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Northwold Parish Council March Meeting

May 2015

Councillors present: Cllr. R. Crisp – Chair (RC), Cllr. A. Collins (AC), Cllr. Alison Muir (AM), Cllr. George Gillett (GG), Cllr. Stephen Gillett (SG), Cllr. Mick Peake (MP) & Cllr. Adrian Jenkinson (AJ) Cllr. Frank Eglington(FE) and Cllr. Sue Leet(SL).

Present:  Pauline Angus –Interim Clerk and Cllr Martin Storey - NCC.

Cllr. Crisp welcomed all to the meeting.

Item 15/03/1 Public Forum – LGA 1972, Section 100(1):

There was one member of the public who did not have anything to say

Item 15/03/2 Local Authority Reports:

  1. I) Norfolk County Council

Cllr Martin Storey informed the meeting that on the 16th February 2015 the budget had been set with an added extra included for Adult Social Care and fortunately not too much money to come out of any headline services. Cllr Storey said that if there is anything that anyone  wishes to raise about the County he can always be contacted by e-mail, telephone, post or go and see him.

  1. ii) Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk

No report from Cllr. Mick Peake.

iii)           Norfolk Constabulary – SNT

Apologies sent.

Item 15/03/3 Accepted Apologies for absence - LGA 1972, Section 85(1) & (2):



Item 15/03/4     Members Declaration of Interest ( items on the agenda) – LGA 2000 Part III:

Cllr Alison Muir declared an interest in Item  11

Item 15/03/5     Minutes of the last meeting held on 3rd February 2015-  LGA 1972, Schedule 12, para 41(2):
Resolved 15/02/5.01

The minutes of the last meeting held on 3rd February 2015 were adopted as a true statement and signed by the Chair (RC).

Item 15/03/6     Reports and Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Last Meeting (For Info Only):

  1. Chairman’s Report

The Chairman advised that she has had two people approach her regarding becoming Cllrs and that Northwold Parish Council may have an election this year.

  1. Clerk’s Report and Updates from previous minutes

Nothing to report from the Clerk.

  • Councillors Reports

Cllr Leet reported that the sign post at Little London has finally been moved to a safer place.

Item 15/03/7     Highways Matters:

  1. Right of Way (Whittington Church Lane) CGM Maintenance update(AJ)

Cllr Jenkinson reported that the grass should be cut six times a year, the Clerk will provide Cllr  Jenkinson with a copy of the grounds maintenance contract and schedule so that he can keep up to date on things.

  1. ii) West End / Methwold Road Flooding(FE)

Cllr Eglington informed the meeting that the problem will continue with the flooding as it is the gulley that blocks with rubbish when there is rain and the Highways department have informed him that there is nothing that can be done, however, Cllr Eglington will continue to keep working on this problem.

iii)                  Ditch – Inghams Lane Works Update

Cllr Eglington reported that the works carried out on the ditch seems to have solved the problem, however, it has shown up a further problem with the culvert which seems to have been damaged in the past and this is leaving a vertical wall of soil that is falling in, Cllr Eglington suggest that we extend the culvert by another 1 to 1.5 metres to alleviate the problem. It was agreed that Cllr Eglington contact TJM who did the original works to carry out further work on the area.

Item 15/03/8     Cemetery:

  1. Extension for Cremation Plots Area Update(AC)

Cllr Collins informed the meeting that the holes are due to be dug next week for the Cremation Plots and he also provided the Cllrs and the Clerk with a copy of the new cemetary charges.  He also informed the meeting of the various rules and regulations regarding Plots and Headstones in the cemetery and he will be composing a small pamphlet for plot owners to keep and he also suggested that this go on the village website.

Item 15/03/9     Sports & Social Club Agreement Update & Rent

Cllr. Muir reported that she was very disappointed with the lack of response that she has received from the e-mails that she has sent to at least four people on the committee regarding the agreement and the annual rent owed to the council which should have been paid each April since 2013. Cllr Muir said that she will leave it another week before contacting Mr Gavin Cater again to try and resolve the situation, it was suggested that a formal demand be sent to the club. The Chair said that she had a copy of some minutes that was recorded at a meeting between the Cllrs and the Committee  that stated that the rent of £275 a year would start from April 2013, Cllr Muir asked for a copy of those minutes before pursuing  with the matter any further. It was also suggested that the Parish Council send an invoice to the club for the monies owed, however this suggestion was not persued.

Item 15/03/10   Correspondence:


Item 15/03/11 Planning Applications

15/00243/F Two storey side extension, new front entrance doorway and canopy, replacement windows, new garage and cart lodge

Resolved 15/03/11.01

15/00243/F – No objections

Item 15/03/12   Finance:

  1. Parish Council Bank Balances and Reconciliation

The Payments and receipts from 4th February to 3rd March 2015 could not be scrutinised and approved as due to unforeseen circumstances the Interim Clerk had not received the bank statement in time for this meeting, it was agreed that these would be approved at the April meeting. The Lloyds Treasurer account balance was confirmed as £26,175.95 as of 21st January 2015.

Resolved 15/03/12.01 That due the Clerk not receiving the necessary bank statements in time for this meeting  the Bank balances and reconciliation of payments & receipts be received and adopted and initialled as such by the Chairman (RC) at the next meeting to be held on Tuesday 7th April 2015

  1. Cheques for signing and approval and to authorise payment of outstanding invoices

Resolved 15/03/12.02

It was agreed to approve the payments of the following outstanding invoices and the cheques were approved and signed by Cllr. R. Crisp and Cllr. A. Collins.

E-onStreet Lighting1933£   50.35
WEL MedicalDefib Cabinet1934£  708.00
CGM LandscapesCemetery Grounds Maintenance1935£  301.92
Mrs P Angus Clerk8.20 hours and 60 miles total mileage1936£  113.32
K&M Lighting MaintenanceStreet Lighting Maintenance1937£   29.12
Suffolk Assoc Local CouncilsPayroll Service1938£   50.40
TJM GroundworksWork to clear ditch in Ingham Lane1939£  840.00


Item 15/03/13   Parish Matters:

  1. Bt Faster Broadband (RC/Clerk)

To date there is no further news on this item.

  1. Lightsource/Solar Panels Quote Update(AC)

The Clerk has received an email from light source asking if Northwold can confirm that they have received the Community Benefit Deed of £18,000 but due to the Clerk not receiving the latest bank statements this is not possible, it was agreed that the Clerk would write back to inform Lightsource of the situation.

  • Whittington Closed Cemetery Update/Maintenance (AC)

No update regarding this item.

  1. Defibrillator/CPAD Site Update

Cllr S Gillett informed the meeting that the Defibrillator had now been installed in the cabinet outside the village hall and that his name had been put forward as the person responsible for the Defibrillator.

Resolved 15/03/13.04

Defibrillator now fitted and ready to use.

  1. Cemetery Soil Removal(AJ)

No update regarding this item.

  1. Play Area Repairs and Update/Swings Quote (AJ/RC)

The Chair will chase up any outstanding matters for this item.

Items for next meeting and Date of next meeting: Confirmed as Tuesday 7th April 2015 at 7:30pm, in the Village Hall.

Cllr Eglington suggested that the Council investigate the selling of some land – The Clay Pit and some land near Stoke Ferry. A discussion took place and Cllr Muir offered to look into the Councils deed store and e-mail the Cllrs with the results.

There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and declared the meeting closed at 20.25pm

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