River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Windmills in the garden

April 2015

Last month I wrote:  'I am writing this in front of a roaring fire and it is bitter outside. When you read this it will be March and my trust in mother nature tells me the sun should now be shining a little stronger and longer'.

Wow! It is Tuesday March 10th and I am writing April's edition in the - wait for it - GARDEN!!! I did have to go back into the house mid-afternoon as the sun disappeared behind the tress but I  had a wonderful time out in the SUNSHINE - yippee.

I cleaned out the summer house and laid a path to it so I don't get muddy footprints all over the nice clean rug (bought from Methwold auction for £2.) when the weather is warm but wet. Well, not laying it exactly, just indicating where I want it laid by hubby or if he's lucky our wonderful gardener Dickie.

Now, if you were passing my front garden on the 10th, you would have seen me either banging the rug or sitting in my deck chair - more chance of the sitting I fear but, either way, you may have noticed children's windmills stuck all over the grass. 'Dotty old lady'' I can hear you say, but there is method in my madness. We have been plagued by moles for the last 4 or 5 years. Solar powered mole scarethingies work but only when the sun shines - not often then in the winter. So, in desperation, I turned to an old wives tale - use children's windmills. They work! I have NO mole hills and haven't for months now.

So, as I sit and give thanks for getting rid of the dear little moles without violent means and listen to the birds tweeting, chirping and squabbling over the fat balls, I take a moment to share my time in the garden with the one who created it all. As I sit I can feel Him join me in this Eden in Stoke Ferry. Mankind may have been driven from paradise because of his greed, arrogance and wilfulness, but if you take the time to just sit and wait or walk in the garden He will join you and you too will know peace.

Carol Nicholas-Letch

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