff again regarding their speed through the village. If residents are able to provide vehicle registration numbers Glazewing will conduct internal investigations to identify if the person works for Glazewing and discipline accordingly. This is however a public highway and is under the control of the Police. We would ask that any incident of speeding is reported to the Police who have the authority to investigate and prosecute offenders. PK advised that she would speak to the Police regarding the second incident. 9. Finance. 9.1 Accounts. Accounts for approval and the monthly financial management report were submitted by the Clerk. She advised that the income and expenditure for March 2015 has now been confirmed and that estimated figures for April have been inserted based upon invoices received. The first three items below had been placed in the accounts for 2014/15. Total expenditure for April 2015 was estimated at £1457.82, which included a cheque authorised at the April PC meeting. The balance to carry forward to the financial year 2015/16 is £10061.19; however included in this amount is money that is earmarked for projects that were due to be completed in 2014/15 and are still ongoing. Payee Cheque No Net VAT Gross WD Parish Magazine – village notice Oct 14 /Mar 15 100795 25.00 25.00 Stephenson Smart – payroll 2014/15 100796 120.00 24.00 144.00 CGM Ltd – grounds maintenance Mar 15 100797 155.03 31.00 186.03 Clerk’s salary & expenses for Apr 2015 – 46 hrs. 100798 552.52 552.52 Handyman’s contract – Apr 2015 100799 88.68 3.48 92.16 Broker Network Ltd – PC insurance 2015/16 100800 384.84 384.84 CGM Ltd – grounds maintenance Apr 15 100801 167.05 33.41 200.46 Environment Agency – drainage rates 2015/16 100802 16.32 16.32 E-on – street light electric 2014/15 100803 37.03 1.85 38.88 CGM Ltd – grounds maintenance Apr 15 100804 50.62 10.12 60.74 Total 1597.09 103.86 1700.95 The above payments were considered and approved. Cheques to be signed at the end of the meeting.

9.2 Clerk’s salary. The PC agreed that a review of the Clerk’s salary should be carried out following the anniversary of her appointment in January. A decision was made to increase the Clerk’s pay scale to the next scale, SCP 23 which is currently £10.836 per hour and that this should apply from January 2015.

10. Planning. 10.1 Applications. 10.1.1 15/00618/F First floor extension at Lime House, Lime Kiln Road. This application was discussed and it was agreed that the PC would SUPPORT the application.

10.2 Decisions. 10.2.1 15/00318/F Two storey and single storey extension to dwelling at Chapel Farm House, The Row, West Dereham. The BC has permitted this application. 10.2.2 C/2/2014/2026 – Temporary (10 years) change of use of land for top soil recycling at Cornerways Farm, College Road, Stoke Ferry. NCC has permitted this application.

11. Neighbourhood Plan. Information has been obtained on Neighbourhood Planning. This will be circulated to all Councillors and the matter will be discussed again at the August PC meeting.

12. Parish Council Assets. 12.1 Street light on St Andrew’s Close. The cost of electrical and structural testing would be £80 and a maintenance contract would cost £25 per annum. If the light was upgraded to an LED lantern then the cost of the testing could be included for free with the upgrade. The cost to remove the street light would be £400 for disconnection, and £80 for removal of the post. It was agreed that the next village notice should give a brief description of the options available and ask for comments from residents prior to a decision being made at the July PC meeting.

12.2 Refurbishment or replacement of village signs. The cost of refurbishment of the signs would be approximately £1000 each, whereas replacement costs varied from £2500 - £4000 for each sign. The refurbishment was unlikely to last for more than five years due to the current condition of the signs. It was agreed that replacement seemed a more cost effective long term solution. The PC agreed to consider possible options for the design of the new signs over the next month, and then give residents the option to comment by providing details in the village notice. The current signs would be retained when the new signs were produced and possible options for their future to be considered.

12.3 Locations and measurements for Decorative Village Gateways. It had been suggested that the three sets of gateways should be placed in the following locations: Lime Kiln Road; Ryston Road; and Hilgay Road. The exact locations were still to be confirmed and the matter would be discussed again at the next meeting. It was agreed that the Clerk should sign the form issued by NCC to confirm that the PC wanted to go ahead with the funding for the project.

12.4 Water connection at the Allotments. A quotation had been obtained from Anglian Water to connect the water supply for £2200.80 including VAT. It was agreed that quotations would be needed for the pipework from the nearest supply to the Allotment site so that the full cost of the project was known. The PC would then be in a position to consider an allowance in the budget for forthcoming years, to cover the cost of the connection.

13. Cemetery Rules and Regulations. The rules and regulations were examined, and it was agreed that a full review should be undertaken. It was agreed that Councillors would consider the matter further and it would be added to the agenda again for a decision to be made.

14. Correspondence. 14.1 A letter had been received from Lovells Dole Charity advising the PC that one of the PC appointed trustees’ term of office was ending in April 2015 and that the PC would need to make a decision on re-appointment of this position. It was agreed that further information was needed from the Dole Charity before a decision could be made. The PC Clerk will contact the Clerk to the Trustees to obtain the information. 14.2 An email had been received from a resident on Ryston Road advising of a problem caused by two properties sharing the same number. The email advised that the BC had suggested he contact the PC for their help in resolving this issue. The Clerk had contacted the BC for clarification on the matter, and been informed that street numbering is an issue that comes under their authority. It was agreed that a reply should be sent to the BC asking them to take action on this matter and also advising the resident of the situation.

15. Other Business – Any additional reports and items for inclusion on the next Agenda. 15.1 Damaged kerbing at The Old School on Church Road has still not be repaired. Clerk to chase up with Highways. 15.2 The post for a “Passing Place” sign on Church Road is rusted and need replacing. Clerk to refer to Highways. 15.3 Verges need cutting on A134 as visibility is difficult when looking to the right on exit of Lime Kiln Road. Clerk to ask Highways when they will be cutting the verges.

The official meeting concluded at 8.50pm, and was opened to the floor for general comment.

Open Forum. • Fly tipping incident of glass in passing place on Church Road near Stocks Bridge has not been cleared. Clerk to chase up the BC Clean-up team. • A query was raised regarding the requirement for planning permission when lorry trailers are permanently situated at residential properties. Clerk to contact BC planning enforcement to enquire on the regulations. • An issue was raised regarding an overgrown ditch and verge on Ryston Road. The resident was advised that the PC is currently looking into this matter.

Closure. The Chairman thanked everyone for attending, and final closure of the meeting was at 8.58pm.

Next PC meeting is on Thursday 11 June at 7.30pm with Open Surgery from 7.00pm. Clerk: Sarah Thorpe Email: clerk@westderehamparishcouncil.com Telephone: 01945 430930

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