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Bread and Butter Pudding

May 2015

Anglican news for May

Are you like me? Fed up with listening to grown men and women scoring points off of each other instead of having a meaningful debate about things that matter very much to all of us: NHS, Education, Economy, Housing, Immigration, Defence.......Never mind it will soon be over.

I do however, have a more pressing problem: it is this.....it is the 15th of the month and I should have had my article for the Pump in by now. Have I started - no! Do I know what I am going to write - unusually for me no!

Why? Well let me explain

There's the sun, it can't make up it's mind if it should be shining or not!

Sun out -yippee. Half a day in the garden planting pretty pansies instead of doing housework. Sun decides to flee- Do house work instead of paperwork. Sun out again- thank goodness. For the next couple of days it's FunSeekers Holiday Club - so much easier when the children can run around outside and enjoy the freedom. Got home, cooked dinner and fell into bed. Wow, sun still out but still have paperwork and ironing to do and .... oh dear is that a niggle in the throat I feel? Filled one churchy piece of paper in and that was my lot - went to bed. Managed the Sunday Service with a few hiccups along the way, head on shoulders but no link between brain and head. Bed for the next three days with I know not what but decidedly nasty: where did it come from? Well I wouldn't mention any names , would I? But, there is a certain person who works in a hardware shop whose name begins with E who had the same sort of thing recently and I do know she likes to share.

So, where does bread and butter pudding enter the equation?

Well, at the over 60's lunch club, after Easter, I mentioned that I had some Hot Cross Buns left over from the March of Witness held on Good Friday and hubby was getting fed up with toasted buns for supper. To the rescue came Daphne: apparently, Hot Cross Buns make delicious bread and butter pudding especially when spread with, not only butter, but also lemon curd. What a good idea, however, I do not like lemon curd so into the debate came Vi - lovely spread with marmalade she said. Ideas thrown into the pot mulled over and yes, the bread and butter pudding was smashing. Our MPs could learn a thing or two from our bread and butter pudding debate - encourage and listen to all ideas, decide if they could work and then give it your best shot.

Oh, and one more thing: when we are suffering from any kind of nasty like the one that I have, suffering seems a bit much when you think what the cross on that bun represents. Feeling Poorly is more appropriate don't you think?

Carol Nicholas-Letch

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